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BHBL Ch54: Sneaky Snake SurprisesA/N: I do not own the Naruto Franchise!I do however own Mari Kaede and any other OCs mentioned.Warnings: Contains dark themes, such as depression, murder, experimentation, emotional, mental and physical torture, possible attempted suicide and mentions of sexual activities!At this point, I also want to point out that the relationship between these two characters is actually toxic if you are in a similar situation please seek help, it is not healthy and it won't end the same way this story will end.I do not condone these kinds of relationships, despite writing this story.Since you guys were so supportive during the author's note period, I was inspired to write another chapter of BHBL before I write my other stories again!I hope you enjoy this little bit of peace in Otogakure.She could not stand it anymore.In the depths of Otogakure's underground base, Kaede stormed down the many winding corridors of the hidden location, glaring at anyone who passed her as she gripped her precious Icha-Icha book in her hand. She looked ready to murder, and several of the other Jounin, Chuunin and Genin who she worked with averted their gaze should their eyes meet, whatever was bothering her, they did not want any part of it.And it was understandable, she was the Firecracker of Otogakure, after all. One wrong word and they would be burned to a crisp.The very angry redhead turned a corner and stomped up to Orochimaru's office, only to falter when she burst through the door and realized the room was empty. After a second of processing the strange quiet, she cursed and spun around, not bothering to close the door as she continued on the warpath towards Kabuto's lab.If he was not in there, she would check his room, then the training hall. As far as she knew, Sasuke was not being trained that day, since she had passed him earlier when he was getting breakfast in the kitchen. If she remembered correctly, he was complaining about his outfit being in shambles, and that he could not train until Orochimaru got him something decent to wear.She understood that, of course, since the Sannin had to get her specially made clothing to ensure her flames caused as little damage as possible.The Ninjutsu expert stopped at the door to the lab and swung it open without any hesitation. Again, she faltered in the doorway, but not because the room was empty. Orochimaru and Kabuto stood in the center of the large space around a medical bed, where a man was strapped down, crying as they prepared to cut into him and inspect his Chakra system thoroughly. She immediately saw flashes of her own conscious experiments, and the memories froze her in shock as she watched Kabuto carefully slice into the man's chest using his Chakra scalpel as his poor victim screamed bloody murder."Is there something you need, Kaede-chan?" Orochimaru asked, smirking when she snapped out of her obvious fight-or-flight response, just to switch her attention to him instead. "Or are you interested in watching our little experiment squirm~?"After a second, she cleared her throat and averted her gaze as she slowly let go of the door handle. "Uh, never mind..." She stammered out, her anger almost forgotten in the moment. "It can wait." She turned and left the room without another word, shaking the memories out of her head.Orochimaru chuckled as he tugged down his mask and pulled off his stained gloves. "Kabuto, would you continue the tests while I see to our little...Interruption?" He then walked from the room, following after the fireball that simmered out as she left the situation.Kabuto watched the Sannin leave and sighed as he pushed his glasses up his nose and continued the torturous cutting he had started. 'I'll never understand what he sees in her...' He thought. 'Not that I want to.'At this point, he was growing to understand that Kaede was a permanent part of their little village, no matter how much he despised her and he had to come to terms with that, or she would make his life a living hell.Meanwhile, Kaede was leaning against the wall around the closest corner to the lab, eyes low as she ran her fingers through her fringe, thinking about the horrible, deplorable sight she was met with. It was not like she pretended he did not do those awful experiments, she knew full well they were a constant thing, but each time she saw them, it made her own suffering return with a vengeance.She would never unsee the terrible acts she had endured, but she could at least separate herself from the situation, so that was what she opted to do. She would never truly forgive him, but she knew he was also the reason she was even alive to begin with and she was grateful for that.But...seeing him there, with those latex gloves on and a person begging for their life further cemented in her mind that she would never be able to be his voice of reason. After all, she could not argue with a man who refused to change, nor would she pretend to try. She had killed, she had taken the lives of the innocent for her own selfish gain, so she had no right to tell him how he should approach a situation when she herself was no better.At least she knew that was not the path she wanted to follow. So she was back to square one and had a lot of thinking to do, going forward."Were you raised to believe barging into a room without knocking was appropriate?" Orochimaru's voice reached her ears, getting louder as he approached her from behind, removing his disposable mask completely as he stopped behind her. "Or is this a habit you picked up purely to make my life more difficult, hm?"Kaede rolled her eyes and turned to face him, placing one hand on her hip as the other gripped her book a little tighter. "Look, I'm not in the mood for your games right now."The Sannin could see that, he tilted his head to the side as he analyzed her rigid posture and the object tightly secured within her grasp. "Hm, obviously not." He said simply, shrugging his shoulder. "Perhaps you should share your burdens, I'm certain my expertise would be well-received given your little dillema."Kaede let out