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8House: Yorris: Lucy

As I mention in this earlier post Lucy was a design that I proposed for the Extreme Ghostbusters team, but she was rejected. So when the 8house project was offered to Helen Maier and myself by Brandon Graham I immediately thought of Lucy to be a main character. She makes her appearance in Part 2, which is 8House issue #5.

I was hoping that one of my watchers on DA would figure the connection out, but no one did.
If you would like to see some sample pages, trailer or even buy a copy here is the Image comics official page:…
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cool...does she still walk on crutches?
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Nope. I went a whole other way.
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still glad to hear she has a place now...sometimes you just have a character, that works...and it would be a shame if that character wouldn't find a place.
hade one was an unintentional mix of a viking, the highlander and hellboy.
anyway...thanks for replying.
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She looks super cool.
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She's a great character!
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That's pretty cool you could get some use out of an old character model.
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Ever since I posted Lucy's design here on DA, about 2 years ago, I've been hoping to one day to bring her to life.
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She looks great! It's always super fun when an old, formerly scrapped character comes back in a new universe. It's such a satisfying feeling.
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Yeah it's so great to have this opportunity. We have plans to bring back other unused characters.
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Can't wait to see this!
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Most comic stores should have it, or follow the link to Image Comics.
Glad to see you're making use of her.
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Yeah it was a great opportunity to do her justice.
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