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Welcome to Figures-R-Us! We're a group dedicated to the art of figurine photography. And though we are still small, we hope that our members will continue to help us grow. We know there are tons of hobbyists and collectors out there, as well as lot of talented artists. So show us what you got!

  • You don't have to be a collector to join. As long as you have an interest in our group, you're welcome here! [:
  • Please submit your work in the appropriate folder(s).If you think we need to add/make more folders, please send a note to either our Founder or Co-Founders, or leave a comment down below.
  • If a picture is submitted to the wrong folder, chances are we'll accept your picture and move it to the appropriate folder afterwards.
  • Your submissions will be reviewed before getting approved or denied. If we deny your work we will give you a valid reason. It is our goal to be as fair with our members as much as possible.
  • There's no limit on how much pictures you want to submit, but please try to avoid submitting pictures that look identical. Although I say that there's no limit, the above rule still applies.
  • There will be no tolerance for harassing another member. Our group is a friendly community, and we want to keep it that way. Please don't mistake criticism for harassment. If, by chance, you have something against another member, contact us and we'll do our best to resolve the issue!
  • If you think you can handle being a Contributor, send a note to our Founder. If we feel that you can't handle being a Contributor I will let you know before we demote you. DON'T TAKE IT PERSONALLY!

  • Featured: We now allow submissions into the Featured folder! When submitting into the Featured folder, please submit only your BEST work! Quality of the picture will be looked at and if we feel that the picture doesn't meet quality stantards, it WILL be rejected! You can submit 2 pictures a day!
  • Figma: This folder is strictly for photographs of Figma figures only!
  • Revoltech: This folder is strictly for photographs of Revoltech figures only!
  • Mecha: This folder is strictly for mecha related figures only!
  • Nendoroid: This folder is strictly for photographs of Nendoroid figures only!
  • Other Brand Figures: This folder is strictly for photographs of any brand of figure that isn't listed in the above folders!
  • PVC Statues: This folder is strictly for photographs of PVC statues only! (ie; figures with no joints, and are stuck in a fixated pose.)
  • Model Kits: This folder is strictly for model kits (i.e. Gunpla, Kotobukiya, etc). W.I.P. pictures are also allowed.
  • Dolls: This folder is strictly for photographs of dolls only!
  • Vintage Figures: This folder is strictly for photographs of vintage figures only! (Anything made before the 90's)
  • Mixed Group Shots: This folder is strictly for group-shot photographs of figures that are not of the same brand or toy line! (ie; a picture of a nendoroid and a figma together in the same shot.)
  • Mature Content: If a photo or figure is inappropriate, and contains "Mature Content", please submit it here!
  • Bootlegs: We know certain groups don't allow bootlegs but we encourage it. It will give insight to new figure collectors to make sure what ever figure they buy is a legit. For those with the legit figures, DO NOT cut down the people with bootlegs!!
  • Collection: Show us your collection! For non-artistically intended group-shots of your figures and model kits.
  • Figure Comics: Got a comic you want to submit? Submit it here!
  • Figure Blueprints: This folder is for the people who love to draw up Anime/Manga characters that deserve to be made into figure form. Character design, clothing, accessories, anything.
  • Customization: This folder is for figures or model kits that you've designed and personalized yourself! Custom paint jobs are also allowed.
  • S.H. Figuarts: This folder is strictly for S.H. Figuarts figures only!
  • Tutorials and Resources: If you have a tutorial or guide related to figures, it may go here! Photography tips, customization methods, painting guides, etc.
  • Personal Ads: If you're selling a figure, model kit, etc. You may submit both deviations and journal entries to this folder to further advertise it. All transactions are the responsibility of both the Seller and Buyer in question. IMPORTANT: We STRONGLY recommend using eBay or PayPal (or Both) for your transactions, to avoid potential scams, frauds, and risks!

