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What's the Worst She Could Do?

By FigN01
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This is literally the only explanation I can think of for why the apples were nowhere to be found while Pinkie single-handedly wiped out the farm more thoroughly than a plague of parasprites.

So with the finale done and no new canon to work from, I'll be making more not-MLP work during the mid-season doldrums, starting with a short 12-page comic. Don't be scared. It may not have nearly as much friendship or butt tattoos, but it should still be a good read. Promise.

(And pony will not completely be taken off the menu.)
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BBBHueyHobbyist General Artist
pinkie pie mlp (ahh...) plz "Darn it Rarity!!!"
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VtoonyStudent Writer
... I know Pinkie Pie messed up the farm in that episode, but let's not forget that she grew up on a rock farm. My theory is that on a rock farm they remove or grind the rocks and sediment to make the soil more fertile and usable, as well as mine the valuable rocks. Secondly, how does one earth pony mess up an entire farm in one day?
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Its Pinkie Pie dont question it
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VtoonyStudent Writer
*It's* and *don't*.
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bestpony666Hobbyist Writer
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that was fast!
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Tyraka628Hobbyist General Artist
You'd think Pinkie would actually be able to run a farm; after all, she did grow up on one.
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Bad idea-people that don’t know how to work bad luck?
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Rocks armoot more easier to take care of then living things.
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MacyEdwardHobbyist General Artist
Couldn't they just sell the weeds, so ponies could use it for herbs. That is a way better business then apples if you ask me.
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soooooo.... an earth pony destroy the earth.. irony at its finest
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tank2259Student Traditional Artist
XD Meow :3 
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TheJayster49Hobbyist Digital Artist
Granny Smith is asleep, right?
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n- I mean, Yes!
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KyoKyosanHobbyist General Artist
lol poor granny smith....
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Arrowfrogtmt2Hobbyist Photographer
Some ponies have a green hoof. Pinkie Pie obviously has the black one. LOL
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CrelyousStudent General Artist
The earth perished.
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Legoquest29Hobbyist Photographer
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pony will not completely be taken off the menu?  Gee, I wonder what you mean by that?  Hmmm....

*imagination dissolve*

Pinkie Pie: "I-i'm really sorry I destroyed all your crops, but you don't really have to go through with this!  I'll make it up to you somehow!"*camera zooms out, reveals Pinkie is tied up in a giant Cauldron while the Apples build a fire under her*  "Please?"
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RelativelyExtremeHobbyist General Artist
But she has so much experience farming rocks! Those are almost the same as apples... Right?
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Big Mac's reaction is so natural:XD:
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