a sharp breath, ignoring his obviously amused lilt as she lifted her book up and pointed at the cover. "Have y'seen a book similar to this one around here anywhere?" She asked, dropping her arm to her side as Orochimaru took the book and looked it over, his expression blank, unwavering, and extremely hard to read. "I've looked for my newest volume everywhere, and I'm not sure if I packed it before we came here, so now I'm worried I left it back at our other hideout! It cost me some hard-earned Ryo and I only got to read it twice before it went missing!"The older shinobi arched a brow as he lifted his gaze to her. "Only twice? How troublesome~.""Just answer the question!"Orochimaru chuckled and handed her back the precious, dog-eared book she held dear. He would play 'innocent' for now. He was not finished reading it yet. "No, I haven't seen your poor excuse for literature, nor do I want to, it never entered my field of vision, and I'm rather thankful for that."Of course, Kaede did not believe him, since he saw everything that went on in Otogakure. "Look, Snake-Eyes, if you've destroyed my book, I swear to a God I don't believe in that I'll-""Though the idea is rather pleasing, I wouldn't risk your fiery rage just to destroy something I believe should never have been created in the first place."There was a short pause between his interruption and Kaede's sigh as her shoulders sagged defeatedly. She just wanted her book back, it was one of her precious collectables and she treasured them so much since they kept her mind from spiraling when she had too much to think about. "Ugh, fine...I guess I've got t'keep looking." She grumbled, glancing at the cover of her old novel, before she dropped her arms to her sides and turned, mumbling about possible hiding places as she left to continue her fruitless search.Orochimaru waited until she was out of sight before he chuckled and stroked his chin, licking his lips as he relished in the thought of her frustration and eventual confusion when she found her book in the most obvious of places.His desire to see her utterly baffled was far stronger than his need to burn her little books to the ground.~BHBL~Several hours came and went within the silent hideout, leading the many shinobi inside to settle down and fall into deep slumbers, regaining their energy for the morning's tasks that awaited them. Because of this, the underground base was bathed in eerie darkness, only amplified by the sinister silence that seemed to submerge the small corridors and suffocate the once-bustling atmosphere.Only one noise was heard during the almost deafening quiet, and that was the sound of Orochimaru's door creaking open as Kaede stepped out into the empty halls, her robe folded over her arm as she held her sandals in one hand. "Not that I'm complaining, Orochimaru-sama, but..." She started with a hushed whisper as she grinned and touched one of the many bruises on her neck. "Next time, don't leave your 'marks' so damn high up! I can't keep them hidden if you're not careful~!""Hm, hm, hm, you're mistaken, Kaede-chan." Orochimaru taunted from his place beneath the covers of his bed, awaiting her departure so that he could sleep off their nightly adventures. "You assume my marks are mistakes or miscalculations on my part when in actual fact, I want to stake my claim." His smirk twisted into a sharp grin as his yellow eyes glowed in the darkness of the hideout, only illuminated by the small flame burning on the tiny chunk of wax that remained in his candle holder."Oh yeah?" She mirrored his toothy smile and arched a brow. "I thought y'said this deal couldn't have feelings mixed in?" She laughed. "I think y'need to take a look at the fine print, Snake-Eyes, 'cause I don't belong t'anyone!"Orochimaru's shoulders shook as he chuckled, amused by her teases, despite how untrue they were. "Perhaps you misunderstood my meaning?" He drawled out, his snake-like tongue slithering out to lick the curve of his lip. "I merely refuse to share what rightfully belongs to me. You serve me, both in battle and in the bedroom, there's nothing more to our deal than that."Kaede rolled her eyes and waved off his words. She knew that she was just messing with him. "Yeah, yeah, keep telling yourself that!" She said, grasping the door handle. "I'm going to take a shower and get some sleep, got t'make sure I'm refreshed for whatever hell y'have waiting for me tomorrow!""I will test your abilities to their limits in tomorrow's training, you'd do well to rest while you can.""Heh, you underestimate my skills~!" She let her bold grin soften into a smile. "G'night Orochimaru-sama." With that, she watched him nod in agreement and closed the door, separating the two and leaving her alone in the cold, empty corridor during the dead of night.The redhead took a deep breath, before she turned and walked away from the door, covering her mouth with her free hand as she let out a tired yawn. "Ugh, I can't wait t'get some sleep..." She muttered to herself, turning the corner, only to slam face-first into a torso hiding behind the sharp angle of the stone. "Agh!" She staggered back and grabbed her nose, which hit the person's sternum pretty hard. "What the hell d'you think you're-" She shot a glare at the person she walked into and paused when she saw a pair of black, spectacled eyes glaring back. "Oh, it's just you." She took note of the blood splattered across his clothing and arched a brow. "What the hell've y'been doing, fighting wild animals?"Kabuto sighed and pushed his glasses up his nose, the dim light of the candle he held reflecting off the frames with the movement, rendering his eyes undetectable behind an orange reflection. "Please refrain from asking questions you don't care to know the answer to." He said, tone dripping with exhaustion from his busy work.Kaede rolled her eyes at his stern response and placed her hand on her hip. "Y'remember when I said y'had a stick up your ass?" She grinned. "Well, it's still there! Y'might want to get it removed before y'sit down~!"He just let out an elongated breath in response, too tired to humor her terrible jokes as he walked around her and towards Orochimaru's bedroom door. He had to report the experiment's results before he called it a night, and he knew better than to start an argument with someone as disagreeable as her outside of the Sannin's bed chambers. The medic glanced back at Kaede as she turned the corner on her way back to her own room and his eyes narrowed.Why would someone like her, who hated Orochimaru so much, be hovering outside his room during the late hours of the night? Hm, he would have to report that to his leader as well, in case she was plotting anything devious.With that, Kabuto entered Orochimaru's room to give the Sannin his report, only to look very confused when he mentioned Kaede's strange behavior which just made the Otokage start cackling loudly.Was there some inside joke he was missing?