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Happy Mutation Day

By Fihuli
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i can't believe i did a comic ahaha i didn't sleep all night so i could finish this -_-
always wanted to draw turtle tots :D ahh it was worth it <3

i know there's already a lot of art on how raph got spike. most of them that he found him in a sewer and resued him. but my theory is that splinter gave spike to him.
i think raphie has trouble expressing his feelings with words cuz he feels like others will judge him. so splinter gave him a pet for their birthday so he'll have someone to talk to UvU
raph's a little upset at first since he wanted a toy but soon finds out his new friend is much better.

also made raph the smallest ;D i don't know why but i have this feel that he was short when they were little but then he suddenly grew and got all buff XD
also gave them a bunch of scarfs and other clothing because splinter doesn't want them sick UvU
and donnie gets legos cuz i think they're perfect for him. idk i just always imagine him playing with legos XD

line art is done traditionally with a black marker.
colored in photoshop

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This is so sweet. I love the idea of this being Spike's origin.

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thank you very much!

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this one's short, but it has so much emotion in it, I can't help but keep readin it over and over again!:love:

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that means a lot! thank you

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Let me tell you this: this drawing means a hell lot to me cuz well i share quite a bit of similar emotions...Raph-ish...

so thanks to you for doing this!:hug

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aww. I'm also closest to Raph personality-wise.

you're welcome! :clap:

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Sometimes a father simply knows best. Love it~

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true! thank you!

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It would make snice for Spike to be a tortoise. Turtles need to go underwater to sallow their food. but tortoises grow up to be the size of a large dog after a few years. so I have no idea cartoon logic I guess 
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Oml this is adorable ❤️
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Spike  was so adorable  
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I...this is just precious...

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you're never late! thank you! :D
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This is one of the most precious things I have ever seen. This comic is beautiful and Make a my heart happy ❤
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ahh! That's so beautiful thank you :D
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What if the reason splinter got Raph a turtle was to teach him love so that he wouldn't grow up full of rage and he wouldn't betray his brothers like what happened between splinter and shredder 
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I don't think betrayal was on Splinter's mind when the turtles were still little kids. And I personally think Raph would be the last one to betray the clan. He's super loyal although a hothead. But taking care of a pet definitely softens a person's heart :)
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And you did a very good job on it too.
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