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FightingPolygon's Profile Picture

Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
Sometimes all it takes is a small hero.
:iconpolygonsipscoffeeplz: :iconzenkora:

Things to do:
-King of Ashes, March of the Colossi
-Deviantart Meme [DONE]
-Commissions [basically done]
-FR Adoptables/Art Sale [DONE]
-Zenkora Melty Baby
-SK Guardian Series

Shelved items:
-SK Webcomic
-Kaiser thing

Status: CLOSED 

Hi there! I'm a student artist wishing to earn some side money while honing my skills, be it traditional, digital, or handmade crafts! 

damphyr What I can draw:

  • Robots (specifically Spiral Knights style)
  • Animals
  • Dragons

damphyr What I will NOT draw:

  • Nudes or any sex-related content
  • Humans (I'm currently not confident enough to charge money to draw humans, but I'm working on it! Thank you for you patience.)

damphyr Procedure

  1. Message me along with the form filled out (see below for the form).
  2. I'll draw up a sketch (free of charge) along with an estimate of what the final picture would cost.
  3. Once you agree to the sketch, send the full payment up front OR send half the payment then send the rest after I've finished the picture.
  4. I'll get to work on the picture and keep you posted on an approximate date of how long it'll take for me to finish the picture. Timing may vary when family and school business arises. 


  1. Traditional or Digital?
  2. What character(s) do you want drawn? Be as SPECIFIC as you can. (Reference pictures are much appreciated!)
  3. Headshot, waist-up, or full-body? 
  4. What kind of background would you like?
  5. Any questions and/or concerns? (optional)

damphyr Pricing (USD) (Under Maintenance)

This is liable to change depending on the difficulty of the picture. This is to give you an approximation of the price.
  • -$ per headshot(s)
  • -$ per waist-up character(s)
  • -$ per full-body character(s)
  • -$ per additional detailed accessories (eg. swords, guns, enemies, etc.)
  • -$ for detailed background. Simple single-coloured backgrounds are free.
  • Sketches are free.

damphyr Payment (For every 5 commissioned pictures, you get a 25% discount for any future picture you choose)

  1. Paypal is most preferable! Send the payment to my email at
  2. I still accept crowns/CE in Spiral Knights. The exchange rate from dollars to CE is 400CE per dollar. Converting dollars to crowns will be adjusted according to the most updated energy market exchange rate. 
  3. I can accept Points points as well.

Star! Special Star!

What better way to treasure your memories from Spiral Knights than a figurine of your own knight?
  • Base price comes at 15$. (not including shipping fees)
  • 2-3$ per accessories
  • 5$ per weapons and/or shields
If you're interested in a figurine, message me all the details regarding your knight and the accessories you want included.
Once your knight has been completed and I have posted a picture of it on Deviantart, you can then send the payment so I can send your knight over by mail. 
Solotron+Polygon by FightingPolygon

damphyr Contact Info

  • Message me at
  • Send me a mail through Deviantart deviantART I am a dummy! 
  • My steam name is most often Fighting Polygon
  • My in-game name in Spiral Knights is Fighting-Polygon


Morgaerod by ZenkoraPurge the Shadows by FightingPolygonSummer Picnic by FightingPolygon
Day 22 - Favourite Mega Evolution by FightingPolygonSnow Charm by FightingPolygonKaiser Icon by FightingPolygon

damphyr Current Commission List

  1. Sewwy - Black kat sets
  2. Public Pansy - GW2 PAID
  3. Killer-Itachi - Alpha Frostifur Bomb Wolver Den (?) (Citrine Rose Set+Obsidian Blade+Crest of summers w/ simple bg)

damphyr Other Stuff

  1. Public Pansy - Big Project
  2. Amaki - Omaki collab with Lizzi (waiting on Lizzi now)

damphyr Waiting List

  1. Zenphyre - dat storage
  2. Eyeinsky - SK figurines (email


Even though my commission stand's been rotting and collecting dust for more than I can remember since I keep taking forever to finish my to-do list, I agreed to give the winner of this contest a commission. So it'd basically be like a fullbody character and a simple background. Feel free to enter, since it's up for grabs ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


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Cool gallery btw. Uppies 
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