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8House: Yorris: The Yrris Wyrm

The first title in the 8House series is called Arclight, written by Brandon Graham and illustrated by Marian Churchland. Towards the end of their first issue, Marian drew the character "Lady" reading a bestiary and one of the creatures was named Yrris in "Spell Lanuage" which is the coded text that the eight houses use. The translated name was "Yrris" which was almost the name of the character from our series called Yorris. It was an uncanny coincidence because our first book was already completed when we read Arclight in print.

So Helen and I decided that our Yorris would be named after the mythical Yrris creature, a worm, and that her full name Yorris Di Trentos would mean "Wyrm Defeater", the significance of this name will become more clear in the second part of our story.

I asked Brandon & Marian if I could redraw their Yrris design and include it in the back of our comic. They agreed and I mulled it over for a few weeks, I was getting ready for bed when the desire to start this sketch hit me. Helen decided to catch the glorious moment of the creation of the above artwork on film, but didn't warn me. Basically it proves that I put everything into my art, even some DNA.… [I've provided Closed Captioning]

Click on the link below if you would like to buy a digital or hard copy of 8House: Yorris…

You can see our Trailer and some sample pages at the same link.
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Happy Birthday. And nice drawing as usual.
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This and its story is everything I love about world-building. :)

Thank you for posting this. :D
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Did you read it??? :O

You are welcome :)
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Haa, well, I read your artist comments for now! :blush:

To be honest I.... have never really been into comic books. *hides* I mean, my brothers had a few X-Men comics back like gosh twenty years ago or something, and my cousin once showed me one called Tellos that was really cool, but.... I dunno, I just don't move in some circles.

But after finding you via your Roughnecks bugs, I find that I really enjoy your style. I must say I've been tempted a few times by the links you post but never really took the plunge. Oh dear me I have an income again now, though, don't I.... hmm....

But I especially enjoy hearing stories like this about how any given creation comes to life, and this whole name-similarity thing, and working it into a world-history.... I love seeing how people do their world-building. :) It just.... Creation like that just feels like home. :aww:
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Well, if you want to come home, you are in good hands! :) Helen and I were cartoonists before working in Hollywood, where we were often frustrated with the concepts & stories that we worked on. You see, I've been building universes since 1980 it's what I'm skilled at, it's what I like to do. I also write with non comic readers in mind and together with Helen we know how to bring characters to life with words. We made Yorris for our DA watchers, as a thank you, we put all of our career into one project, that we had full control over. Yorris was tailor-made with fans in mind, so why miss out? If you like my art, chances are that you might like my writing too. We even put bug-like creatures in it.  ;)

If you do decide to plunge into our a multi layered tapestry, keep in mind that we made it to be a physical comic, so that each page turn reveals something. That's how we designed it. Digital just isn't the same, the colors may be more accurate, but the experience isn't what we intended.
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I want that coffee table book.

Art done during teeth cleaning.
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LMAO, you'd be surprised when I sneak art in during the day, sometimes in the middle of doing the dishes.
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Whoa, that is one FREAKY looking creature... I LOVE IT! 

Great work as always man! ^_^
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Thanks, though I can't take full credit for the creature, you'll have to look at 8House: Arclight #1 for the original design if you are interested.
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Awesome. And thanks for the tip. ;)
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Goooddamn, that's pretty cool.
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It worked out in the end :)
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Good to see you back pal!
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Yeah I figured I should put up some Yorris stuff now that the comic is out :)
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Excellent idea!
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Look at this freak! I LOVE it!

(also, that video is a good example of how a lot of us draw XD)
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Haha he turned out okay considering that he got off to a slobbery start!

(I'm glad that I'm in good company) :XD:
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