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XGB: Weekly Vathek Posts on Patreon

Each week I've been posting a new Vathek from from the 1997 Extreme Ghostbusters animation on Patreon.
The Vathek appeared in the episode titled Deadliners and there were lots of them.

This week it's Jimmy the Vathek only for patrons

My $1 + Patrons see each weekly design
My $5+ Patrons get a PDF with all of the roughs, turn-arounds and model pack from the show.

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These Guys Were Based On The Cenobites From Hellraiser Right ?
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Not deliberately. We knew about Hellraiser, but at the time I hadn't seen it. The writer set the "Hellraiser-like" tone in the script and I was throwing designs back and forth with Everett Peck which evolved into what you saw. I've posted all of these designs in a series of 16 PDFs on my Patreon, just so that you know.
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That's My Favorite Extreme GhostBusters Episode
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I'm happy that you liked it :)