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Arcana Blood and Bone - Inoruit Clansman

By FilKearney
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Promotional art for the upcoming d20 RPG "Blood and Bone" by Arcana Games

The northern islands are home to the barbarian tribes known as the Inoruit who spend considerable time raiding the northern communities of Caros and Tarn.

Superstitious of The Blood, the Inoruit rely on brute strength and feral cunning to dispatch foreign enemies and hunt the oversized native creatures that threaten their island communities.

Men weave beads and bones into their beards to indicate accomplishments and status in their clans.

The Arcana Games' kickstarter is live and we'd love your support!…

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JabsmgeeStudent Digital Artist
Looks awesome! Loving the idea of the over-sized creatures, especially that bear-claw!
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FilKearneyProfessional Digital Artist
Me too! 
I have been a big Ranma 1/2 OAV fan since forever, so whenever anyone talks about over-sized animals, i automatically think of "An Akane to Remember", which was my first experience with ranma. 
Once the KS launches, I'm hoping they hit a few stretch goals so I have a chance to add in some scenes like this guy and some brethren taking on a biggie like that.

Speaking of which; This project was originally posted in the Job Offers forum here on DA, and they tell me the piece that sealed the deal for them to choose me:
Tower of Adamant - Crawl Away by FilKearney
.. oversized critter tearing holes in noobs.  :D

I would LOVE to do more pieces like this for the world Arcana has written.
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JabsmgeeStudent Digital Artist
Sounds like an interesting series, I'll have to give it a watch! I hope to see more work on this project soon, good stuff!
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FilKearneyProfessional Digital Artist
I've still got another 4 or 5 pieces I'll be spacing out til the KS starts in April.
And then who knows how much after the campaign succeeds.  TBD.