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Hellow FDP DA watchers - Lazlo here - Just updating the official DA with a fun little event we're running in the lead up to Sakuracon. The group cosplay this year is going to be awesome, but the character I'll be doing requires a certain lack of hair and thus I thought I'd turn the removal of my hair into a small fundraiser for the charity "child's play". Here's how it's going to work...

I've asked every member of FDP to submit a design of what they would shave into my head if given the chance. Whoever gets the most votes will do so in a video we will make the weekend before the convention. Here are each group member's ideas...

:icontwinfools: has chosen "A likeness of himself" and will attempt to shave it into my head if he wins.

:iconvandorwolf: has chosen an arrow similar to Aang's from Avatar: The last airbender

:iconvaldrein: has chosen The Batman Symbol

:iconkenshiro-fdp: has chosen A " ! " mark as seen above guard's heads when they are alerted to snake's presence in the Metal Gear Solid series

:iconkolibri-chan: has chosen a road - like Mr. T but with a dotted line.

:iconmavichaos: has chosen a checkered spike design

:iconjj-dreamworldz: has chosen a double mohawk... perhaps like a double rainbow?

To vote, reply to this news article with who you want to vote for. If you're feeling very generous, a donation to childsplay can be made and for each dollar donated you will get 2 votes. a $5 donation would get 10 bonus votes, a $100 donation would get 200 etc. Since there is lots of fundraising going on for Japan and other charities at the moment I decided to make it a bonus not a requirement for the contest. Below are some FAQ's

How can you donate?
Visit and use their paypal link, or text GAMERS to 50555 to donate $5. If you donate via text message, just take a picture of the text message or screencapture if you're on iphone.

Why Child's Play?
I chose child's play because I when I was younger I had to spend a week in hospital and it was veeeery boring. Thankfully the vancouver children's hospital had videos and games available so I could pass the time faster. My week in hospital would have really been bad without them and I think it's important that kids who need to be in hospital have something to entertain themselves with.

I love them all can i vote for everyone?
While that's really awesome you do need to vote for ONE entry and not all of them. Multiple votes won't be counted.  

How and Where do I upload a proof of donation picture?
Use printscreen / snipping tool / a camera to get the image somehow. If you need somewhere to upload it, use - it's free and easy to put something up there. Then add the link to your reply.

I'd like to donate but I don't have a credit card
You don't need a credit card to donate. Just text GAMERS to 50555 to donate $5 with your cell phone.

Section for results

Votes as of 10:53pm Pacific time on April 14th.

1st Place: Nova (Aang's Arrow) - 86 Votes
2nd Place: Valdrein (Batman) - 41 Votes
3rd Place: Twinfools (Twin's Face) - 20 votes
4th Place: Kenshiro (! from MGS) - 11 Votes
5th Place: JJ-Dreamworldz (Double Mohawk) - 6 votes
Tied for 6th place: Kolibri and Mavi - 1 Vote

Total Raised: $42

Thank you to the following donators
Members of Lazlo's Family


The contest starts now, and will be open until the weekend before sakuracon - that's April 17th. That's 2 and a half weeks to get your votes in. Go go go!


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you guys are funny
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I love your work!! Your videos are so funny! You guys got me started in cosplay ~ I needed to thank you! :D
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