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Wisp v2.4.4 for Rainmeter by FiiZzioN Wisp v2.4.4 for Rainmeter by FiiZzioN
Wisp Github Repo!
Wisp Github repo here: Link

Check out my other projects!
Tribute v2.1 for Rainmeter: Link

Tributes Clock v2.1 for Rainmeter: Link

Wisp boasts many features!
* Interactive Configuration App (Config options are case sensitive!!)
* Cpu (Overall Cpu usage. Temperature monitor.)
* Memory (Ram usage and Swap usage.)
* Drives (Drive usage, up to two drives.)
* Gpu (Gpu usage and temperature. Currently supports one Gpu.) Will not work with Integrated Graphics!
* Network (Net, up and down.)
* Weather (Weather Graphics, Description, Temperature, Wind Speed, Wind Direction, Humidity, Chance of Rain, Sunrise, and Sunset. Up to Three Days. Mixed Weather Units. Ex: Fahrenheit while using Km/h for windspeed.)
* Email (Currently only supports Gmail. Left-Click to open your Inbox.)
* Recycle Bin (Monitors recycle bin size. Left-Click to Empty. Right-Click to Open)
* Clock (Twelve hour and twenty-four hour clock modes.)
* Date (Current day of the month, month, and year.)
* Taskbar (System monitor, twelve and twenty-four hour. Program launcher, twelve and twenty-four hour. Supports five programs / urls)
* Themes (Currently four themes: Green, Red, Blue, and Dark Orange)

Main wallpaper:

Panels Wallpaper:

If you have Rainmeter installed, then that's basically all you have to do! Required Rainmeter version: or higher.
All theme wallpapers are included in the package!

Programs used for system temps!
Cpu temp:

Gpu temp:

To get the best use out of the taskbars included, I recommend using Desktop Coral.

If for some reason you find yourself needing a fresh copy of Stangowner's MSI Afterburner.dll, you should go to this page. 
All information on how to install the .dll manually is presented at the top of the first post.

Different Resolutions!
I'm currently not taking resolution requests! Sorry for the inconvenience!
Max resolution I can offer is 1920 x 1080, sorry!

Resolutions made:
1920 x 1080
1680 x 1050
1600 x 900
1440 x 900
1366 x 768
1024 x 768


    Drastically improved SWAP monitoring accuracy.
    Fixed layout loading "Illustro" skin items if it was installed on the system.
    Added deep blue color option and changed old "Blue" to "Cyan"

    Updated the weather parser to use's new XML feed URL.

    Changed Coretemp download link back to Mediafire because its parent website is being shown as Red Flagged. This event occurs differently depending on what web browser you're using.
    This will be the last time I'll change the download link unless it's absolutely necessary.

    Special thanks to user Unramaan for alerting me to this issue!

    Changed Coretemp download link back to its parent website.
    ::Message to Users!::
            There seem to be no more trojan warnings coming from the program's installer. If this changes again, please, anyone inform me!
            I'll have a clean, safe version of the program ready for download ASAP.

    Changed Coretemp download link because of dropbox blocking my account due to too much traffic.
    The file is now being hosted on Mediafire.

    Changed the CoreTemp download link. This is the correct, and clean, version of CoreTemp.

    Temporarily took away the resolution request button.
    Removed the version history tab in the config.
    Other minor changes to the config.

    Added themes to the skins features.
    Added four themes: Green, Red, Blue, and Dark Orange

    Fixed Weather Code entry box not displaying in the proper location.
    Changed how the Recycle Bin app handled displaying the 'Empty' option when showing its current size.
    Better clarified how you should enter your email username and password.
    Added ‘Version Information’ tab to the config.
    Removed many duplicate and unused images.
    Added variable so users can more easily edit the maximum number of emails that the skin will register.

    Added 1024 x 768 to the config.

    Fixed minor bug that would cause swap on the system taskbar to overlap other entries. 

    New Config app that supports the new features in version 2.0
    System taskbar added.
    Program taskbar added.
    Better support for the new D2D rendering engine in Rainmeter 3.0
    Fixed a bug where the SWAP values would go into massive negative numbers.
    Better way of making new resolutions. I'm still figuring out a way to make it 100% automatic.
    Mixed weather units. Example: Celsius while using Mph for windspeed.

