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Cyborg Development 3

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The style. The originality. The skill. The fightpunch
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Yes, yes, yes... everythign about this, yes. A lot of stuff I do is like this... but not as good haha
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This reminds me a bit off the french scifi comic Sillage aka Wake in English

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These are awesome!! Cool details on each one!
I like aspects of all three. i think the middle one is my overall favorite
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im just wandering how long does this kind of stuff take you? 

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My favourite kind of art.
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I wonder if these cyborgs have a dentist in Crown Point IN. Are their teeth prosthetic?
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Very cool designs. I especially like the leftmost. Any particular source of inspiration for these?
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awwhh, yes! Those are magnificent. :D
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Is this done entirely digital?
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So sick! Im a fan! :D
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You are a god among sucky art. All hail Fightpunch, the king of badassness.
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Praise the FightPunch! Hail, Hail! *On knees, bowing repeatedly*
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Your work inspires me.
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awesome style :)

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