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Bittersweet Memories

This is for anyone going through a rough time at the moment. Remember the quote by Marcus Tullius Cicero (106-43BC) "Sweet is the memory of past troubles." Whatever it is that is troubling you, it won't last forever. Maybe you'll laugh about it or maybe you'll just be happy it's over. :)

But this is also a gift for CelandineGranger birthday because I know my present is running late in the post so you get one extra online! You have been telling me to finish this all summer and now I did, just for you. XD Hope this was worth the wait. :) I'll be quick here so I'll just say: Happy birthday, my friend!!!! :heart: And you'll just have to wait a little more for the mail to get the rest.

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Слишком мило

To cute

roseswirl78's avatar
This is so sweet :3
TheComfortable's avatar
Ahhh... I look at these with such passion and love...

and then look at mine and go 'shit, what am I gonna do with my life?' and throw it away and start again with the same passion and love for your works.

and then I look at it...
Squeakertons's avatar
Aww, Leo's face at the end looking at Don. What a sweetie!
Fihuli's avatar
Thank you! <3
ScootaSpark's avatar
Oh my goodness, this is beautiful. Wonderful memories and such an enduring moment. Great work, I love this. ^^
artANDactionLOVER23's avatar
This is beautiful!!! Memories make everything sweet!! Reminiscing is a beautiful way to remember these moments!! I'm gonna LOVE the guys even more when I get a chance to watch the show!! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
Fihuli's avatar
thank you! I'm happy people like this strip so much :)
DarkManSunrise's avatar
Fihuli's avatar
Yuisa909's avatar
OMG, I have looked for this one for three days straight, I could not find it anywhere anymore!!! So glas I found it again, great story!!! :D
Fihuli's avatar
aww man it means a lot to know that people remeber my art and come back to it! :D
Yuisa909's avatar
I sure do love it!!! When I'm down, this is one of the stories to cheer me up :D
Fihuli's avatar
that is super sweet! :D thanks!
foerty231's avatar
Kocham to.
You are the BEST in TMNT! I love your art. 
Fihuli's avatar
ahh dude thank you!
Hvala! ;P
DangerousToBeWith's avatar
Your turtle tots are the most adorable thing I have ever seen! I love seeing how Leo is comforting Donnie instead of lecturing him when he realizes how bad Donnie feels over this. I also love the idea at the end of Donnie fixing what he did and actually managing to develop the pictures without a problem, I imagine while the rest of the family is admiring the pictures and reminiscing, Leo would go up to Donnie and remind him of this moment from their childhoods and say something like "See, you didn't ruin anything. You just had to wait."
Also, little question. Are the neck bandanas to help keep them warm because they have small bodies?
Fihuli's avatar
actually Donnie doesn't develop the film in the last panel because the film was ruined. The roll of film only brought back memories of that moment with Leo and it just shows that any item can be cherishable and that some work even better to remind you of something than pictures. :)
thank you for the nice comment :D

the scarves are mostly there because they look cute in them :P
DangerousToBeWith's avatar
Still, would have been a nice scene, you can't deny that!
Fihuli's avatar
It would. but it wouldn't realistic
DangerousToBeWith's avatar
It's a world about four TALKING HUMANOID BIPEDAL TURTLES.... Realistic was kind of forgotten years ago.
Fihuli's avatar
well this is the base of the story but you still have to have some solid ground and logic or else the whole show would be a huge mess where nothing made sense.
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