    Now loads the Config.ini when installed.
    Added 1600 x 900 to the config.
    Fixed positioning of the Recycle Bin meter.
    Fixed random typos throughout the skin.

    Added different resolution options to the config

    Initial release

Known Bugs!
When installing the skin or running the config app, Rainmeter becomes unresponsive and locks up. 

    Info about this bug:
        Thanks to H0rwood, I've found out that the config tool is causing the issue. 
        At this moment I'm not quite sure what's in the config that's causing this to happen.
        Currently, the workaround is to force close Rainmeter. After that you should be able to edit the '' file and then launch the apps individually.

Theme Help!
I've added themes for the current release. So far I have green, red, blue, and dark orange themes, but I'd like to add more.
If anyone's good with PS and your interested in helping make more themes, don't hesitate to contact me!

Suite Author: FiiZzioN
Weather Icons Author: MerlinTheRed
MSI Afterburner.dll Author: Stangowner
Just the Panels Wallpaper: thehatersalad
Weather Mixed Units Inspiration: itz4mna

Frequently Asked Questions!

Contact Me!
If you notice any bugs or want any features added, contact me at my:
* Email address:
* DeviantArt profile: Link
* profile: Link

Once again, thanks for downloading Wisp!

Feeling Generous?

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Alectardy98 Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2019
Here is a config file that I made to include some more colors!w2BCWKxY!5hV6maHInt…
FiiZzioN Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2019  Hobbyist Interface Designer
You did a great job! Now I just need some more ideas for new colors that could implement as well as wallpaper edits to go along with them. If you can do that, or if anyone that reads this can do it, I'll implement it as well as credit the appropriate people.

Alectardy98 Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2019
I have a couple edits of the original background as well if anyone wants that…
Cresando Featured By Owner Nov 1, 2018
Hi, thanks for the awesome pack. I am using if for my laptop right now. But i need some help with email part. The thing is, i can open the google chrome by click the emoticon or email word from the icon pack. It just that the email icon or launcher, does not show that green bar. I mean, there is no measurement on how many email i have on my google mail.

Any tips to solve this?
Technista Featured By Owner Edited Sep 19, 2018
First off, LOVE this skin!  Thanks for creating it.  That said, I'm having some issues:

-Network isn't working at all (works fine in default rainmeter skin).  [NVM - saw your FAQ!]

-When I copy/paste a HDD section to add an additional hard drive (I edit all the "2" or "two" references to "3" or "Three" - also tried "4" and "Four"), it just shows the code text, not the drive letter or %

-Is there a way to configure gmail if you use 2-step authentication?

-As an fyi, your "clean" CoreTemp set off my AV, but going to the dev site and using their version did not.

For people with unsupported resolutions, I was still able to make it work - just had to move some stuff around.  Still looks great!

Thanks again!
oscararmando Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2018
how do i create panels?
FiiZzioN Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2018  Hobbyist Interface Designer
The panels behind the various meters are part of the wallpapers included with the pack. If you open the config tool and select the resolution and color that you want to use, all of the meters will be in the correct location when you apply one of the provided wallpapers.
petschino Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2018
would be great if we could use this without coretemp. Isnt there a way to read the gpu loads from taskmanager now since the latest win 10 update?
mgmarchino Featured By Owner Edited Jun 20, 2018
XxIcyMizuxX Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
This is amazing!! amazing job!!
bonnelg Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2018
how I configure my email adress???
FiiZzioN Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2018  Hobbyist Interface Designer
The option is in the skin's config app. If you right-click the Rainmeter icon in the system tray, click skins, scroll down to and hover over Wisp, you'll see the "Config.ini" app at the top. Everything you need to configure the skin is located there.
ChasingResonance Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2018
First time using Wisp, and the Weather is completely broken.  I know this same issue has been referenced before in these comments, but no actual solution was given other than "It's fixed".  Just downloaded this today, no files have been edited.  I live in the US, and I know that the input code is correct.  LOOKED at the Weather_Parse file to see where the info was being taken from.  I copy-pasted the URL from the file into a browser, replacing the #LocationCode# and #TempUnit# properly, and the xml website feed it took me to lists proper values, but rainmeter still shows either 32 fahrenheit or  -18 celcius, and none of the additional features, such as humidity, wind speed, the icons, or sunrise/sunset.  Additionally, while in the config panel and setting location code, the only options that return a value are Fahrenheit with Km/h  and Celcius with Mph.  I am attaching images in the hopes that they will help.

