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Status: Special Requests Only

(Currently focusing on personal projects and job, might only accept commissions from friends of friends)
Last Updated: July 17th, 2023

Hi there! I'm a student artist wishing to earn some side money while honing my skills, be it traditional, digital, or handmade crafts! 

damphyr What I can draw:

  • Robots (specifically Spiral Knights style)
  • Animals
  • Dragons
  • Humans (manga style)

damphyr What I will NOT draw:

  • Nudes or any sex-related content

damphyr Procedure

  1. Message me along with the form filled out (see below for the form).
  2. I'll draw up a sketch along with an estimate of what the final picture would cost.
  3. Once you agree to the sketch, send the full payment up front OR send half the payment then send the rest after I've finished the picture.
  4. I'll get to work on the picture and keep you posted on an approximate date of how long it'll take for me to finish the picture. Timing may vary when family and school business arises. 


  1. Which category do you pick for your art?
  2. What character(s) do you want drawn? Be as SPECIFIC as you can. (Reference pictures are much appreciated!)
  3. What kind of background would you like (if included in the style)?
  4. How would you like it drawn? (ie. What is your character doing) If you don't have any preference and you want to leave it up to me to come up with the scenario, leave this blank. 
  5. Any questions and/or concerns? (optional)


damphyr Rough Sketch - starts at $35

Image0-29 by FightingPolygon

  • 1 character (+$7 for additional characters)
  • Background/Scene
  • Full Body (approx 2000x1500 px)

damphyr Profile Pictures - $45

Spiral Knights - Matejboy by FightingPolygon
  • Shaded character
  • Simple background/Scene
  • Headshots (Dimensions 1500x1500 px)

damphyr Emotes - $15-25

(1)I'm Lichen what you're Thinking by FightingPolygon(2) Hurkat WHY by FightingPolygon(3) Pepperkat  by FightingPolygon(4) PolyComfy by FightingPolygon
(1. Thinking Lichens, 2. Screaming Hurkat, 3. Blazing Pepperkat, 4. Cozy Knight)
    • Cel-shaded or smooth shaded characters
      • $7 for simple cel-shaded characters (eg. figure 2, 3, and 4) (Dimensions 500x500 px)
      • $13 for detailed and smooth shaded characters (eg. figure 1) (Dimensions 1000x1000 px)
    • Bundle of emotes with varying colours (+$1 for additional emote) (refer to figure 2 and 3)
    • No background/Scene
    • Headshots

    damphyr Simple Fullbody Portraits - starts at $50

    Director's Chair (small) by FightingPolygon

    • Cel-shaded character (+$10 for additional characters)
    • Single colour background or no background/Scene 
    • Fullbody
    • Portrait style (approx 1800x2400 px)
    • +$5 for each element (eg. flowers in foreground, a pet, weapons, etc)

    damphyr Detailed Fullbody Portraits - starts at $85

    Spiral Knights - Kurfust by FightingPolygonOne Fateful Day by FightingPolygonSmoke and Ash by FightingPolygonNoxious Prophet by FightingPolygon

    • Shaded character (+$15 for additional characters)
    • Detailed background/Scene 
    • Fullbody
    • Portrait style (approx 1800x2400 px)
    • +$5 for each element (eg. flowers in foreground, a pet, weapons, etc)

    damphyr The Works - starts at $250

    Tortodrone Fury by FightingPolygonNight Breeze by FightingPolygon

    Dark City by FightingPolygonSoarar by FightingPolygon

    • Highly detailed character (+$20 for additional characters)
    • Intense background/Scene
    • Fullbody
    • Landscape style (approx 2500x2000 px)  
    • Can include up to 5+ effects (eg. fog, holographic monster, rays of light, etc)

    damphyr Payment 

    1. Paypal is most preferable! Send the payment to my email at
    2. I accept crowns/CE in Spiral Knights. The exchange rate from dollars to CE is 500CE per dollar. Converting dollars to crowns will be adjusted according to the most updated energy market exchange rate. 
      1. There will be a limit on how crowns/CE you can use for payment:
        1. Complex Fullbody Pictures: A total of 15kCE = $30 can be used to pay for part of the cost.
        2. The Works: A total of 25kCE = $50 can be used to pay for part of the cost. 
    3. I will not be doing Points point payments or Steam item trades (need to save up money to pay off loans).

    Star! Special Star!

    What better way to treasure your memories from Spiral Knights than a cardboard doll of your own knight?
    • Base price comes at $50. (not including shipping fees)
    • $4-5 per accessories
    • $10 per weapons and/or shields
    If you're interested in a doll, message me all the details regarding your knight and the accessories you want included.
    Once your knight has been completed and I have posted a picture of it on Deviantart, you can then send the payment so I can send your knight over by mail. 
    Solotron+Polygon by FightingPolygon

    damphyr Contact Info

    • Message me at
    • Send me a mail through Deviantart deviantART I am a dummy! 
    • My steam name is most often Fighting Polygon
    • My in-game name in Spiral Knights is Fighting-Polygon
    • Contact me on Discord (color) Icon ultramini Discord @ drawingpolygon

    damphyr Current Commission List…

    damphyr Other Stuff

    1. N/A

    damphyr Waiting List (N/A)

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