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Bokeh Wallpaper

Bokeh Wallpaper
Abstract Wallpaper pack

  • Wide: 1920x1200, 1680x1050, 1440x900, 1280x800

  • Normal: 1600x1200, 1400x1050, 1280x960, 1024x768

Made in After Effects CS4 & Photoshop CS4

Comments are appreciated!

Copyright © 2009 Filipe
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Hey man I really love your wallpaper. I would love to use it as a part of my youtube banner (no I am not a big youtuber I am just starting out). I will make sure to credit you inthe Channel info. Give me a reply.
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What a blending mode you used?
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Is this not what comes with Android?
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lol htc sense wallpaper with android ICS colors ...
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What tha fack my comment on this page has been replied by spammer 2 times !
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So nice! I love it! By the way there's a spammer named ~honeybeenotwroking who commented "In the UK honeybee not make honey because weather is so cold". I think the link he posted may lead to a site that has malware. I think you should report it as spam, because people may go to the link and probably accidentally install malware in their computer!
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wow very bokeh
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fantastic and nice grat work
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I just found out some people used your wallpaper in a commercial project, and edited it as their logo. I don't really know how I should tell them, so maybe you can fill in the intellectual property infringement form of Facebook (it's a facebook page: [link] )

I just don't like people who don't support artists, and it's not the first time people on my school did this. So yeah. :)


PS. Beautiful wallpaper! :D
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This is SO beautiful!
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awsome i__i
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Amazing, it'll look great on me phone and pc.
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Great work, used it to make a Loopable wallpaper for my N900 and published it on All the credits remains to you and the authour of the other bokeh image i also used.

If you want me to delete it because you do not authorize, just PM me and i'll remove ;)
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its my new wallpaper

lovely :D
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