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The robot.
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did make a real robot? wow... coo...
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Very Sick!!!

Cool, a real deal.

It's for sale?

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This is incredible! I thought it was completely real until I scrolled down - Lol. Very impressive work my friend, I really like the rustic design!
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Awsome Mech/Mecha
AnimeFanX78's avatar
doesnt this look like that walker suit from Jak 2? it looks similiar to it. it was also in jak 3 but jak 2 was when it first appeared
Aggronian's avatar
it looks so possible...I WANT ONE!!!
newton025's avatar
This looks so great. Its like the robot is waiting for the right time to become active.
HuffingtontheOnly's avatar
so realistic... i have sooooo mannyy evil uses for that
campanoo's avatar
wow!!! its crazy
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:pee::toilet: DARN! Missed by an inch!
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wow this is great
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This is so sick! Wish I knew how to do this! :D
retardedmario's avatar
this... AMASING!!
i f***ing love this!

i'm-a gonna :+fav: this!
From "Echo Squad"?!
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parece el de avatar
delic's avatar
love the rusty look
AMnezcorpEAST's avatar
What a cool mecha
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