~BHBL~"Hah!"In the depths of Otogakure, within the large training halls Kaede had grown accustomed to, the redhead herself stood before a wooden dummy stuffed with straw as she aimed kick after kick at its large head. She was sweating from the amount of work she had done towards destroying the battle-ready scarecrow and her red skin made raw by constant impact and bruised body proved it.She had worked on her Taijutsu nonstop for the past two hours with only small breaks in between for a cola and a short rest. Around that, she had worked on her punching techniques, applying her Ninjutsu to her Taijutsu and even used a different dummy, one which threw punches back at her, to improve her reaction times and dodging abilities.At that moment, however, she was working on her kicks and the strength that she put behind each one. With her latest training sessions over the past two weeks, she and Orochimaru had taken more time than usual to perfect her newest Futon jutsu, and because of that, she feared getting rusty in her future fights that could result in a fatal injury.On the plus side, her jutsu was nearing completion and just needed to be used and broken in for her to truly utilize it during real combat. So despite the rest bite from Taijutsu training, she was still improving in one way or another.Suddenly, Kaede's distracted thoughts were interrupted when she kicked the dummy's wooden neck rather than the soft straw head she had been aiming for. With a sharp cry and a very vulgar curse, she staggered back and planted her foot on the floor. However, a shock of pain through her ankle caused her to hiss sharply and lift it without giving herself a chance to center her gravity, which lead to her stumbling back a little more before she fell onto her ass. "Agh, crap!" She ground out, gripping her foot in her hand as the pain throbbed through her lower leg."Hm, hm, hm, it's rare for a Jounin of your skill level to injure themselves during such a simple training session. Perhaps I've been overestimating your abilities this whole time?" A sinister chuckle echoed from behind her, and the redhead turned her head quickly to look at the intruder over her shoulder. Orochimaru stepped out from the shadows, arms crossed as he walked towards her. It was obvious he had been watching her train the entire time.If she was being perfectly honest with herself, she did not know why she was surprised.Kaede scoffed at his obvious dig, glaring at him as she gripped her foot tightly, trying her best not to move it at all. "Oh cut the crap, Snake-Eyes!" She snapped, wincing when she accidentally shifted her ankle. "The pain's bad enough without y'poking fun at me in the background!"The sinister Sannin was amused by her response and sauntered around her sitting form to stand in front of her. When she looked up, ready to ask him what he wanted, she paused with wide eyes as he crouched down in front of her. Without saying a word, or looking directly at her surprised expression, he took her ankle carefully in his hands and moved it around at all angles."Ah, dammit!" Kaede hissed, gritting her teeth as she clenched her fist aroundbthe thigh of her fire-proof bodysuit, while her other hand gripped the solid stone beneath her fingers."It's not broken." He said simply, smirking at her reaction as he kept moving it around, getting a feel for the damage. "However, you've sprained it quite severely, judging by your body language..." He put her foot on the ground and stood up. "You'll need to see Kabuto and have it healed as soon as possible, or you'll be bedridden for at least a week."Kaede grinned as she planted her other hand on the ground, ready to lift herself up. "Oh yeah? I didn't know you cared so much~!""Hm, hm, don't misunderstand, Firecracker." He told her, the slight lilt to his voice giving away his amusement alongside his arrogant smirk. He held out his hand for her to take, which caused the redhead to pause once again. "I merely detest the idea of having to find someone to replace you in your duties while you take the time to recover from your injury."Kaede hesitated for a second, since she thought she could stand by herself, but sighed, accepting his hand as she grasped it with her own and he hauled her to her feet. "Y'don't need t'help me out, y'know." She told him stubbornly, straightening up as she placed her foot lightly on the ground, ignoring the bolt of pain that shot up her leg on impact. "I can walk just fine-"Just as she went to take a step, her poor ankle gave out beneath her and she stumbled forward, only for an arm to sling around her midsection as she fell towards the ground, immediately halting her descent. Orochimaru's breath brushed against her ear as he squeezed her stomach, causing a blush to spread across her cheeks. "Are you sure about that?" He asked, arching a slim black brow.Her blush darkened and he laughed lowly. "Sh-shut it, y'overgrown snake!" She hissed, glaring at him as he merely laughed and lifted her back into a standing position, before he draped her arm over his shoulder and placed his other hand on her hip, keeping her pinned to his side so he would bear the brunt of her weight.Not that she weighed much, any weight she had was more muscle than fat, judging by her physique.As the two went to leave the room, Kaede tentatively tried to put weight on