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So cool!
Our Beat Takeshi(゚∀゚)!!
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Great ... so cool =)
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the guy from takhesi castle now baddass!!
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WOW! Did you use Takeshi "Beat" Kitano for this? Really looks like him from Zattoicchi...

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Fantastic work and fantastic idea...Fav ;)
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Nice work ! I love the concept
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This looks like the guy from Battle Royale... Is it?
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Make love to me, please.
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wow amazing work. sickk
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Oh man, Cyborg-Blind-Swordsman!!! So cool!!!
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looks like new version of bad guy from old transformers
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I adore this piece. I want a print of it immediately. Takeshi Kitano is my favorite Japanese actor/director. I'd love to see him do a role like this. I also love that you took his bad eye and made something of it. 
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is that takeshis face?looks awesome btw ;)
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sry i forget to read first :Dstill looks awesome
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ahhh sheeeeeetttt! Dat some crazy stuff man! 
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I'd go for "Fucking awesome". And God knows i don't swear often.
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SICK man! Love it!
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i c wut u did thar
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Oooh that's the boss Kitano
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