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Eberras - Shattered Continent of Khorvaire

Zoom Shots:
Darguun, Valenar & Kreen Nation:…
Demon Wastes:…
Eldeen Reaches:…
Mror Holds & Lhazaar Pri.:…
Q'Barra & Kurn:…
If you want to use this map, the Download option is enabled.  It is a 7200px wide document that can cleanly zoom in to work on at the 1-mile scale.  

There is no water between the continental rocks, so that's why the negative space has unusual coloration. 
I run a DnD game each week.

It's a campaign world that is a combination of the Darksun region mixed with Khorvaire from Eberron.
The styles of maps in those publications are completely incompatible, so I reproduced each map to scale in my own style; merging the two maps together to form a new environment.
We're using Eberron's Khorvaire as a base, then break up the continent into separate floating island-nations.
Then we take the Dark Sun campaign map for the Tablelands region and shatter that.
Glue them together as their own floating islands, or attached to a Khorvaire nation state

The Mourning, which was what Cyre became in the normal Eberron campaign, has instead been expanded into a global catastrophe that destroyed the core of the planet to fend off the Daelkyr during the last Merging of Worlds 4000 years ago.
The continents of the planet now float over what remains, which now a much larger Mourning.
With the merging of Athas to Eberron in the present (a merging on Eberron occurs every 4000 years-ish according to homebrew campaign) the dying red sun of Athas has sunk into the mourning as Eberron's new core.  

The only standing water is that which can accumulate without pouring over the edge into the Mourning.  The water that does spill evaporates eventually from the heat of Athas, which causes the steam to form up as large storms. (thus forming the grounds of a workable climate/weather pattern across (well, really "around") the continent.

4000 years of the continent broken into flying islands lent itself to using the Spelljammer setting to replace the eberron airships and lightning rails for an Athas/Eberron/Spelljammer sort of sky pirate campaign setting.
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Hmmm    you know if you put back in water you made a would that would work with any game i play pathfinder i don't like the the would of pathfinder but you map looks Kool 
were The Mouranlands i had fun using them at the party time to time
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This is fantastic! As a long-time Eberron fan and a freshly minted Dark Sun junkie I have to admit, this is an awesome idea for a homebrew amalgamation of the two worlds. Did you do anything to the planar cosmology as well? Because I'd be really interested in how you meshed the circulating planes of Eberron with the weird, cut-off cosmology of Dark Sun.
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Very simplified:  ethereal plane, astral plane, the gray mist, shadowfell, feylands are all combined into a blanket Spirit World that can be accessed by the standard dimensional spells and abilities.  stepping past The Shallows around the prime material into Deep Ether leads to the traditional Inner Planes as well as the Great Wheel of Outer Planes.  Xoriat / Elder Gods lie Beyond the Great Wheel.   

Falling into the Ether Sea between continental is a free-fall through potentially endless spell storms transitioning into Deep Ether where No One Has Ever Returned.  

My campaigns have a High degree of interaction between the material world and spirit world.... but once high enough level to cast spells / abilities are available to transition into the Spirit World themselves; no one ever attempts to explore Deep Ether.  Mostly, I suspect, because  I populate the spirit world with enough undead, fey, demons, and possessing entities that harass the material world that (I"m fairly certain) Deep Ether is a daunting prospect.   Even if anyone does decide to Take the Plunge, the Deep Ether feels more like Limbo than Astral or Ether with shifting vistas and a multitude of pocket realms controlled by Very high CR entities.  If the team doesn't have very specific destinations in mind through the Deep, they would end up getting lost in their own lack of focus towards Realms of Madness. 
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Thanks for the info! I'd probably to something different, but that is a very interesting approach.
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Thanks much! 

I'll be giving xen'drik the same treatment in Season 3. 
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This is lovely. Things like this add so much to a campaign. I've been trying to make a map of my friend's home-brew world, and it's coming out terrible!

But this, this is super.
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Very kind words, thank you. :)
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Wauw, what a nice map! :)
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Thanks!  This has been the most entertaining campaign setting I've ran in the past 20 years.
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20 years! That's cool ;)
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Dungeons and Dragons, man.. 3 hours a week keeps my imagination charged for at least the week to come.
as in, I have a metric crap-ton of ideas I need to at least sketch / speedpaint out of my head! lol
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I know the feeling ;D
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Thank you--
Given that it's reenvisioning existing IP from WotC, this is the first time I've worked on a large-scale map at this resolution.
That's mostly due to the beast machine I recently picked up that can happily chirp through a 600M PSD file.  All the colors and text of each continent is separated into layers so I can easily adjust and mod things as the game progresses (like, I'll end up having to add lots of forts and dungeons, while removing cities lol)
at 7200 DPI I can get in close enough to make meaningful note of the small farm just west of Mossmantle in the Eldeen Reaches.  Just zoom way up in there and doodle it in on another layer and load the most recent pieces to the Roll20 game we keep active in our skype game.

Really looking forward to 2014-15 in this new campaign world.
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