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Now that I have your attention, I'd also like to introduce you to my very own (shared) website- [link], which you'll see in my signatures too. Yay! Once this season of ponies is done, I'm going to be using that domain to host a webcomic of my own making, DeviantArt being a bit less than ideal for customizing a series.

So go there, look at my stuff, look at my friends' stuff. It's still under development! Don't be too harsh on it...
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nice bubbles
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That's two out of two things I've seen from you that I've had to fave.

I have a policy where I won't fave more that a handful of works by any one artist I do this so I won't end up with 2000 pages of faves which kinda defeats the purpose of having faves.

If I find too many jaw-dropping pieces from you, my lawyer will be contacting you regarding your blatant disregard for my 'faves system'.
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Sorry. I'll stop making stuff then.
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Victory is mine!



But seriously, you are freakin' talented.
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HA! oh this is a great picture! the look of wonderment on derpys face is just awesome :)
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Thanks. I love trying to make expressive faces, and it's always nice to see that people appreciate the result.
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"What is this sorcery...?"
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Bubbles bubbles! :D
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Beautiful, simply beautiful!!
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So much cuteness :iconawwwplz:
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Derpy's expression is priceless! Love it!
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Beautiful picture. :)
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Thanks. I still stare at it a lot. Maybe too much- I mean, when you look at the dipstick and then at the bubbles in your peripherals, does it seem to anyone else like the bubbles get almost 3-D?

Yeah, I spend too much time looking at my stuff.
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Hmm - they sort of do, actually, yes!
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