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Survivor 2

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woh this is awesome
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i really dig this.
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Destiny refernce?
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if you'd be interested in doing a metal album art cover - im looking for the skills you got. message me :)
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I love the design-- how it's ragged and neat at the same time. The shawl/jacket/cape that's in striped yellow and black is just a great touch!
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You sir, are my favourite artist from now on.
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Awesome gallery. Very....1970's Heavy Metal magazine, Art Suydam,Moebius etc.super ultra cool. Thanks.
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Great stuff mate!
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That looks really awesome.
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Oh one more thing ever consider being an video game artist or video game director of some sort?, not to be bothersome but you should go to  bungle,"just saying":)
Geko-Photograffy's avatar
He is a concept artist , for ubisoft .
1Coldtru's avatar
Thank you so much.....I kinda like an asshole....I should say sorry,because bungle and ubisoft are competitors, right?:(
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Please can this be my wallpaper!!!!!!!
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That cloak is so fucking awesome!!!!!
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looks pretty cozy in there.
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Awesome, so who drew this?
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I love the gas-mask and the technical-bobble on the right (no idea what it is, but still cool.) The yellow "traffic flag/blanket which is now a cloak" adds some nice color, and shows some great detail (the stitching, the taped right shoulder, the ratty lived-in look, etc.)
In short, this is friggin' amazing, if you didn't already know by looking at it.
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deam nice art work 
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