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March 18, 2009
Bokeh Dreamscene by ~filipe-ps Static wallpapers are cool but animated ones are better :p Very useable, very colourful and looks great behind Aero glass.
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Bokeh Dreamscene

Form React Wallpaper

Animated Dreamscene wallpaper for Windows Vista with loop, made in Adobe After Effects CS4 (Plugin: Trapcode Form).

  • Wide: 1920x1080 only

Comments are appreciated!

Copyright © 2009 Filipe
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DenZass's avatar
Great work. Thank you :) 
Nice! thank you
Nice! thank you
onettvideos's avatar
I love this ^^ thank you
Dat--Guy101's avatar
how do you download
Kaldrinn's avatar
Can you please add a link to download it ? It's awesome
Iuumi's avatar
It's amazingly beautiful!
je-en's avatar
i've spent the past 5 minutes staring at this picture, it looks like it's moving haha
thank you so much!
Gipi2009's avatar
So great! If only it could be installed on Android as a Live wallpaper...
Mojo-Smileyface's avatar
Really pretty, I love it! :D
Its cool but how do you use a .rar as your dreamscene
oorseeyou43's avatar
It is really great........Thanks
Thanks very much, awesome job
anshumang1's avatar
beautiful, reminds me of the startup screens from my old PlayBook
VEry cool..thanks bro.. u saved my day..
Toodeloo97's avatar
This with a little less agressive colours like this one here: [link] would be so awesome :3
Mohaiminul's avatar
This is the best dreamscene I've ever found.
A simple request: Can u make a dreamscene, where Blue sky and clouds are coming at me ? I found some video at youtube but I don't know how to make a good loop.
ViNnYxTrEmE's avatar
Awesome Dreamscene theme
callmee's avatar
This is "desktop porn" So awesome :D
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