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XGB: Early Concept ~ Lucy ~ Part 1

Back in 1996 while I was setting up my studio in Australia, Executive Producer Richard Raynis from Columbia Tristar (Sony) worked from LA with me visualizing the characters for what was to be Extreme Ghostbusters. It was so early in development that the characters I designed had no names so I would randomly assign them ones. Richard wanted a male character in a wheelchair, I was pushing for more female characters in the line-up and I could only foresee problems with the wheels in animation (that's a lot of ellipses and perspective to get right), so I sent him this design of "Lucy" and put her in leg braces (or calipers). I tried to show that the crutches could be used for sucking up ghosts, also that her head would be at the correct eye-line for the other characters to play off, making it easier for the Directors who would have to cut down to someone sitting all the time.

Needless to say the calipers were rejected, Richard really wanted a wheelchair so I went back to the drawing board.
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I like Garrett. I think he's really a good portrayal of a genuine human being who just happens to be disabled, and he isn't an angel - in fact he is quite relatable because even though I have full use of my legs, I tend to have a big ego despite my small name. And he's fair game for being teased or picked on. He even laughs at a tasteless remark early on. It's a shame the series didn't last.

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the good: the design of the proton weapons as crotches looks very original and few ghost would expect and attack from such things.
the bad: is not too practical for something that require you to move quickly and agile as the ghost hunt, this talking from an strategist viewpoint.

i feel bad because a character like garret would be considered offensive by the politically correct people today by portray people with dissabilities in a seemingly bad light.
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Without looking at the description or what XGB stands for, and basing this something on first glance...
Flamethrower crutches.... Plus 7 awesome right there.!
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Ghost vacuum crutches, isn't that cooler?
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Ghost Vaccum Crutches that use fire!
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More girls is a great idea. And this concept is cool! But Garret is cool too. You did a great job! Thank you!)
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You are welcome :) I'm glad that Garret is among us, it's just that in my head she lives too.
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I'm glad Garrett was created. he's true badass 
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Here's the thing about Garrett; he was executed very well. Practicalities of busting ghosts in a wheelchair aside, I've always regarded him as a karmic counterweight to wheelchair-bound characters who were depicted as flawless angels. Obviously, those depictions came from a good place (showcasing those with disabilities in a positive light), but only ever offered some really insipid characters.

Garrett, by contrast, was an arrogant, sarcastic arse. The show allowed him to be just as flawed and funny as the rest of the cast, which ultimately made him more entertaining and endearing. Wouldn't change him for anything. Those who dismiss him outright because of the wheelchair don't know what they're missing.

Great show. You did good work.
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I really appreciate what you've said here, I agree and I'm glad that Richard stuck with his vision of Garret.

Thank you.
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I like Garrett, so I can't say I really regrat that it was rejected... But it's very interesting to see how my favorite show was developed and what over possibilities existed. And she does look cool with sci-fi crutches. Thanks for sharing this!
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It's just part of the process of development. I've been lucky that not too many of my characters fall by the wayside.
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In wehich episode is she appearing?
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She was rejected.
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Was she a precursor of Garret, the guy who sits in the wheelchair? If she would have become a Ghostbuster, would exist Kylie yet?
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I explain it all in the description. Kylie didn't exist when I did this design.
Have you seen this post?…

Look around in the XGB folder in my Gallery for more conceptual art.
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Nice concept! I'm part of a german cosplay group . It's very sad that there are just a few female ghostbusters. Until now my role was a fictional character, because the positions of Janine and Kylie are taken. So we like to pick up your characterdesign for Lucy. Is it ok if we give her the ability to walk? Greetings Niqesse
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Of course Niqesse :)
I don't have any control or ownership of these characters (even the rejected ones).
So go for it! Looking forward to seeing the results.
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Thomas send you the pics on Facebook I guess. So there she is :) Thanks for your design :heart:
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Oh thank you for modelling her :)

I have a surprise in store for Lucy fans, I've made her a character in my new comic 8House: Yorris, with some slight... changes.
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Realy interesting concept. I even a little sorry, that we get Garrett insted of this pretty girl. I love Garrett but a) we need more female b) she is awesome. Also I think if she had been in team, we could have had great love triangle between her, Eduardo and Kylie.
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Yeah, I liked her too. She probably would have rejected Eduardo just to piss him off.
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