xml site from link
example display (fahrenheit)
FiiZzioN Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2018  Hobbyist Interface Designer
I really don't think the issue is with the parser. I haven't had a comment about it for a while and mine hasn't had a problem. Did you enter your code in the config app? Since the website hasn't changed anything, the parser, if it hasn't been tampered with, should still be gathering the correct information. The only thing that could mess it up is if:

A: Someone made custom edits to the weather skin incorrectly, thus breaking it.
B: The parser has been edited and not configured correctly.
C: The URL has been changed and it can't pull the information.
D: The config app wasn't used and the URL was accidentally broken. 
E: The website has altered its XML feed, but since others haven't been experiencing the same problem I highly doubt it's this.
Teletubbies10 Featured By Owner Edited Mar 4, 2018
my weather thing doesn't show my correct weather, any help would be nice. Also how do I use that taskbar in the program?
Fxnarji Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2018
Hey Sir, amazing work!
But is there anyway to add Programms to the program Bar?
SandMan172 Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2018
Hey there! 
 This skin is awesome! only thing i cant figure out is how to get backgrounds/boarders around the panels. Pretty new to Rainmeter, any help would be awesome! 
FiiZzioN Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2018  Hobbyist Interface Designer
The background and borders are wallpaper(s) located in a folder called "Suite Addons" that's located in the skin's root folder. If you need help finding or applying said wallpaper to get the skin to look right, just leave another message.
ramckellar Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2018
any way you can help me with this? When I edited the .ini (which I've done for several other parts of your skin and others I have active) I am ending up with this for my third drive, I can't figure it out and it's driving me crazy. I have a C:, E:. and an S:. both C and E are reflected fine, S is the one I am having trouble with:
FiiZzioN Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2018  Hobbyist Interface Designer
How is it displaying? With what you've provided I can't see what the problem is, especially with the colon at the end of the sentence. :/
A picture would be most helpful. 
krijnlol Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2018
Fiizzion is it ok that i upload a templet so people can add there own back grounds
FiiZzioN Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2018  Hobbyist Interface Designer
Sure, go ahead!
Nymo86 Featured By Owner Edited Jan 13, 2018
Can you change the wind from Km/h to MPH?  I'm using F for my temp but the wind is useless in metric.  I've looked all over the configs and can't seem to find where to change the setting.  Thanks

-edit- I figured it out.  I'm dumb.  Thanks for the awesome skin.
MrMisterPanda Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2017
How do I get the 1366 x 768 version? My screen resolution is 1366 x 768 and it won't fit. please help.
FiiZzioN Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2017  Hobbyist Interface Designer
Open the config tool, all resolution options can be found there.
MrMisterPanda Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2017
Tony01000 Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2017
Great skin and great job!

Got some issue with the taskbar. She isn't showing HDD1, UsedHDD1, Divider4, HDD2 and UsedHDD2.
Im searching in the Twenty-FourSystem.ini file and can't find what's wrong. 
Can you help me?

Thank you! 
nenad78 Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2017
great skin!
is it possible to remove C(degree)  from bottom  of CPU bar?
FiiZzioN Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2017  Hobbyist Interface Designer
Go to Wisp's root directory, navigate to the "Cpu" folder, and then open the "Cpu.ini" file. Once in the file, press "Ctrl + F" to open the search box and search for "Postfix". That should take you to the line that adds the degree indicator. All you have to do is remove that line and the "C" will be gone.

If you need any more help, just send another message!
nenad78 Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2017
perfect, thanx :)
Sibiq Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Hi! I love your art, could you please tell me, how to set your location in weather widget? :D
FiiZzioN Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2017  Hobbyist Interface Designer
Use the config tool that comes with the download. You open like you would any other skin. Once you open it and get to the correct tab, it should give you enough info to enable you to change it.
Sibiq Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thanks a lot! :D I have one more question. Do I need to enter my user data to the Email widget? You should know, that some people are afraid of it too :/
FiiZzioN Featured By Owner Nov 1, 2017  Hobbyist Interface Designer
It works like any other rainmeter skin that uses Gmail. When you enter in the username and password, it get's saved into the skins config file. When the skin goes to update the email bar, it contacts Gmail, gives it the username and password that's in the config file, and, if your info is correct, get's how many emails there are in your account.

