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TruTen -Sketch-

By Fiji-Fujii
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Actually, this is my first picture of Trunks and Goten like... well, like this. :XD: I didn't like the pairing for a long time but now, I think it's pretty cute. Can't help it. Don't hit me, I'm still a pervert... :lol:

@ Herb: Denk' nur mal dran, was heute alles passiert ist. Aber kein Wort zu irgendwem!

Ich sag' nur: Warmer... :rofl:

Trunks & Goten (c) Akira Toriyama
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© 2008 - 2021 Fiji-Fujii
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bulma: oh dear
vegeta: OMGWTF
Bulla: hey whats going on
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that is so funny and thay r buted
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Yaoi ahoy! So, I was thinking of making a Truten AMV, and I was wondering if I could use this picture. If yes, I'd of course give you credit.
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Sure, use it as long as you give me credit. :)
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Just link me the finished thing, will ya? ;)
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This makes me so joyful! XD <3
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:lol: Glad you like!
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Haha This couple is really starting to grow on me too, which is a little weird since I've never really been into DBZ yaoi XD

Great sketch btw! I love the anatomy :3
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I'm not that much into DBZ-Yaoi either but this couple kinda had something back then.

Thanks. :)
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laaaa! and here;s another one!! the first one to be exact XD
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Lol, must have more
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It has to be either Vegeta or Chi-Chi. Where's the fun if someone who has no problem with it (Gohan, for example) catches them going at it?

I really like the style.
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I love this 8D Haha, the expression on Trunks' face shouts "busted!"

Wonderful picture :heart:
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Fufu, this is real cute. 8D I love Goten's face.
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Hehe, thankies much. :3
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Omg so cute ;_; I love the way Trunk's bending. Oh God, so hotttttt
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Hotness... I bet it's Vegeta walking in on them, right? In fanworks it's always Vegeta walking in on them! XD
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