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XGB: Early Concept ~ Female Characters

So, because you asked, here is the first sketch I ever did of Kylie, before she had a name. This was done very early in development long before the show was pitched to a network. Executive Producer Richard Raynis was still in the process of figuring out who he wanted in the team. I intended to throw as many female characters in the mix as early as possible. The first design, in the lineup above, evolved into Lucy, who became Garrett. The third one Richard rejected outright because it looked to close to a family member of his, which creeped him out.

The middle character, the Goth, he liked and wanted to develop some more. It was his decision to make her diminutive, we struggled for a bit over that. Anyway this is how Kylie began, as a part of a character smorgasbord.
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I actually like design #3. And I don't get what Mr. Raynis was creeped out over, she's kinda adorable.
The discarded Kylie concepts look very much alike two of the girls from the Witchy Women episode...
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You almost went for a women Ghostbusters team (Eduardo aside)? Wow. Would you say the reboot granted that wish at least?
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I just wanted to get away from tokenism, the "one of each" mentality that is prevalent in kids animation. In all of the shows that I worked on I wanted a random mix. Going all women is fine, it's really no different to all men, or all Asian, Hispanic, black etc. but I'm into mixes, healthy mixes of all kinds of people rather than segregation such as ONLY women. It's the mixture of people and points of view that's interesting to me.
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I don't blame you there. I mean, I love that you did this, and you tried, and I do wish it came true but I'm guessing toy related politics or other factors put an unfortunate stop to that. But good on you that you tried. :)
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It just wasn't the time. I put it out there and we ended up with an interesting team anyway. I'm happy with the characters we ended up with. My main objective is to show the people who grew up with these shows that they could have grown up with a whole other team of characters and probably would have liked them just as much. :)
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Point taken there. I guess it's true what they say, better late than never. I think the reboot may be accomplishing just that as you said. :)
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It's a franchise, they can do what they like with it. I don't work for them anymore so I have no stakes in their decisions. I just like opening up the perceptions of people who love the show I worked on. Where we end up may not have been the only path. :)
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I am laughing my ass off at "very troubled". That would have been one awesome character to explore!
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Yeah lol I've been going back over some of these rejected character ideas for my new comic 8House: Yorris. So you may see her again.
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I am waiting with glee.
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Cool! So this is where Kylie began. Thank you for sharing this with us :)
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Yep, you are welcome! :)
Now was a female GB always in the cards or was that something you threw in.
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I'm sure that Richard was looking to include a female character on the team, I was just pushing for more than one. One woman on a team had become an animation cliche, we got to break it up with the Godzilla main cast.
Very cool.   Im reminded of when thye did Justice league and the controversy over the fact that they used Hawkgirl.
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In the current comic book, she assembles a new team (one of them is Kylie Griffin) and they fight ghosts. Love your design of Janine with just the brown hair and glasses as in the first movie; everybody makes her look like a sexy lady as seen on the animated series.
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Thank you, but my design of Janine has read hair, but I didn't color her back in 1986, I did that recently, so it's the design that was important historically. Only black and white faxes back then.
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love your style!
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Im very glad with the final results actually!
To be honest to me Kylie was one of few 'cartoon girls of 80-90th' that had interesting design and personality at the same time. I love everything about Kylie - from her gloomy backstory, wonderful eyes and rough hair, to her unique orange-ish armour + round ghost trap design!
I remember it was the end of 90th when i was watching this cartoon. A lot of us, teenagers of that period, were very dark (hehe), listening to heavy music and watching 80th horror-movies. So this kind of Kylie was so unusual! "Hey Look! She is just like us!". To me Kylie represents whole spirit of that young late 90th. Also she makes me think of those "Ginger Snaps" - girls that also represent that generation.
(and of course Eduardo too, loved those two characters, i wonder what kind of early concepts he had!)
By the way, im a big fan of both Ghostbuster series. I grew up with both of them and they always inspired me with unique design, stories, characters, music (the music! i still remember Piper's flute and that Irish Leprechaun-dance!) and atmosphere. I just love how Real Ghostbusters were crazy and colorful and Extreme were dark-brown and creepy (like a horror movie that also is a cartoon!)! They are two different parts of the same place somewhere in my heart, haha!
(also sorry for my english, not my language)
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Kylie was half my Goth-girl idea and half Richard's small girl in a large uniform concept. My version of Goth is probably different to yours, I saw it develop out of Siouxsie and the Banshees, the Cure when it was more about fashion. Goths got darker and more morbid with each passing decade, now it's an institution with rules, merchandise and... yawn, movies.

Executive Producer Richard Raynis was involved in both versions of Ghostbusters which were exactly ten years apart he's the reason the two shows feel linked.

I need to start posting Ghost designs, I'll try to put something new soon. Unfortunately I don't have time to color them.
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Can't wait to see some ghost designs! Would love to see some stars like Leprechaun or those from Deadliners, or even...Fear itself!
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Fear itself is coming up soon, just need to get on with it.
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