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Before Captain Nintendo: there was Buddy Boy!!


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This is what Captain Nintendo could have been. In 1988, just before getting laid off from DIC, I worked closely with Executive Producer Richard Raynis in the early development of an animation based on Nintendo games. Originally called Paper Boy, based off the game of the same name. For some legal reason Nintendo didn't want to use that game's title so Richard changed the name to Buddy Boy.

Richard and I were working with the idea that Buddy was still a paperboy and as you can see from the top left image, reality is as addictive to Game World characters as games are to us. See Megaman on the bike?

Top Right is the six foot high pitch art that Richard took into the meeting to try and sell Buddy to Nintendo. Had I been the head character designer on Captain Nintendo the whole show would have been in this rounder style, unfortunately I was back in Australia when the show was green lit, and other artists jostled for the helm. As you can see only the Eggplant Wizard and King Hippo remained in this style. I was also the one who found these characters and added them to the lineup. I always liked the "Death" character who would try to "Game Over" Buddy and kick him out of the Game World back to reality.

Lower Left shows Megaman's family, his Megamum, Megadad, Megabird and even Megarat. Megaman was more of a boy, a reflection of Buddy in the Game World.

Lower Right is the first time Kid Icarus meets Buddy Boy (notice his rolled newspaper and bike wheel decorations on his pajamas). Buddy thinks Icarus is an answer to a prayer, but he's only in the real world to plead for Buddy's help in the Game World, accessed through the elevator in the closet, complete with Bellhop.

In my opinion you were robbed, I did my best to give you fun interesting show but all I have are these photos. At least you've seen what could have been.

[EDIT: I wasn't the colorist on this art, that was handled by someone else. So the Megaman colored green thing wasn't my call.]
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Meta-Knight-Star-22's avatar
I remember seeing this a bunch of years ago, so looking back at this makes me feel that this could have been the Avengers-esque crossover we could have watched! 

So, thought I might as well ask, but do you know most of the characters featured in both upper-left-and-right panels? Like, the tubby green thing reading the paper and blue dude Buddy is fighting off... 

In the top-right one, whose that pink dude under Kid Icarus? That kinda looks like Kirby...
Woaddragon's avatar
How, How did I not know about this.  Man, is just amazning
Pygmalion-Furnace's avatar
In honest... I would of loved to watch this if it was real.
tetsuwanatom's avatar
Having Megaman's family expanded is not quite a good idea, specially how weird he was represented in the DiC cartoons.
And it would be a lot weirder if there was more parents.
Besides, it would get in conflict with own canon since he only got Protoman and Roll as his parents and later Wily created Bass to rival him.

All of these shows were still starting, so it was better to being faithful as possible.

Speaking of which, have you read about the Ken Penders drama?
He expanded the Knuckles character in Archie Sonic comic and created a entire tribe of echidnas, although they were meant to be mostly extinct due Chaos wrath 4000 years ago in the games own lore.

Later, Penders was fired and he sued both Archie and Sega due the re-use of his characters and republications of stories which he had been done.
He also sued Sega for plagiarism due the game Sonic Dark Brotherhood which he claimed to have similar ideas with the comic book stories which he made.

Archie failed to make their freelance artists and writers sign a contract giving total rights over their characters and stories for the comic book, so Penders took full advantage of it.

Penders won the question leading to Sega demanding Archie to make a reboot to remove all of his characters and retcon all of the stories which he made.

However, they just made a soft reboot which later started to make references to the previous timeline which must had got in Sega's nerves since it made everyone including readers and Sega themselves remember the whole drama.

Capcom was involuntary mixed with the drama since the soft reboot started during the end of the World's Collide Ark in which Super Sonic attempted to use Chaos Control in order to erase all traces of the World's Collide event.

Archie's lack of competence might also led to the end with Capcom and Archie relationship as well.

Archie also made more republications of the comics which were off-limits and Penders called the attention of Scott Fulop who was also fired from Archie who fought in the law for the rights of his characters who were still being used without his permission since he too didn't signed a contract giving their full use.

Although Fulop lost the cause, it resulted in the end of Sega and Archie relationship.

