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CaptainN: HowsBayou: Billy

Although I did conceptual character designs that the animated TV show Captain N was based off, the only episode that I worked on was called "How's Bayou" back in 1990. I designed all of the monsters and characters for that episode. One character, Billy was a caricature of an artist who had been part of my team on ALF and was now heading the designs on Captain N in my absence. I was back in Australia sending designs via fax (this was in the days of pre-internet). Captain N didn't air in Australia, so I never saw how the episode turned out until I caught it on YouTube a few years ago. Somehow Billy had become "Crocodile Dundee", which I disliked as an Australian stereotype. It took twenty years before I saw what happened to the character but here is Bayou Billy as I intended him to look.
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That's pretty cool. Question: Why does this have a 1990 copyright (Billy appeared in season 1 in 1989)?
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'Cos my memory for that time isn't too clear. I need to fix most of the Captain N art. Thank you for bringing it to my attention, I'll fix it.... eventually.
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Yeah, making a Louisiana vigilante look like an Australian bushman never made a lot of sense.  Your design fits much better.
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I love the accidental reveal many moons later.

Makes the character background so much more charming too!!!
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It's so weird 'cos I assume that my design is Billy and the one that everybody saw is the impostor.
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that sucks about what happened with your work on Bayou Billy - who to me was always a guy from the southern wetlands of the US (it is in his name :D)
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Yeah there's no way that anyone other than me and the other designer would get the jokes that we were playing on each other. Two areas that we had no control over was color & voices, so there's nothing in the acting to give away the "Crocodile Dundee" reference, but the colorist must have made the same conclusion by making the character blonde. I know that the other designer was getting me back for caricaturing him, we were being cheeky. I can't think of another term to describe it.
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That sounds awesome, I hope to have that fun working in animation:)
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We were young, we took our jobs seriously but would joke around a lot to blow off steam.
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That's the best approach I find.
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