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Okey I my follow you!!!
Your so awesome XD
<3 <3 <3
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Beautiful concept! :heart:
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Sorry i already started 3d modeling without your permission. Is that ok?
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I absolutely love the idea and the design! 
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Have you watched the movie ExistenZ?
Almost in the end, they show a gun made ​​of bones, reminded her of that very design
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Makes me think of the Gun-herders from China Maivils Kracken.
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It's almost looks like its a squid attached to a metal gun barrel. I wonder what it shoots.
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That has to be the most unique gun concept I have ever seen. It is so organic and spiffy looking! The tentacles are a excellent addition.
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It reminds me of the pistols in zeno clash, great work!
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Very cool. Love it!
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Seems like something you'd see in a video.... Like if there's a Pirates of the Caribbean game, I'd imagine this being a prize for defeating Davyy Jones. haha, good stuff.
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Uberwicked steam!!! <3
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I thought it was a dragon gun until I saw the title
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Magnificient !
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That looks . . . Lethal. awesome design! If this is for a game, where do I find this game?
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Unique and interesting.
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Its unreal, creepy, and amazing.
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