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Substrata Merchants 2

By fightpunch
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© 2013 - 2021 fightpunch
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you have any brushes to share?
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They remind me of crab spiders or those Christmas island crabs.  multi legged but charming.
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unreal, awesome arts!
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Really nice work man I could see something like this hung up on my wall just epic work man!
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These guys are epic, love the middle one!
lateralus-opiate's avatar
A lot of people can draw well. Not many have as cool ideas as you.
At least for my interests. Keep it up!
This Substrata thing you have going... I love it. Its well-designed and drawn, and there is a convincing story just out of reach. Is it for anything, or just a personal project?
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I can see them in a game. I wanna play it!
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Holy cow AMAZING! I would love to see these guys in a movie or game!
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Fightpunch... you're a damn genius.
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These are amazing. Love the middle and let chars the most. Great stuff!
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oh,god!! wonderful!!!!
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This is crazy, I love it !!!
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I know it's from you way before I even click on the image. You've got this bombastic style that's really, really identifiable. You're too awesome.
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I know, I always see his stuff on front page and can just instantly identify it.
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Really cool. REALLY COOL!!!
*Right click - save image - fap folder*
Make more.
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So sick man. Love the direction you're doing with this.
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