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Damn I thought it was Yolandi

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This is like perfect inspiration for a story I'm writing, it is so exceptional and well drawn, everything runs seamlessly together. It looks so lifelike it's scary! 
xXJesterKillerXx's avatar
Based on Yolandi Visser? Love it!
Calypsoeclipse's avatar
Did you use Yolandi Visser from Die Antwoord as a reference? 
Krashface's avatar
so I'm not the only one.
morbitz18's avatar
looks like tbh, i opened this just cuz of her XD
thamuzicaddict's avatar
I was looking for something that felt like a female Brainiac. Thanks.
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This is a fantastic character!
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amazing !yolandi visser its so cool ! 
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Pleasure to watch! 
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You like Die Antwoord, no? cheekyprawn
electrolizei0's avatar
seen the movie :) no regrets :) it was worthy :D
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So I'm looking at this after Chappie has come out, is this a design for robot Yolandi from the scene at the end?
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I drew a tribute to your incredible work with a biro study of this piece:…
why wont you credit Yolandi Visser  ? you can type in google  "Yolandi Visser"
Oh my, she's so sexy ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
the best cyborg bae ever
katermit's avatar
wow, she would make a bitchin' cyborg
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looks alot like yolandi from die antwoord.. i like it!
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I used this great work for inspiration:…
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