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Arcana Blood and Bone - Show of Force

By FilKearney
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Promotional art for the upcoming d20 RPG "Blood and Bone" by Arcana Games

The border lands between the nation of Tarn and Mercos are littered with the ruins of thick stone walls and fortresses; the last remnants of a long-ago war.  These badlands are dangerous territory to travel-- Inoruit and Tarn brigands often hide amongst the ruins to catch travellers unwilling to pay the tolls along the safe routes between the two nations-- worse are the uncontrolled risen that skulk the region,  feeding on the fallen and unwary.

The Blood can turn flesh and metal to dust with a gesture--
When a band of brigands confront these mercenaries, their numbers begin dwindling immediately as The hooded merc demonstrates his Supernatural Mastery.  
The rest should probably run.

I feel bad for that guy watching his hands disintegrate-- even if he managers to survive this, the Risen skulking in the background will likely just chase him down and eat him. 

The Arcana Games' kickstarter is live and we'd love your support!…

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FilKearneyProfessional Digital Artist
Thanks, J-C! 

Since Blood and Bone is a d20 product, I'm really looking forward to seeing how using The Blood is handled; whether it is a sort-of "casting class" with scaling powers by level, or if it's more of a feat-buy (SU)pernatural "Tome of Battle" feel to it... I won't get the rest of the game materials until the KS succeeds. 

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Oh wow... 0_0;