From what I saw, Sega learned the hard way that they should not allow a hired licensed group to expand their own franchises since it might bring people like Ken Penders and specially if that same licensed group failed to make the hired artists and writers sign a contract which give full use of their characters and stories.
Club-Dreamiverse's avatar
That's nice of you.
WOLVERINE25TH's avatar
Working on an article of sorts for Captain N, I came across this post. Thanks for sharing a bit of what cold have been and for giving me a little bit more to add to the backstory of the show we did end up getting. Shame a lotta interesting ideas usually end up getting killed before the public ever gets to see them.
filbarlow's avatar
I agree. Good luck with the article!
LittleKunai's avatar
I've never heard of this? Interesting piece of obscure Nintendo history.
filbarlow's avatar
There were only a handful of people still employed by DiC at the time. Of those people none of them talk about their experiences online. I'm the only guy who does.
Cheine's avatar
I was thinking, while you said Lana came from DIC, its been said she was based off of Palutena, the damsel goddess from Kid Icarus.

The Captain Nintendo idea came from a writer at Nintendo Power, but it was much different then the  final Captain Ncartoon. This writing is allegedly from the creator of the Captain Nintendo idea. Perhaps DIC combined Buddy Boy with the Captain Nintendo pitch?

Another interesting thing I just found out was Roll, Megaman's sister, wasn't mentioned even in the Japanese manual for Megaman 1! 

Sidenote, I just found a mick, and Keron from Kid Icarus in the picture. I wonder what other NES enemies, I can find. Here's a list of the enemies from Kid Icarus, and Megaman.

Finally no worries about not being able to beat early NES games like Megaman, those games are hard! Sometimes they even increased the difficulty of the game overseas so people would have to buy the game to beat it.
SpyderSoup's avatar
If it's true that Princess Lana was based on Palutena, that actually explains a lot, I mean, my guess is Knox Robbins knows about this which explains why in his Captain N reboot, Lana seems to have been replaced by Palutena herself. By the way, if you don't know what I'm talking about, go check out Knox's work and you can see what I meant for yourself.
filbarlow's avatar
Well I was no longer at the studio when all of the decisions were being made about the final show. I found some roughs I had done at the time for Fireman and Gutsman, but I've misplaced them. If I track them down I was going to post them on my Patreon blog.

I've never been good at platformers, just not my style of gameplay.
Cheine's avatar
Yeah, I know you weren't there, but its interesting that the series seemed to have alot from Kid Icarus.

Even people who are good at platformers have issues with MegaMan 1, like I said, its a hard game.

I'll tell you which other enemies, I've spotted in the picture soon.
OldandNewShowsForevs's avatar
Whoa... that was cool.
filbarlow's avatar
Yeah it would have been fun.
OldandNewShowsForevs's avatar
Yeah, and I've been thinking of doing a reboot of Captain N, but rather more crosses over with Hyperdimension Neptunia (the four main goddesses being Lana's bodyguards), more characters from Sega (Sonic (and the Freedom Fighters, but only in their redesigns in the Post-Genesis Wave portion, NiGHTS, Super Monkey Ball, etc.), Capcom (Megaman and Street Fighter), Konami (Castlevania and MGS), Nintendo (the cast of Mario will make their appearances officially, along with Peach, Rosalina, Daisy, Bowser and the Koopalings and the Kong Family (besides Donkey Kong) also appear as well) and Namco (because of Pacman). And yes, Sans, Papyrus and Mettaton from Undertale will appear (but with no hints if Fontcest, Mettasans and Papyton).
filbarlow's avatar
You should go for it!
OldandNewShowsForevs's avatar
I know, and I think that Trigger could do the animation.
FlintofMother3's avatar
How did you choose the characters? because both Megaman and Paperboy were the only one the didn't belong to Nintendo here (and they had trouble with the copyright with Paperboy yet not with Megaman) maybe it was because Paperboy was not a Nintendo exclusive (it had ports to almost everything)
filbarlow's avatar
Yeah I found out about that only a few weeks ago. The Atari ownership and all that. The characters were chosen from the cartridges that we were given to play with. Richard Raynis chose Paperboy and the others seemed obvious choices as they had games, I threw in more obscure characters because I liked them. I even invented a couple.
FlintofMother3's avatar
Off all the characters that appeared here (and that ended on the show) Paper boy is the only that was not Nintendo exclusive so I guess that's why they decided not to use it. Still, consider me a big fan of your art especially Godzilla and Extreme GB. Did you also work on MIB the series? those three series seemed to share a style.
filbarlow's avatar
An I trained artist from my Australian studio did the aliens for MIB.
Miguelanxo Prado an amazing cartoonist from Spain did the human characters.
GaiaX2's avatar
Even though some answers were solved (for example, megaman's green colorscheme), there's still a lot of mysteries to be solved..
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