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Uncles to the Rescue

By Fihuli
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It's been some time since I've put so much effort into art. The result is rewarding. :D

For the confused souls: I couldn't help myself and I drew the little baby, Irrilia. This perfect little nugget is :iconmyrling:'s OC. She's the daughter of Raph and Mona and I just fell in love with her in the last month.
From what I've heard from Myrling Raph takes care of Irrilia alone at first. I imagine the young dad stressing and working himself out more often than necessary. His brothers don't need to be asked to help -though they do wish they would get asked every now and then instead of jumping to the rescue whenever Raph passes out.

I also added a pink scarf to Irrilia like the one Mona Lisa from the 80's series had, just for the laughs. ;P 

Check out the cute derp. I adore her design -which tells a lot because this is the only TMNT OC I like and approve of...
TMNT - Turtle Salamandrian Hybrid by MyrlingTMNT - Hamato Irrilia (turtle-salamandrian-hybrid) by MyrlingTMNT - Turtle Salamandrian Hybrid (concept Art ) by MyrlingTMNT - Childhood Trauma by Myrling

EDIT: :iconmaddkat94: decided to write a short drabble for this scene :) Check it out!
A Long DayIrrilia’s cries pierced Raphael’s ears and echoed into his head. They seemed to be screaming “Failure…Failure…Failure!” Raphael grimaced. He was failing. He’d spent the whole day on edge, trying desperately to calm the baby down. Only for a few minutes at a time did Irrilia stop her crying to either sleep or play. Maybe she missed her mother? Or maybe Raph was just a terrible parent.
“Hang on, honey.” Raph whispered, carrying his howling daughter to the kitchen. He held her in one hand, her head resting on his shoulder. He opened the fridge with the other, searching for the milk. Baby Salamandrian/mutant turtle hybrids drank milk, right? He swayed on his feet,  his eyes shutting. He gasped as he realized he’d nearly fallen with the baby in his arms. Raph gripped the handle of the fridge and spied the one milk carton. He set it on the table next to Irrilia’s bottle. With no small effort, he one-handedly unscrewed the

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I just love your artwork and this is so wonderful- thank you for your hardwork!

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it's amazing and cute that the uncles are always there to help,raph is so lucky to have good brothers

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(Sigh) A Father's Work is Never Done

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that's true :)

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Poor Raph... he's really running ragged. I'm sure any new parent could easily relate.
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Yup. And i feel it's even harder for him in the begining because he never had the time to learn anything beforehand or to mentally prepare himself
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Раф будет хорошим папой, а братья всегда и вовсё помогут. Теперь они дяди:)
Raph will be a good father, and brothers always and at all will help. Now they are uncle:)
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I understood the first part of the sentence in Russian! Spasibo!! :D
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Ahh I've seen many a new father in the same position, good on the other brothers for helping out :)
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They're a family after all. :)
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you are welcome!
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What's a bro for?
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brothers can be helpful too if they want :)
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They will be great uncles with her😁
It's so cute
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Your TMNT art brings me so much life ;3;
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