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After Nirnaeth Arnoediad

By Filat
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Maedhros and Maglor after the Fifth Battle. It was inspired by a poem in Russian, and i am really not so good in english to translate it just believe me that it's worth drawing for again and again. 

Маэдрос и Маглор после Пятой битвы. По стихотворению Кеменкири.

Макалаурэ, белый как мел.
Брат, ты думаешь - я онемел,
Ищешь пальцами рану на горле…
Ты же знаешь могущество горя
И бездушие слов «не сумел».

Ты же знаешь – ты сам… Но прости,
Ты – счастливей: его не спасти
Никакой уже доблестью ратной…
Без него здесь так холодно, брат мой, -
Для чего же созвучья плести?

Чей-то смех долетит от костров.
Слово – «холодно», вверх – твоя бровь,
Мне на плечи – вастацкая шуба…
…Это имя пробьется, как кровь,
Разломив пересохшие губы…

Это время сочится, как кровь… (с)
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Mon coeur est brisé...

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Maedhros' and Fingon's friendship is my absolute favourite relationship in the Silmarillion. I can't imagine how devastated Maedhros must have been after Fingon's death, how painful it must have been to lose someone so close to you. Especially given the fact that an elf's life is so much longer than a human's and their friendships can last decades and more. You captured Maedhros' facial expresion so utterly well, and Maglor trying to comfort his older brother, unsuccessfully so... it crushes my heart. Beautiful work, in all aspects.

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This is still one of the very very best pictures showing Maedhros' devastation at Fingon's death (IMHO). Inspires me to write it.
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Thank you!)
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Uh oh. I think my heart just died on me.

You have such an amazing talent of showing true depth and emotion in your characters' facial and bodily expression. This painting is beautiful, and I think i want to purchase something from you in the future. :^)

(Gotta show some love for Maedhros. Fingon's death was unfair, and the battle ended so badly!)
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Thank you very much!
I have a shop on Etsy, so welcome :)
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My favourite thing in this painting is how detailed and realistic Maglor's braid looks! I love how you draw hair.
Maedhros's expression kills me :( And Maglor trying to comfort him, having this semi-hopeful look... You captured a very sad, beautiful and bittersweet moment.
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Thank you very much!
I guess no one could comfort him at the moment.. ((
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Great character drawing and scenery too.
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"Всадник сказал:
Увы, увы,
Земля - их могила."
—Lind Erebros Nirnaeth Arnoediad
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как здорово получилось! как мне нравятся фигуры на заднем плане - все заняты своим делом, особенно два всадника (наверное, в дозоре) Фигуры на переднем плане - огонь! безнадежность, но не смирение...изумительные одежды и выражения лиц, и,НЕБО! (как вы это делаете)))
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Спасибо огромное! А я вечно недовольна тем, как у меня получается небо))
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феноменални стихови , браво ! И очаравајућа  слика , његова туга и израз лица, композиција, боја.... још једном браво! (феноменальные стихи, браво! И очаровательная живопись, его печаль и выражение лица, композиции, цвета ... еще раз браво)
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Спасибо большое! 
Да, стихи фантастические...
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so, was this after fingon's death? is that what they're grieving over? 
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That's after his death, of course.
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I thought so, because Maedhros looks so grim and Maglor trying to get some reaction out of him, I knew it had to be. I like to think Fingon's death really just sent Maedhros over the edge. Maybe the Oath did really but it just seemed like, while Fingon was alive Maedhros tried to do good. And he really just seemed to be lost in the end. 
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I think the same way as you. Fingon was the one in whom he could take strength (and strength to keep the oath under control may be), and now he is fully lost and crushed.
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exactly! Fingon was the one after all who saved his life, saved him from eternal torment and while he was alive, all Maedhros did was serve Fingon and his kingdom by fighting Morgorth. You can just tell through the subtext that Fingon's friendship meant alot to Maedhros and after it was gone,  he had this dangerous desperation. Its just so sad. 
You gotta wonder how much it ate up Maedhros to know that the Men he allied with betrayed them to Morgorth, delaying his aid to Fingon, and ultimately lead not only to crushing defeat by Morgorth but lead Fingon to his savage death. I think you capture the soul-consuming self-blame that he must have had in his bleak stare. 
:( (Sad) just makes me want to hug him. Poor guy. 
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Poor guys I would say... all of them :(
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Yeah. And it's sad because the kinslaying they commit later is so evil but you end up feeling sad for them at the end. Cuz they didn't even get what they wanted anyway. The jewel rejected them. I can only hope that in the halls of mandos they were able to find peace.
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Such a lovely painting, and a lovely poem as well.
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