her foot, but by the time they left the training halls, she realized it was a fruitless effort. So Orochimaru walked alongside her while she hopped, struggling to keep up with his slowed pace. "Hey..." She started, causing him to glance at her as she kept her eyes on her own feet, since she did not want to trip and hurt herself even more. "Your hands're freezing, I nearly hit the roof when y'touched my ankle before."That ripped another laugh from the Sannin's throat as he tightened his grip on her wrist, feeling her burning pulse beneath his fingers. "And you, my dear, are boiling in comparison."She grinned. "I guess we're both freaks by nature, huh?""Hm, hm, those who stand out among their peers tend to be the ones destined for greatness.""Heh, maybe in your case, but I ain't been great for a long time!" Her toothy smile fell a little at her admittance. "And you're just rubbing salt in the wound if y'think I am...""Self-doubt was never your strong suit, Kaede." Orochimaru told her, teasing her for her lack of confidence. "Your stubborn pride has always been something people find appealing, stating the opposite doesn't suit you."Kaede looked at him as they finally reached the lab and the pale shinobi knocked on the door. A clatter of tools and a soft sigh later, the door opened to reveal a very irritated Kabuto who was all set to scold a newbie for interrupting his experiments, when he froze at the sight of Kaede and Orochimaru stood there. "Oh." He audibly expressed, before letting out another sigh when he realized that Kaede was injured.Without saying anything, the medic stepped to the side and gestured for them to enter, which amused the Sannin greatly as he smirked and helped his rather interesting subordinate inside.In the center of the room was a table filled with many bloody tools and a corpse that was currently being dissected. The moment the Suna kunoichi spotted the body, she turned her nose up in disgust. "I ain't sitting near that!""Oh? Yet you create similar corpses every time we partake in a mission?" Orochimaru asked with a taunting grin, which she glared back at in response."There's a difference between someone who just died and someone who obviously died a while back and is being cut open for one of your messed up experiments!"He chuckled as he carefully lead her to Kabuto's desk and sat her atop the wooden surface since she refused to sit on the actual examination table while it was in use. "Very well, I'll indulge your stubbornness just this once~!""Damn right y'will!"Orochimaru stepped out of the way as he heard Kabuto approach from behind. He watched the young medic walk past him as he snapped a pair of gloves on his hands. "So what kind of injury am I dealing with here?" He asked, analyzing her body with his eyes for any signs of damage. After a second, they locked onto a massive purple bruise forming on her ankle, which was beginning to swell. "Ah, I see. A sprain I assume?"Kaede, who had opened her mouth to speak, clicked her teeth together as she shut her mouth since Orochimaru answered for her, causing her to glare at the two of them for talking about her like she was not in the room."Yes." The Otokage stated, crossing his arms as he too looked at the injury, while Kaede waited impatiently to be healed. "She injured herself during a training exercise when she kicked the wooden neck of a training dummy. She had been training for two hours all-together and after inflicting the injury, she was unable to put any weight on that foot." This made the redhead look at him quizzically, and he glanced back, arching a brow. "Is something the matter?""Uh, long were y'watching me for?""Hm, hm, it'd be foolish to allow someone as reckless as you to train without supervision, as your newest injury has proven.""Tch, creepy bastard."The white-haired young man cleared his throat, pushing his glasses up his nose as he closed his eyes. "I'd advise you against speaking to Orochimaru-sama in such a rude and disrespectful manner."She huffed and let her grin return, shooting the black-haired Sannin a teasing wink in the process. "Oh, he doesn't mind my little teases, d'you, Orochi-sama?" Something ignited in Orochimaru's eyes as her gleefully taunting nickname reached his ears.The medic sensed his lord's dangerous and threatening aura beside him and immediately opted not to continue the conversation further, as he did not want to bear the brunt of Kaede's insubordination. Instead, he focused on the information given to him about her injury. "Ah yes, kicking a training doll in the wrong place is a simple mistake to make." Kabuto crouched down and formed signs with his hands, which caused them to glow a faint green. "This should be a simple task, then. Sprains take far less Chakra to repair than a fracture or a broken bone."While he inspected her injured foot and unknowingly talked to himself, Orochimaru and Kaede shared knowing looks between them. Yellow eyes promised a punishment should she step out of line again, while cocoa brown ones dared him to follow through with his 'punishments,' because she would not lose her newest piece of ammunition during their many banter-fueled conversations.Kabuto took the Ninjutsu expert's ankle in his hands, allowing the green glow to seep into her skin, repairing any damage caused to her ligaments, tendons and muscles. Even the bruise painting her caramel skin started to fade and soon there was nothing left behind. She watched as his hands stopped glowing and he moved her ankle in several directions with the careful touch of a medical professional. Not even an inkling of pain remained and the redhead grinned.The younger ninja nodded approvingly and stood up, stepping back as he removed his latex gloves, now stood side-by-side with Orochimaru, who waited with crossed arms. "There, that should do it. Though I'd advise you to stay off it for a few-" Immediately she hopped off the table and planted her hands on her hips with that confident toothy smile of her's, which made him sweatdrop while the Otokage chuckled. "-Minutes...""Heh, thanks Specs!" She said, rolling her ankle a little in the air before she slammed her