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Tap Untap Burn -- Staff Preview
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- Tap Untap Burn
- 5 Color Mana 
- Fantasy Art
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Custom landscape prints starting at $100
To request prints up to 60 inches x 40 inches for wall hangings,
be welcome to email

Select from the current inventory of images
or request a unique landscape creation
from photo references or description.

Okolehao Trail by FilKearney
s26e07 Snow Birch - Stag Patronus by FilKearney
s20e01 Mystic Mountain by FilKearney Winter Badlands by FilKearney
Grand Teton National Park by FilKearney
If my work matches the style you want, be welcome to PM here or email
Below are samples of work at various price points.
These prices are guides towards negotiating individual agreements... larger investments yield more elaborate compositions with greater detail. 

up to $50 per character; $125 per page
Seoni Sketch by FilKearney   Laeric - The Rogue of Shar by FilKearney   Kreen Sketch Array by FilKearney

up to $100 per character; $250 per page
Pathfinder - Kyra the Cleric Study by FilKearney  Dwarf Hammer Maiden by FilKearney   Pathfinder - Sajan the Monk Study by FilKearney

up to $200 per character; $400 per page
Paul Kidd - Justicar - Enid the Sphinx by FilKearney Athas  Tarrasque Team by FilKearney Quarsome Heroes - color by FilKearney
custom quote $400+
Forest Wyrm by FilKearney   Pathfinder - Seoni Rooftop by FilKearney
  Pathfinder - Kyra v Undead by FilKearney
  SOP--Relentless by FilKearney

Prices quoted are for Private Commissions. 
Purchasing commercial licensing may require additional negotiation. 

This will ruin any hope and surprises you may have for GoT... You're welcome. *

>Season 6 Game of Thrones:
Bran Stark completes his Warg training,
Varys and Tyrion contrive a marriage between Bran and Daenerys

>Season 7 Game of Thrones:
Bran Wargs the now full-grown dragons and leads the freed slave armies to crush all the other houses and seize the Throne of Swords with Dany

>End of show.

Everything else that happens is meaningless fluff to the plot.
Any other plot line progression pales to how awesome the above will be. 

*I'm sure I'm not the first person to realize this is the best scenario for a satisfying plot progression with a solid End Point.. but I realized this independently so am claiming it as my own. 

  • Listening to: My Inner Voice
  • Reading: How GoT is progression
  • Watching: what I have predicted come to pass
  • Playing: "ruin GoT for everyone" .. fun!
  • Eating: Crow if I'm wrong (punny!!)
  • Drinking: Deep from the Well of Smug
Arcana Games' Blood and Bone RPG has reached funding and is now offering stretch goals! 

Here is some of the initial art I was brought on board to produce for promotion:…

Now that we've succeeded the primary objective, I would LOVE to put more art into this game, so go click over and show us some love!…
  • Listening to: Clutch - Transnational Speedway League
  • Reading: Jack L Chalker - Soul Riders
  • Watching: my comrades' 6.
  • Playing: chicken vs The Gods
  • Eating: Teriyaki
  • Drinking: Not Enough
I had the opportunity to work with Metal Weave Games again on their newest release now available!

Notable Ninth Worlders…
Preorder Today!
Its another Monte Cook Games licensed accessory to the Numenera game!
A book full of eclectic characters to populate your Ninth World.

I had a ton of fun working on art throughout this book! 
come visit my gallery; I'll be updating new material regularly to support the book's launch!
The Numenera/Cypher vehicle supplement book from Realm Publishing release; Naval Encounters.…

Affordable, Invaluable-- go buy it!

I had so much fun working on this book.  Here's some of the art I produced for the book...…

Andreas is putting out Good material as a 3rd party publisher for Monte Cook's Cypher game system.  

Check out what he's up to!