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Before Captain Nintendo: there was Buddy Boy!!


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This is what Captain Nintendo could have been. In 1988, just before getting laid off from DIC, I worked closely with Executive Producer Richard Raynis in the early development of an animation based on Nintendo games. Originally called Paper Boy, based off the game of the same name. For some legal reason Nintendo didn't want to use that game's title so Richard changed the name to Buddy Boy.

Richard and I were working with the idea that Buddy was still a paperboy and as you can see from the top left image, reality is as addictive to Game World characters as games are to us. See Megaman on the bike?

Top Right is the six foot high pitch art that Richard took into the meeting to try and sell Buddy to Nintendo. Had I been the head character designer on Captain Nintendo the whole show would have been in this rounder style, unfortunately I was back in Australia when the show was green lit, and other artists jostled for the helm. As you can see only the Eggplant Wizard and King Hippo remained in this style. I was also the one who found these characters and added them to the lineup. I always liked the "Death" character who would try to "Game Over" Buddy and kick him out of the Game World back to reality.

Lower Left shows Megaman's family, his Megamum, Megadad, Megabird and even Megarat. Megaman was more of a boy, a reflection of Buddy in the Game World.

Lower Right is the first time Kid Icarus meets Buddy Boy (notice his rolled newspaper and bike wheel decorations on his pajamas). Buddy thinks Icarus is an answer to a prayer, but he's only in the real world to plead for Buddy's help in the Game World, accessed through the elevator in the closet, complete with Bellhop.

In my opinion you were robbed, I did my best to give you fun interesting show but all I have are these photos. At least you've seen what could have been.

[EDIT: I wasn't the colorist on this art, that was handled by someone else. So the Megaman colored green thing wasn't my call.]
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I remember seeing this a bunch of years ago, so looking back at this makes me feel that this could have been the Avengers-esque crossover we could have watched! 

So, thought I might as well ask, but do you know most of the characters featured in both upper-left-and-right panels? Like, the tubby green thing reading the paper and blue dude Buddy is fighting off... 

In the top-right one, whose that pink dude under Kid Icarus? That kinda looks like Kirby...