foot down, glad the pain was gone. "Now I can get back t'my training! I ain't going t'let something like this keep me off my feet for too long!"Kabuto cleared his throat and crossed his arms. "I don't suggest you follow through with your plans to train for the next few days." He started, though he shrugged dismissively while he did so. "Not that I think you'll listen to me anyway, but injuring your ankle so soon after being healed will cause more severe, and perhaps even permanent, damage.""Tch, I ain't letting something like that get in my way! I ain't young anymore and I ain't got time t'sit around taking breaks!"Orochimaru interjected then, however unlike his right-hand, he had a smirk plastered across his pale lips. "While I agree with your latter statement, Kabuto is right. Overworking will only lead to more injuries, and if you sustain permanent damage, I will be forced to dispose of you once and for all." His amused eyes turned cold and this caused Kaede to stop for just a second. "I will not tolerate uselessness in my village, nor will I entertain the idea of keeping useless kunoichi around just for my amusement."Kabuto had to force himself not to arch a brow at Orochimaru's statement. Though he was starting to believe the Sannin's words were not ringing true when he threatened her, there was a coldness in his words that made them seem just a little more sincere than normal. What would happen should Kaede become useless? He doubted it would be death, and to be honest, he was beginning to dread the alternative.Also, what did he mean by 'amusement?' How was someone as irritating as Kaede even remotely amusing?The redhead let Orochimaru's words sink in, then sighed as her shoulders sagged and her arms fell to her side. "You're really tying my hands here, y'know that, right?"Now the medic's eyes actually widened, his shock visible, which made Kaede hold back a giggle.Wait, she was not going to argue with him?!"Careful, Specs!" She continued, walking towards them, patting the taller medic's shoulder as she stopped between the two men. "If the wind changes, your face'll stay that way!"And with that, she laughed and sauntered from the room without bothering to thank him for his service. Instead, she lifted her hand above her head in a silent, unmoving goodbye, without looking back, like the confident woman she was. Orochimaru watched after her, his smirk widening as his cold eyes warmed a little, showing an emotion he was not quite sure he understood.Perhaps, even if she became useless, there was some merit to keeping her around...after all, not many could render his second-in-command speechless.He too sauntered from the room with the same air of arrogance, just as Kabuto turned to ask about her blatant disrespect. He stopped the moment he realized the Sannin's attention was elsewhere, and pushed his glasses up his nose, allowing the terrifying shinobi to leave of his own accord.While he did not understand Orochimaru's obsession with Kaede, he knew better than to mess with a snake stalking its prey.Kaede continued down the corridor until she turned the corner, then suddenly she was grabbed by the arm, and she spun to attack the intruding body, only to gasp when she was pinned to the wall with Orochimaru's sinister eyes locked onto her's, daring her to continue her obvious defiance without those around to temper his reaction. "I believe I've warned you many times about speaking to me so casually..." He hissed, licking the swell of his lip as his eyes snapped down to her's.The experienced kunoichi laughed breathlessly at his dangerous words as she too glanced down at his lips, enjoying the way he licked them. "Heh, I thought y'liked my attitude, Orochi-sama~!" She grinned, arching a brow, also daring him to follow through with his threats.The wind tended to fuel the fire, as they said, and she wanted to let it burn.The Sannin's mouth curled back to mirror her devious expression and without giving her a chance to prepare, he swooped forward and locked their lips together in a heated, possessive kiss. Kaede took a sharp intake of breath before she closed her eyes and wrapped her arm around his shoulder, while the other held his hip.It was safe to say, once the two reached Orochimaru's room, she did nothing but over-exert herself for the rest of the day.~BHBL~Two weeks passed by in the blink of an eye, and Kaede jogged through the forest towards the large snake-shaped entrance to Otogakure with a towel around her shoulders and sweat dripping down her brow. Unlike her usual training, she had decided to get some honest-to-God exercise, and she had to admit it felt good to run like old times.Back when she was a Sunagakure Jounin, she spent many days exercising her body, not just her Ninjutsu or Taijutsu. However, lately, her priorities had...shifted, to say the least.It truly reminded her about how free she was and how much she took things for granted before she went through Hell and back to get to where she was now.The redhead stopped at the entrance and bent over, gripping her knees as she caught her breath. It was not like she was unfit, but she had been jogging for a very long time, so she pushed herself way too hard to get back into the swing of things. 