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Egon: Conceptual Design XGB

I've been digging through my conceptual designs for Extreme Ghostbusters and found this early sketch of Egon. This was an idea I proposed to Executive Producer Richard Raynis while the concept of the show was still in it's formative stage. I did all of the initial XGB design of the main characters from Australia.

I was pitching the idea of Egon as an ambassador to the ghost realm trying to stop an impending war on the other side (I originally suggested between demons and ghosts, but when hell was nixed as a bad idea for a kids show I changed it to a war between ghosts and ghouls). I always liked the idea of the new team entering an abandoned Firehouse and Egon appearing out of thin air in his ambassador garb murmuring in an ancient ghost language. He had spent so long on the other side he was barely able to speak English.

I was asked why the final design of Egon had a ponytail, it was a holdout from this concept. I just couldn't let it go.
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I'm suddenly reminded of John Lennon, albeit a blond one. Apart from that, it's good.
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interesting (that is all I can say).
T5-Comix-Cartoonz's avatar
With the staff he reminds me just slightly of Jafar. :)
filbarlow's avatar
Yeah I can see the similarities, purely unintentional.
T5-Comix-Cartoonz's avatar
I figured as much. Looks great nonetheless. :thumbsup:
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He looked good with the pony tail.
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Ah glad to know it :)
LemmiwinksGerbilKing's avatar
Very surprising idea, but that would be dun to see... Maybe not the full show, but at least one episode with alternative universe?timline or something...
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They did play with these themes in later episodes, but I wasn't involved with those stories in any way.
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It's a tragic loss of a good entertainer
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That sounds like a good idea. Sorry it didn't happened. It would've made a great episode that's for sure.
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I agree, they came close, but this would have added so much more backstory to Egon in the new series.
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egon's hair on the real ghostbusters if uncut beyond it's original length would have needed to be in a pony tail anyway... so to me it always made since.
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This should be a side story set in the future. I really think they should've used your concept for another series idea too. :iconinuhappyplz:
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It would have been nice.
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That's a really interesting idea! Love it! :o
Who knows, maybe something a little like that could happen in the third film?
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You never know, but somehow I doubt it.
Goblinounours's avatar
Yeah, I doubt it too. ^^

Anyway, the ponytail on the final design was a really nice touch. Made him look so much better than in RGB. ;)
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In a way it was a kind of logical step from his RGB design.
Goblinounours's avatar
Now that you mention it, in RGB, he had a little buckle of hair in the back, didn't he?
Still, I'm happy that he lost the hammer haircut in the process (not sure if it's the right term... you know the 'Elvis style haircut'... in french, it's called 'banana haircut') for the ponytail! ^^
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Yeah I never liked Egon's model in RGB.
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