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Thanks a lot for accepting me!!!
I have decided I should begin to take photos of my whole toy collection. It consists of a lot pf differing lines. My main concentration in toy collecting has always been GI Joe and Star Wars 3.75 Inch toy lines. Those two lines comprise the bulk of my collection. However, If i like a figure from another line and think it looks cool enough, I will pick that up, too. Other lines I have pulled figures from include: Sailor Moon (Other random anime characters as well), Planet of The Apes, Star Trek, Transformers, X-Men, Superman, One or two figures from The Muppets Line (Animal is my fave from there), Creature Replica Cyrptids (Including The Yeti, the Horrorhound, the Rougaroux and the Sasquatch) and have random beat up toys from my childhood as well.

I am going to build a.”Beauties and Beasts” Display in which I will display the Sailor Moon Figures, Planet Of the Apes figures, and maybe the Cryptids Figures on the same shelf. That might make for an interesting photo series.

Figures So far from the Sailor Moon Figuarts Series I have in Hand: Sailor Moon, Sailor Mars, Sailor Saturn, Sailor Mercury and Sailor Venus. Sailor Pluto is on the way from Big Bad Toystore. That is 6/8 Sailor figs till completion. Jupiter and Uranus are under consideration for purchase once all the other Moon and POTA figs I ordered come in.
Hey everyone! I'd like to introduce myself. I'm known as the Unorthodox Otaku Guy on many platforms. My Figure Photography art style consists of Figmas, Figuarts, Revoltech, Nendoroids, NECAS, Prize Figures, Scale figures, and occasionally the oddball figure that I think might be appealing. Whenever I get time I want to continue to submit some art here and hopefully make more people smile.

-Stay Unorthodox
If I join, can I submit sonic figure pictures?
yes, as long as they are sonic figures. Just make sure you put them in the right category.