'Heh, like that's ever stopped me before.' She thought, straightening up and placing her hands on her hips as she fought for each breath.Despite jogging, she stood there without any form of footwear on, her robe and sandals left by the stone eye of the snake as she did her laps around the forest. Of course, she was careful when Kusagakure grew close and made sure to plan her route to avoid it as much as possible, but if anything that made the task far more challenging.And both she and the Snake Sannin knew how much she loved a challenge.She nodded her head as her breathing finally calmed down, and she scooped up her robe and sandals, before she walked down the steps, barging through the door, only to hit the poor guard behind it in the face. "Agh!" He cried out, holding his nose as he all but curled up in pain."Oh." She grimaced as she looked around the door and saw the man doubled over. "Make sure y'don't stand too close next time!" She said, laughing as she continued down the stairs and into the hideout itself, which was bustling with newly appointing ninja and migrating shinobi who had escaped the former hideout.As she kept up her brisk pace towards the kitchen, she thought back to her reason for wanting to exercise in the first place. While they remained at peace, for the time being, she knew it was only a matter of time before they were sucked into another one of Orochimaru's wicked schemes. And while she was physically fit and active usually, she risked losing that fitness if she only focused on fighting. She needed to be quick to apply her newly learned Taijutsu skills, so she wanted to up her endurance and agility just in case something happened and she was forced to fight.Of course, she knew the moment that happened, her adrenaline and unwavering desire to remain alive and free would more than make up for any physical issues she may have.She laughed at her own thought as she lifted her arm and unattractively sniffed her armpit, grimacing as she stopped by the kitchen door. "Note t'self..." She muttered as she turned the handle and stepped into the room, seeing a few shinobi having lunch. "Take a shower before y'nap." She went to the fridge and opened it up, pausing when she saw a half-opened pack of cola inside. She shot a glare to the few people in the room. "Who's been stealing my cola?!" She snarled, only to get strange looks in response. With a click of the tongue, she took one of her remaining cans and slammed the door shut. "I'm going t'kill whoever's took 'em!" She huffed and stormed out of the roomOf course something would sour her good mood, she was not allowed to be happy in Otogakure, otherwise, Hell would freeze over.'I'll have t'make sure I've got enough Ryo to buy more.' She mused silently, popping the tab before she chugged a fair deal, sighing with relief when she pulled the open can from her lips. 'It's a pain in the ass t'buy all these drinks, but it ain't like I've got a choice.'She was a genetic monster, after all. Pure water in semi-small to large doses would cause her to fall into hypothermic shock, so her only choice was to drink a carbonated drink since it was known not to hydrate those who drank it very well. It was one of the few things she had that did not risk her life. Hell, even the shower she wanted would kill her if she stood under the water for too long. It was like her body detested hydration and needed constant dehydration to sustain itself.Just like a flame.The Ninjutsu expert stopped at her bedroom door and tugged it open, stepping into the room, only to freeze when something on her bed caught her eye. "...The hell?!" She blurted out, eyes wide in shock. On the tattered covers of her bed, sat the missing volume of Icha-Icha Paradise that she had lost. She had just accepted that the book was left behind and was saving to buy another one, and there it was, staring back at her like it had been there the whole time.She walked over to it and picked it up, turning it over several times, as if making sure it was real. She then looked around the room in blank confusion, muttering questions. She placed her can on the top of the bookcase and flipped through the pages, trying to find any indication of how it got there, but she could not fathom its sudden reappearance.After a short while of searching through the novel, she groaned and tossed it onto the covers, cursing under her breath as she spun around and walked into the bathroom, slamming the door shut behind her. "I give up!" If there was already a million things on her mind, the last thing she needed was the mysterious re-appearance of her favourite story.Little did she know, in Orochimaru's office, the Sannin sat upon his throne with his head in his hand, grinning at the door, his shoulders shaking with deep laughter as he imagined Kaede's reaction to finding her book in her room, of all places.It really was the simple things that brought the most pleasure.A/N: Thank you for reading, I hope you all enjoyed this fun little chapter! Please review if you enjoyed the story or have any criticisms for me, I always want to keep evolving as a writer, and your comments help me so much!Japanese = EnglishKusagakure = Hidden Grass VillageOtogakure = Hidden Sound VillageTaijutsu = Hand-to-Hand CombatNinjutsu = Ninja TechniquesKunoichi = Female NinjaShinobi = Male NinjaOtokage = Sound ShadowFuton = Wind Release-sama = Lord-chan = affectionate or friendly honorific
Manga, Doujinshi, and Comics
Page 23 by Annekritzelt
BW, Sketches, Lineart, and WIPs
endure by Ootsutsuki
Blank Templates, Memes, Asks, Collages
Naruto character creator meme by Mudzi
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Animation to Gontodoshi - 2nd place prize by deidara1444
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ART Summary|2020 by himeRra
Adoptables and YCH
Ych - Halloween Pixel Art [OPEN] by JibakureiYousei
Commission Info, Contests, etc
Commission Information [Open]Hello friends ! I'm opening commissions again with new updated prices //if you’re interested drop me a note or comment with the reference of your OC using this form I accept Paypal and DA Points Points [ 1 USD = 100 Points ]Step 1; Choose your commission type,SAMPLES: , Type 1: BasicSimple background [png, jpeg]Basic Shade1000px x1500px maximumDouble price if you want 2 characters.Headshot Price: 15$/1500pts [3$/300pts -10$/1000pts extra details]Half Body Price: 25$/2500pts [5$/500pts -15$/1500pts extra details]Full Body Price: 40$/4000pts [7$/700pts -17$/1700pts extra details],Type 2: Cell Shade Simple jpeg background with white lightCell shade1000px x1500px maximumDouble price if you want 2 characters.Headshot Price: 20$/2000pts [3$/300pts -10$/1000pts extra details]Half Body: Price: 30$/3000pts [5$/500pts -15$/1500pts extra details]Full Body: Price: 50$/5000pts [7$/700pts -17$/1700pts extra details],Type 3: Sketch ProfileSimple jpeg backgroundSketch with messy base colors2000px x2500px maximum Price: 75$/7500pts (Fullbody 45$ waist up 25$ bust 5$ prices are not individual, all available in one picture.),Type 