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Godzilla Ep105: Cyberfly

This design for animated Godzilla TV show was a collaboration with Executive Producer Richard Raynis. He was attempting to describe what he wanted for the Cyberflies and I just handed him a pencil and paper and asked him to show me instead. An artist in his own right he did one drawing that we both liked and I simply traced it, fixed up a few things here and there, and this was the result. The show aired in 1998.
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I always liked Cameron Winter as a villain, he always whipped up something interesting for the H.E.A.T. team to deal with, from robotic bugs that implant mind control devices onto giant monsters to horrific monstrosities like the Chameleon, never a dull moment when that guy showed up. I dig the Cyberflies design, I think I appreciate it more as an adult than as a kid since it wasn't one of the bigger beasties the good guys faced, but it has a killer look and pretty versatile abilities, plus those mandibles look wicked!
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Yeah the fly was largely designed by Richard Raynis the Exec Producer of the show. I really liked how it turned out.
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Were you inspired by parasitoid wasps for this one? :)
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Usually I would have used reference, but I was following my bosses lead on this one.
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Awesome and beautiful painting, as always! ;D
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Really cool,it looks like a fly with scorpion tail and i like the way you used the shadows giving to it a realistic 3D sensation.
It also remembers me when the Roland's proton pack became a monster in Fear Itself chapter.
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Imagine if Godzilla had been a 3D show!
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Glad that you like it!
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Yay!!! More GTS art! :)
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See I am working on them :)
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Sweet! Keep at it! :)
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I really like the design in here. It's a nice cyber adaptation.
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It was a fun collaboration.
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Great design! It's from one of my favorite Godzilla series episodes! :iconiloveitplz:
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I'm glad that you enjoyed the episode.
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i remember that thing!, awesome work 
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Aww sweet! I was hoping to see another one of your awesome Godzilla '98 designs again, especially this very unorthodox take on the robotic hench-beast!

Often the best monsters come from collaboration between two creative and competent artists, as opposed to pleasing a writer that really has no vision or even basic reference of what he / she wants...sorry, speaking from experiences here.
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In my career I read over 245 scripts and only one writer was able to write in a way that inspired my imagination. The rest put me to sleep. So I understand what you are saying.
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