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XGB Ep04: Gristle

Here's the character design of Gristle that I did for the production of the Extreme Ghostbusters animation. My pencils were inked by Helen Maier. :iconhelenmaier:

"Deadliners" was the fourth episode that we tackled as indicated by the number 104. It was a big workload with lots of characters, including incidentals that had to be redesigned in their "vathek" form. It aired in a different order to how we numbered it during production.
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Well, as someone who saw this episode as a kid and was rather amazed it GOT into a kids' cartoon; Thank you. This design was so strong I could have drawn it from memory yesterday.

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I really appreciate the behind-the-scenes commentary you are adding to each of these XGB drawings!
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"Flesh. For our patient a suit of skin. For us, sculpting clay with infinite posibilities."
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You know I allows thoughts some of these ghost for XGB look more like characters you would see from the MIB animated show in fact even this guys looks like he would fit in the show if it was still around.
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The main character designer for MIB was an employee from my Australian company, although he had his own style I trained and influenced him.
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This was (and still is) my favorite episode. The vathek haunted my dreams when I was a kid!
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No, I loved being scared of them! Admittedly, I was a weird kid.
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Weren't we all? :XD:
Incredible!,it has been a long time I haven't join into DeviantArt,Gristle is the scariest entity of the whole series for sure,he looks like a dentist's corpse and all those wrinkles and scars make him even nastier.
This is why I drew him.
That episode was one of the scariest ones,despite I was more afraid of the Sphinx when he took his mask out (when I was a kid).
By the way,I always wondered why they were two fat guys and a tall one,I think Corpuscle should have been the one with a regular weight,not too fat and not too fit.
Well,nice job,I'm glad you drew Gristle since most of us were waiting for it,I'll be waiting for your next one!
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Yeah I saw your Gristle drawing, nice! Yeah I wasn't paying attention to the character's weight for those three, they were difficult to get approved and were stitched together from designs done by Everett Peck, the Director and myself, there were also a lot of incidentals to complete so that we didn't see them in a line up until after their approval. It didn't bother me though, I like drawing heavy characters as much as skinny, so why can't there be two?
Oh crap I missed this.  Its been said before but I dont know how this episode ever got made I mean it was gruesome...I mean even more gruesome than Hellraiser itself.
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I had fun with this episode, but design-wise I was working closely with the Director's sketches, along with notes from Richard Raynis and roughs by Everett Peck.
Impressive none the less sir!
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You're welcome.
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I love the zombie look.
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I never saw him as a Zombie, more like a ghoul.
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It's still cool.
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Well thank you :)
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Love it!  I started a Spirit Guide back in 2010 covering all (well, pretty much all...) of the ghosts from Extreme Ghostbuster.  I stopped it after a while, but just went back to it and got it finished this Christmas (2014).  Thanks for all the inspiration - it's so cool to actually see the ghosts drawn properly by the original artist!  Hope you like it. :)…
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Wow! Really nice work! I gave you your first like :)

By now you must appreciate what the life of a Character Designer is like, except I had to do it to deadlines, and when I was done I had to move on to the next 40 episode show.
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