4: Fake Screenshotwith background (free from anime) if you want you can send me any anime background image or I can find a suitable background for your commissionFull Colored and shaded1920x1080Double price if you want 2 characters Bust Price: 20$ [Additional character + 100%]Half Body Price: 30$ [Additional character + 100%]Step 2; Send me the details of your Commission with this forms;Form to fill the commissions:Simple commissionsUsername:Type of Commission: (Basic, Cell Shade, Sketch profile) Payment method: (Paypal/Points - Please add your email if you choose paypal)Character reference: ( have a clear reference available!)Expression: (happy. sad, angry etc...)Extra: (anything else I need to know?)Fake screenshotsUsername:Screenshot type: (headshot or half body) Payment method: (Paypal/Points - Please add your email if you choose paypal)Background: Free from anime or if you want you can send me any anime background for your commission.Character reference: ( have a clear reference available!)Pose Idea: Extra: (anything else I need to know?)I CAN -Original character (OC) - Naruto Fan (OC)- Fan Arts-Girls and Boys-A bit of Nsfw- Couple // OCxCanon/ OCxOC/ CanonxCanon ( I can't promise about it. I'm still so bad about couple poses)I do Private Commissions*-Yaoi / Yuri I CAN'T-Anthros and furries-non-humanoid creatures-Mecha and Armor-Too Muscular characters-NaruHina & SasuSaku* : I accept "Private Commissions", I'll do your commission privately and I will state your name anonymously. But if you don't want it, I will not add it to my deviantart/instagram gallery. RULES Noted details,confirm and payment first. Paypal currency is in US$.Please don't rush me, commission will done in 1 or 1 a half month ( OR LONGER ).No deadlines please.No REFUND sorry..All commission have slot limit,please check it. (1 SLOT FOR 3 CHARACTER LIMIT) I can put you on the waiting list after the slot limit is reached.I will submit the commisson with watermarker on DA and my Instagram. ALL THE COMMISSION NOT INVLUDE DESIGN CHARACTER. If you have any questions let me know in the comments below!Thank you for interesting <3
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OPEN collab with Nakamouri Akina by MotoFox-5


SaiSon Family by c-e-l-t-a by SpiritAmong-Darkness
Naruto SD Sonsu by SpiritAmong-Darkness
Izume Root Render by SpiritAmong-Darkness
SaiSon Home by SpiritAmong-Darkness
Chibitized ItaAki [1/3] by SpiritAmong-Darkness
[Naruto] Oc Profile - Izume UchihaDate First Thought of/Created: July 14th, 2015Date First Drawn: April 11th, 2020Why did you create them? What is the origin behind their pairing?Yet another Oc that was created during a roleplay, in a Vampire AU. She too was a temporary Oc who I grew to like and wanted to be something more. In this rp, the other person had a pairing with Orochimaru and I had one with Sasuke. I really liked Kabuto. I felt sorry for him that he didn't have anyone when the others did, especially since I usually pair him with Orochimaru, so I made him an Oc. I thought it would be very interesting and almost ironic if I made that Oc a Uchiha, it added a nice plot twist to the story. I never liked that Sasuke was the only Uchiha left of his clan. I wanted there to be more survivors. I picked the relation to Shisui because he was one of my favorites so I wanted it to be someone from his bloodline. So that she would still fit in that AU and the Canon, I had to make two different versions of her (technically she has three versions since in the Vampire AU everything is different)Theme Song(s):[Undecided]IntroductionQuote: N/A (undecided)Full Name: (Last and First) Uchiha IzumeName Meaning: An altered version of Izumi meaning fountain, springName in Japanese characters:Nickname(s), Alias(es): N/AAffiliation: Konohagakure (Hidden Leaf Village)Clan / Family: Uchiha ClanKekkei Genkai: SharinganNinja Rank: Present - GeninFuture - N/AGender: FemaleBirthdate: June 28thZodiac Sign: CancerAge:Part I (Naruto) - 11Part II (Naruto Shippuden) - 14-15Part III (The Last) - 16-17Part IV (Boruto) - 28-29Birth Place: KonohagakureSexuality: HeterosexualHair Color: Light blue blackEye Color: BlackHeight:Part I (Naruto) - 4ft 9in (149.3 cm) - 5ft (152 cm)Part II (Naruto Shippuden) - 5ft 3in (164.2 cm)Weight:Part I (Naruto) - 37.2 kg (82 lbs)Part II (Naruto Shippuden) - 44.4 kg (97.8 lbs)Classification: Sensor TypeBlood Type: AStatus: AliveOccupation:Future - N/ATattoos/Birthmarks/Scars: blind in both eyes from a kunai, deliberately inflicted on herselfRelationshipsRelationship status: N/ALove Interest: N/APast Crush / Love Interest: N/AMother: Unknown UchihaFather: Shisui UchihaSibling(s): NoneChildren (Past, Present, or --> Future <--): N/AOther Relatives (Blood or Adopted): Kagami Uchiha (ancestor)Pets: NoneSuperiors/Sensei: N/ATeam: N/AFriends: Sasuke, NarutoEnemies: Danzo ShimuraPersonalFavorite Food: Nigauri aka Bitter MelonLeast Favorite Food: Natto or pickled foodsWants: to do what her father would have wanted, to know how her father really diedFears: her father's kekkei genkai being used by another, the utter destruction of what's left of their clan, that there could of been another way and that her clan didn't have to be slaughteredHobbies: Listening, and sensing what's around herLikes:N/ADislikes:N/ANinja DetailsMissions Completed: 4 D-Rank, 5 C-Rank, 2 B-Rank, 0 A-Rank, 0 S-RankUsual Mission Assignments / Tasks: N/AChakra Nature:Fire Release, Wind ReleaseStrong Against:Genjutsu, other Fire Release, TaijutsuWeak Against:Earth Release, Water Release, Lightning Release, Sound attacksJutsu:Kotoamatsukami (later), Afterimage Clones, Body Flicker Technique [more later]Ninja Tools: TantoBackstory:[Coming Soon]