Best regards,

Gallery Folders

Pissed off Megumin by iamkabzz
Clash of the Titans by digihacker87
Battle of the Titans by digihacker87
Blue Icyfire by digihacker87
Samus (Zero Suit) by KrisAnderson97
Fallen Angel by LMLM320
One Shot, One Kill by LMLM320
Link (A Link Between Worlds) by KrisAnderson97
Judy Hugging Nick by KrisAnderson97
Amazing Yamaguchi: Psylocke by gh0st-of-Ronin
Random Pics (15) by KrisAnderson97
Deadpool (Revoltech) 1 by KrisAnderson97
Link and the mushroom by Bellechan
Merlin Nendo by Khallandra
For Honor by LMLM320
Play it Cool by LMLM320
Other Brand Figures
Fluttershy by cdarkwolf
Tempest Shadow by cdarkwolf
Megumin relaxing by cdarkwolf
Wonderful day by KaizerLagann1987
PVC Statues
DeLight by PumpkinFanta
Sailor Mars Banpresto Figure Review by MrProfGenius
FuRyu: Musashi Saber by gh0st-of-Ronin
Not Today by PumpkinFanta
Model Kits
Ayame 1 by ConanRock
Ayame 2 by ConanRock
Holiday chill out by ConanRock
Touhou: Reiuji Utsuho by Daiyoukai-sama
I Done Goofed by Filmaholic
Jager by Filmaholic
Erica by Filmaholic
Disney Cecaelian Princess's by Sakurania
Vintage Figures
Hikarian Toy Collections by MrProfGenius by MrProfGenius
Who says Wreckers don't grow old? by ThePrincessRobotRoom
Taking Down Shredder by jokerjester-campos
Sensei by jokerjester-campos
Mixed Group Shots
Random Pics (53) by KrisAnderson97
3 Links (Picture 9) by KrisAnderson97
The Cool Kids by ThePrincessRobotRoom
Idiots watching scary stuff by KrisAnderson97
Mature Content

Mature Content

Dante Riding  Centauride Masane. by Sakurania
Deku by KrisAnderson97
There can be only one King by digihacker87
Figure Comics
Body Kun Adventures (Hit Them with the Truth) by KrisAnderson97
Figure Blueprints
Borkus by mousedroid-hoojib
Personal Ads
Figuarena - A Collabarative Toy Gallery by GIGAN05
S.H. Figuarts
Broly by KrisAnderson97
A fallen Gundam by cdarkwolf
Play Arts Kai
X-Force Deadpool by Blackwing-John
The battle beneath their feet by ThePrincessRobotRoom
Guardian by ckratosc
Marvel Legends
The End is here by KaizerLagann1987


Goku Ultra Instinct by digihacker87 Goku Ultra Instinct :icondigihacker87:digihacker87 4 1 Pop Team Epic: My Pet Gamera by digihacker87 Pop Team Epic: My Pet Gamera :icondigihacker87:digihacker87 11 2 2019 HERE I COME!!! by digihacker87 2019 HERE I COME!!! :icondigihacker87:digihacker87 33 1 Like a ray of Sunlight by KaizerLagann1987 Like a ray of Sunlight :iconkaizerlagann1987:KaizerLagann1987 40 7 Sword Kirby verus Link by Humdeedum233 Sword Kirby verus Link :iconhumdeedum233:Humdeedum233 23 6 Dubal Dukhtar and Kadraak by Diglou Dubal Dukhtar and Kadraak :icondiglou:Diglou 4 1 Dubal Dukhtar and Kadraak by Diglou Dubal Dukhtar and Kadraak :icondiglou:Diglou 6 3 Dubal Dukhtar and Kadraak by Diglou Dubal Dukhtar and Kadraak :icondiglou:Diglou 5 1 Tiberius Winston by Diglou Tiberius Winston :icondiglou:Diglou 0 0 Tiberius Winston by Diglou Tiberius Winston :icondiglou:Diglou 0 0 Tiberius Winston by Diglou Tiberius Winston :icondiglou:Diglou 2 1 Custom Tatoo by Diglou Custom Tatoo :icondiglou:Diglou 0 0 Custom Tatoo by Diglou Custom Tatoo :icondiglou:Diglou 1 0 Rozen Maiden - Shinku (GoodSmile) by xX-Bunny-Shmexi-Xx Rozen Maiden - Shinku (GoodSmile) :iconxx-bunny-shmexi-xx:xX-Bunny-Shmexi-Xx 5 0 Custom Obitsu Super Sailor Mars and Mercury by djvanisher Custom Obitsu Super Sailor Mars and Mercury :icondjvanisher:djvanisher 44 16 Bruticus Strip by Jin-Saotome Bruticus Strip :iconjin-saotome:Jin-Saotome 216 16
Salutations fellow collectors! I know the journal department has been pretty silent, but I will try and spruce it up a bit here and there just so we can have some possible wonderful conversations. First, on my own shameless need to share, I have some post-2018 stuff I want to share!

Collage of 2018 by gh0st-of-Ronin

My List for 2018

2018 was a wonderful year for me as a collector and I feel as if 2019 will bring just as much. I am afraid that I will run out of room here pretty soon! lol Speaking of, THESE ARE MY POST HOLIDAY HAULS. Some I got for Christmas, some I got a few days before, and some I got AFTER the day of Christmas. I will be reviewing them pretty soon here. 

I also want to share NEWS from another fellow collector about Marvel Legends within the horizon. Those of you who are into Hasbro's mainstream action figures would probably be interested in Rektangular's lovely info. At any rate, that's it for me right now! 

Happy Collecting! 
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