If there isn't any info there, the bar stays empty. If it has your account info, then it requests the amount of emails that are in your inbox. Nothing more, nothing less.
do0kei Featured By Owner Oct 3, 2017
is there a way i can change the standard grey wooden background to my own? 
FiiZzioN Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2017  Hobbyist Interface Designer
Unfortunately, no. Though, if someone wants to do something like, I'd be more than happy to include it in the download; they'd also be properly credited.
EyeMakeBeatZz Featured By Owner Sep 27, 2017
is it possible to change the weather to Celcius?
FiiZzioN Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2017  Hobbyist Interface Designer
Yes, all you have to do is change the option in the "Weather" tab in the config.
Zannypants Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2017
Is it possible to remove the colored dot on the bottom right of the weather?
FiiZzioN Featured By Owner Edited Aug 21, 2017  Hobbyist Interface Designer

Yes, and in fact, it's super easy! Though, you should be warned you'll lose access to two of the three-day weather forecast you would otherwise be able to cycle through by clicking the dot. Now that that is out of the way, in order to remove the dot, follow these steps:

1: Navigate to Wisp’s root folder, open the “Weather” folder, and then open the file “Weather.ini”

2: Once in the file, press “CTRL + F” and type in “[Button1]”, or alternatively you can navigate to line 126.

3: Anything below line 126, “[Button1]” included, can be removed. Once removed, just save the file and then reload Rainmeter.

Hope this helps!

arod0013 Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2017
Do I need to have CoreTemp running and MSI Afterburner to have it reflect on the bars?  Each time I close the programs they stop. I start them and bam they're working. Any input would be helpful. Awesome none the less! 
FiiZzioN Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2017  Hobbyist Interface Designer
Yes, both programs have to be running so Rainmeter can grab the values from them. Glad you like it!
Flagged as Spam
FiiZzioN Featured By Owner Edited Aug 2, 2017  Hobbyist Interface Designer
It's been that way for more than two years... no one has complained or said anything negative about that file. You can also read the version log and see that it was shuffled around trying to find the cleanest version I could find. This was also featured on Rainmeter's official page when that file was provided for download, and guess what, still no problems. Maybe you should read or look into a bit more before trying to smear me.

So, yeah, I guess in the end I somehow have malicious intentions. /s
RobbieForReal Featured By Owner Jul 30, 2017
Why is the user only limited to two drives? After trying to edit it, it doesn't appear even I can add it manually. I take it there is a limitation with Rainmeter?
FiiZzioN Featured By Owner Jul 30, 2017  Hobbyist Interface Designer
You're limited to two because, at the time, I only had two. There's also the fact that I personally didn't think it looked better with more bars, so I kept it to two. You can easily add more by editing the "HDDs.ini" file and adding more bars, labels, and sources if you know how to. If you want to learn, you can go to rainmeter's website and read the manuals necessary sections. If you need any help, I'd be more than glad to assist you.
ramckellar Featured By Owner Sep 22, 2017
I need a little help. When I edited the .ini (which I've done for several other parts of your skin and others I have active) I am ending up with this for my third drive, I can't figure it out and it's driving me crazy. I have a C:, E:. and an S:. both C and E are reflected fine, S is the one I am having trouble with:
WhiteTheLegend Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2017
Hello sir, I've been using Wisp for about 2 years now and it's great. However, just recently the GPU gauge stop working, it only shows 0C even with afterburner up. Please respond, thanks.
FiiZzioN Featured By Owner Jul 28, 2017  Hobbyist Interface Designer
Did you get a new computer, GPU, or maybe update your drivers / rainmeter? I know it doesn't say much, but mine is still working, so it shouldn't be afterburner.
rjbottger Featured By Owner Edited Jun 4, 2017
added a Flickr screen and just a couple other items so it wasn't to
cluttered. Your design is so clean and compact. I've added the
background to my other monitors and have now started adding other
elements to those screens like RSS feeds etc. Thanks so much for your
great effort in making this skin, Bravo!
I've provided a link to a screenshot of what I added if you care to take a look.
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