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Unlike Teyra, which has been a work in progress for several years, this next world is one I came up with within the past month or so, although I drew inspiration from a few of my older works.

It's a story tentatively titled Race.  The setting is our own world, but far in the future, after interstellar travel has become commonplace.  In this future world, a few of the sentient races of the Milky Way have touched base, and now in several places in the galaxy you can find them mingling.  A universal language has developed to facilitate communication.  The hub of our particular story is Narinno Delta University, a large and prestigious college on a planet in the Narinno system.  The place attracts youth from all the yet-known races and is usually regarded as an excellent place to get to know the other inhabitants of the universe.

So far there are at least five documented sentient species on Narinno Delta and in the stellar vicinity.  There might be a few members of other races on other Association-affiliated planets or outposts, which I may write later, but here are the ones I will focus on for now.

1. Humans.  I don't think there's much to say, except that they're one of the few races that wears shoes.…………

2. Onkai.  These mammalian creatures look quite similar to Humans, with their facial structure being nearly identical.  However, Onkai are covered in dappled fur that looks much like a jaguar's coat.  The fur is thin in most places, but it builds up into a sort of mane on top of the head and down the neck, and an Onka's lower legs are quite shaggy too.  They have two tails, four digits per limb, and four whisker-like antennae sprouting from their foreheads.  They walk flat-footed like humans but do not wear shoes.………

3. Jorgoans.  Though they walk upright and speak with lungs, just like us, they are amphibious and need to be kept moist.  They still possess gills on their necks and large, rudder-like tails; nearly all Jorgoans can thrive indefinitely underwater.  The head shape is rather snakelike, and a cluster of thin tentacles atop the head serve much the same purpose as human hair.  They have five long, webbed digits per limb, and they walk on their toes.  They do wear simple shoes.……

4. Zanduul.  A little "weirder" than the previous two species, Zanduul are sort of like mammalian nagas.  Their faces are elongated, sort of like a rodent's, and there is a patch on their foreheads that can slightly detect light, like a rather minimal third eye.  They have two long and sensitive ears that usually lie casually backwards, but they lack humanlike hair.  Their necks are quite long.  They have humanlike torsos and arms, but from the waist down their bodies are like chubby snakes.  They have eight digits per limb.……

5. Dubina.  Probably the most outlying species in their unique anatomy.  These reptilians actually look much like centaurs, at least in the way their bodies are set up.  They have an upper torso with two arms, much like a human's, and a lower torso similar to the body of a large canine or feline from Earth.  Two long, thick tentacles arc backwards from the head, picking up vibrations much like the other species' eardrums do.  An array of five lesser tentacles forms a mane of sorts down the back of the neck.  They only have two stubby digits per limb, but they're surprisingly agile at using them.  Dubina also have long, semi-prehensile tails.  Unlike the other races, all Dubina are technically hermaphrodites; but since individuals are born with different hormonal balances, a decent number of them will have a sense of belonging more to one gender than the other, so at least half of the time you could probably safely refer to a single Dubina as a he or she. They don't wear shoes.………

Also of note...

Biots, pronounced "BYE-ahts."  Short for biological robots, these beings were created by Divinity Ltd., an experimental company that both conducts genetic research and applies it to robotic toys to better simulate "sentience."  The Biots, however, are the first product made of completely organic material, and are marketed as a perfect simulation of a living being.  Both males and females have a soft, innocent appearance, and are shorter on average than the other races.  Their faces are mostly humanlike, though their ears are larger like those of a deer and they have two tiny horns on their foreheads.  They do have humanlike hair, but they are also coated in a fine fur that can come in almost any color and pattern.  They have little tails kind of like what you would see on a rabbit or deer.  They walk on their toes.  Although designed to be male or female, a Biot will remain sexually underdeveloped unless its owner obtains a breeding license from Divinity Ltd., receives a small vial of a special serum, and administers it to the Biot.  Of course, the only reliable way to get a Biot with a specific fur pattern is to order one directly from the company.  They have four digits per limb, and they wear clothing at their owners' discretion.……… (Error: drew too many fingers on this last one XP)

Although I have thought of a few story ideas for this world, they're not very well defined yet, so I'll refrain from attempting to flesh them out now.  Stay tuned for more!
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Kinda reminds me of the first mass effect.