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Kelpie Pie

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Pinkie Pie as a Kelpie, inspired by the ask Windswept tumblr blog...

And no.. Kelpies are not sea ponies... well.. they kinda are...
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From what I hear it's not all Kelpies are evil and since Pinkie Pie is super friendly I could see her as one of the nicer non evil Kelpies.
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makaroscHobbyist Writer
That doesn't really work cause that's kinda the point of the Kelpie but then again I'm a guy who says Satan invented free will and God doesn't care about mortals so... Oh boy
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DoodleAuraChildHobbyist General Artist
My question is, what is the benefit of combining something dark, murderous and, dare I say, "edgy", with something light and fluffy and cute and innocent? 
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It would be the Cupcakes creepypasta, only under the sea (well, river technically, but you get the point)
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Kelpie Pie! Yes!
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JayTheEverythingGuyHobbyist Writer
She's so cute! la in love 
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GuesssWho9Hobbyist General Artist
Kelpie will drown you if you ride them . . .
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Oh god pinkie pie kelpie! That would be truly terrifying
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GuesssWho9Hobbyist General Artist
Does she eat people?
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AmrasFelagundHobbyist Writer
Kelpie or not, this is surprisingly close to my idea of what merponies would look like in G4. I like it!
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makaroscHobbyist Writer
Actually they don't look like this
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WILIZINHobbyist General Artist
"Hey! New Friend! Would you like to go for a ride?! Wouldya?Wouldya?Wouldya?"

"Um... I'm fine... I'm just gonna run for my life now."
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IcyPheonixStudent General Artist
Looks more like a hippocampus than a Kelpie.
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Are you fucking kidding me?
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TamamakittyHobbyist General Artist
now cupcakes makes sense......
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GuesssWho9Hobbyist General Artist
LOL yeah
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OOO are you gonna make all of them this way?
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I wish this would be the sea pony design. Soooo much nicer to look at. Well, maybe without a cutie mark for the normal 'not-Pinkie'-version.
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So adorable.
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BrandiphabaHobbyist Traditional Artist
Do more please?
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What is this... I don't even... @_@
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A sea-pony!
Haven't seen those in a while.
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I think Pinkie Pie would enjoy looking like that 8D
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I really like this =)
Though I think her cutie mark looks kind of weird, since it's in the middle of her body, maybe you could have put it on her fin?
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