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For any artists who enjoy figure or life drawing or painting.
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Feb 10, 2010


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Art Creation

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Submission Guidelines

I want to welcome both new and old members to the group :) As we have had an influx of newer members I've found it necessary to lay out what the group entails, membership, submissions etc....

Everyone is welcome to submit, please make sure you submit to the correct folder for your art type. I have limited the submissions to 3 per person per week.
Please only enter art that is made by yourself. I think its only fair we leave the credits to the artist themselves.

Please keep in mind that when submitting we are pretty lenient on the content of the drawings as long as they are figure related. As we are working with mostly nudes, please make sure they are not offensive, and within Deviantart's stated guidelines to not be misinterpreted as pornographic. What we will not be lenient on is presentation of the images. Please make sure you submit a visible, clear scan or photograph of your work.No workspace or other things like art material visible. Crop your art in a way only the art is visible If your piece is declined for submission, we will try to leave you some positive criticism on what you could improve. We will not be accepting as many pieces as we have done in the past to limit the lower quality works from the galleries. Please understand this doesn't mean if your skill level is not high you are not accepted, but please make sure to present your work to the best of your ability.

* This is a group for traditional figure drawing. Portraits are ok. What is not OK is non-humans, animals, anime, cartoons, landscapes, your aspiring comic book characters, still lifes and the like. Those are great for other groups and in art classes etc. but it's not what this group is about...

*If you join, you will automatically be added as a "member" This allows you the ability to submit work immediately.

* Please critique! If you like someone's pieces, let them know, and if you think that they need to focus on something, say so, but find a constructive way to say it. This group has members that are learning the basics...all the way up to some amazing professionals... ask questions, leave comments :) We are all here to focus on drawing/painting/modeling or otherwise artistically using the human body in some form or fashion..go make some art and submit it :)
( I also sent this as a note to all members of the group 4/17, so feel free to reply to my note directly or you can comment below!)

Hi all in FigureDrawingDeviants,

I know we seem to run into this issue every few months, but we have 4-5 admins who try to regularly login and review all of the submissions we get, however, it seems that we need more because we have had quite a few submissions expire without being looked at. Unfortunately this means if you are submitting your works to the group sometimes they don't ever make it to the gallery, and I hate to waste your time and would like to make sure everyone in the group is seeing your new stuff!!

I'll pose two choices to the group, if you like being a member here and want to continue submitting your artwork, I need YOUR feedback ASAP in the comments or by replying in the comments!!  I can:

A) Keep the group as is, but in order to do that I need volunteers for more admins. Preferably 5-10 additional people to spend maybe 15 minutes every couple of days voting on new submissions, writing comments, etc.. I promise it's nothing complicated. This alllows the other admins to take an occasional break, go on vacation, get sick for a week without having to worry about logging in constantly.

B) Turn this group into a public group, and remove all of the voting requirements for submissions. The drawback is that anything and everything submitted would just get automatically approved and well, I doubt the galleries would be the same quality. We get TONS of submissions of animal drawings and cartoons and all sorts of things that don't really belong in this group on a weekly basis. Not sure there would be anyone who would want to manage keeping the folders organized or not if we decided to do this.

I'm open to other suggestions. To be honest, I've just been busy with life, being a mom, and running my art + design business. I don't log into dA often anymore. I've loved growing this group and seeing all of your amazing creations over the years, but I think that it has been increasing more difficult to find people who have time and are willing to admin. Ideally I'd like to let the group grow with the structure as is, but I cannot devote as much time to it. If you have time and are on dA frequently anyways and want to admin, let mw know, thanks!

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Gallery Folders


Mature Content

3 Hour Sketch by GaryPahls

Mature Content

Mirror twin by Strooitje

Mature Content

Just a moment by gidho
Sounds of Silence [CE] by FrerinHagsolb
Graphite and Colored Pencil 2
Arlequina by costage
San Girolamo by scifo

Mature Content

FEMALE NUDE AKT GIRL #3588 by umciaumcia1
December - Beautiful Dream by Dreanpinup
Graphite - FOLDER FULL- submit to Graphite 2
Tribute to Al Rio by stevie-wydder
Roberto pose by scifo
Julieta pencil portrait by scifo
Tribute to Bernard Charoy by stevie-wydder
Markers, Pen, and Ink

Mature Content

Brown meadows by Strooitje

Mature Content

BB by Strooitje

Mature Content

RH by Strooitje
Surprised by Dreanpinup
Pastels, Crayon, and Chalk
Athena Faris by loic-drawing
instagram - Anna Karina by Screux
happy together by dorothyPa04
Shane MacGowan by WilliamFeuer
Charcoal and Conte

Mature Content

Nude Sketch by Art-deWhill

Mature Content

3 Hour Sketch by GaryPahls

Mature Content

Charcoal value study by Biohazard40k

Mature Content

16/11/19 Nude Live Drawing 2 by SpookyBoiArt

Mature Content

bobsauvage by steph-paint
The Song of Ecstasy by JohannesParaomnia
The Beggar Queen by JohannesParaomnia
Self-Doubt by ArdenEllenNixon
Digital Art
Christmas fae [OC] by Kristell54
Anastasia by g017

Mature Content

Marianna by frozenvepar
Ablaze by g017
Mixed Media,Printmaking, 3D, etc.
Arthur Fleck (Joker) by Oscarliima
Desenho do Pennywise by Oscarliima
It parte 1 by Oscarliima
Wonder woman by auroraustralis80
Tutorials and References
Handstudy by Strooitje
No Hands Poses by AzizlaSwiftwind
Self Practice - Hands 04 by AzizlaSwiftwind
POSE DYNAMICS by Christopher-Hart
Needs Critique
Why We Ladies think We are too fat 4: The Sun Top by chris5565
Photo Resources

Mature Content

Morning Light 2 by chris5565

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Hello, are other styles allowed in your gallery or only realism?
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Sorry for the late reply.
* This is a group for traditional figure drawing. Portraits are ok. What is not OK is non-humans, animals, anime, cartoons, landscapes, your aspiring comic book characters, still lifes and the like. Those are great for other groups and in art classes etc. but it's not what this group is about...
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Sorry for the zombie reply like 4 months later. You are welcome to submit pose reference photos to our "Photo Resources" folder. I know our members would appreciate professional model photographs when they don't have access to a live model. Thank you!
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