[Naruto] Oc Profile - AU Izume Uchiha[This profile is for the AU universe in the fanfic "Love A Snake"],Date First Thought of/Created: July 14th, 2015Date First Drawn: October 22nd, 2019Why did you create them? What is the origin behind their pairing?Yet another Oc that was created during a roleplay, in a Vampire AU. She too was a temporary Oc who I grew to like and wanted to be something more. In this rp, the other person had a pairing with Orochimaru and I had one with Sasuke. I really liked Kabuto. I felt sorry for him that he didn't have anyone when the others did, especially since I usually pair him with Orochimaru, so I made him an Oc. I thought it would be very interesting and almost ironic if I made that Oc a Uchiha, it added a nice plot twist to the story. In the canon universe, she is not paired with Kabuto. I am undecided on who her pairing will be with. I never liked that Sasuke was the only Uchiha left of his clan. I wanted there to be more survivors. I picked the relation to Shisui because he was one of my favorites so I wanted it to be someone from his bloodline. So that she would still fit in that AU and the Canon, I had to make two different versions of her (technically she has three versions since in the Vampire AU everything is different)Theme Song(s):[Undecided]IntroductionQuote: N/A (undecided)Full Name: (Last and First) Uchiha IzumeName Meaning: An altered version of Izumi meaning fountain, springName in Japanese characters:Nickname(s), Alias(es): N/AAffiliation: Konohagakure (Hidden Leaf Village)Clan / Family: Uchiha ClanKekkei Genkai: SharinganNinja Rank: Present - Root agentFuture - AnbuGender: FemaleBirthdate: June 28thZodiac Sign: CancerAge:Part I (Naruto) - 17Part II (Naruto Shippuden) - 20Part III (The Last) - 22Part IV (Boruto) - 34Birth Place: KonohagakureSexuality: HeterosexualHair Color: Light blue blackEye Color: BlackHeight:Part I (Naruto) - 5ft 3in (161.5 cm)Part II (Naruto Shippuden) - 5ft 5in (167.6 cm)Weight:Part II (Naruto Shippuden) - 57.2 kg (126 lbs)Classification: Sensor TypeBlood Type: AStatus: Alive,presumed deadOccupation:Future - N/ATattoos/Birthmarks/Scars: blind in both eyes from a kunai, deliberately inflicted on herselfRelationshipsRelationship status: Interested in someoneLove Interest: Kabuto YakushiPast Crush / Love Interest: None, if not KabutoMother: Unknown UchihaFather: Unknown UchihaSibling(s): Shisui UchihaChildren (Past, Present, or --> Future <--): N/AOther Relatives (Blood or Adopted): Kagami Uchiha (ancestor)Pets: NoneSuperiors/Sensei: DanzoTeam:Past - with KabutoPresent - Usually none, starts working with the Hokage Tsunade and Orochimaru's little groupFuture - N/AFriends: Itachi, Sasuke, KabutoEnemies: Danzo ShimuraPersonalFavorite Food: Nigauri aka Bitter MelonLeast Favorite Food: Natto or pickled foodsWants: Not to work for Danzo anymore, Danzo's downfall, to do what her brother would have wanted, to know how her brother really diedFears: Danzo does gain control of the Leaf, her brother's kekkei genkai being used by another, the utter destruction of what's left of their clan, that there could of been another way and that her clan didn't have to be slaughteredHobbies: Listening, and sensing what's around herLikes:Times of rest in between missionsTo have a bit of funDislikes:Everything about Danzo and what he stands forNot being allowed to associate with othersNinja DetailsMissions Completed: 0 D-Rank, 1 C-Rank, 25 B-Rank, 2 A-Rank, 0 S-RankUsual Mission Assignments / Tasks: Retrieving intel, surveillance, eliminating targets, cripple an enemy's defenses. Danzo does not trust her otherwise to guard him, their headquarters, or with sensitive matters. He tends to not tell her everythingChakra Nature:Fire Release, Wind ReleaseStrong Against:Genjutsu, other Fire Release, TaijutsuWeak Against:Earth Release, Water Release, Lightning Release, Sound attacksJutsu:Kotoamatsukami (later), Afterimage Clones, Body Flicker Technique, Assassination Technique [more later]Ninja Tools: TantoBackstory:[Coming Soon]
[Naruto] Oc Profile - SonsuDate First Thought of/Created: Around late December 2014 to Early January 2015Date First Drawn: September 22nd, 2015Why did you create them? What is the origin behind their pairing?One of a few Ocs I decided on creating during a roleplay. I liked Sai more as we rped him. I wanted to make him someone that liked him for more than just looks, for being a Sasuke look-alike, and really seemed to understand him. A friend helped with some of the idea for her background. She was also meant to be for an AU story, but I decided to move her into the main timelineTheme Song(s):[Undecided]IntroductionQuote: N/A (undecided)Full Name: (Last and First) Namikaze Sonsu Name Meaning: my version of Sonu meaning pure gold, morning, God's giftName in Japanese characters: ソンスNickname(s), Alias(es): N/AAffiliation: Konohagakure (Hidden Leaf Village)Clan / Family: NamikazeKekkei Genkai: N/ANinja Rank: Past - Root InitiatePresent - GeninFuture - N/AGender: FemaleBirthdate: July 29thZodiac Sign: LeoAge:Part I (Naruto) - 14Part II (Naruto Shippuden) - 17Part III (The Last) - 19Part IV (Boruto) - 31Birth Place: KonohaSexuality: HeterosexualHair Color: Flaxen goldEye Color: Light blueHeight:Part I (Naruto) - 4ft 8in (147.3 cm)Part II (Naruto Shippuden) - 5ft 4in (169.1 cm)Part III - IV (The Last - Boruto) - 5ft 7in (173 cm)Weight:Part I (Naruto) - 41.7 kg (92 lbs)Part II (Naruto Shippuden) - 49.4 kg (109 lbs)Classification: (undecided if any)Blood Type: ABStatus: AliveOccupation:Future - N/ATattoos/Birthmarks/Scars: A hidden seal preventing her from using jutsu unless in self defenseRelationshipsRelationship status: Interested in someoneLove Interest: SaiPast Crush / Love Interest: SameMother: N/AFather: Minato NamikazeSibling(s): Naruto UzumakiChildren (Past, Present, or --> Future <--): a son, Shohei, and a daughterOther Relatives (Blood or Adopted): NonePets: NoneSuperiors/Sensei: KakashiTeam: No official team, sometimes assigned to Team 7Friends: Sai, Naruto, Kosuke MaruboshiEnemies: DanzoPersonalFavorite Food: Stir-fryLeast Favorite Food: Squid Ink SoupWants: To become a good enough ninja to make them proud, to be a good friendFears: Danzo and his schemes, someone from the Root finding her, that Sai will be corrupted, that she destroys something or hurts someone with her windHobbies: Watching other people workLikes:being back in the Leaf and able to live a normal lifeNaruto's disposition and the fun he bringsSai's naivenessDislikes:Sakura's abrasivenessher own jutsuNinja DetailsMissions Completed: 10 D-Rank, 6 C-Rank, 1 B-Rank, 0 A-Rank, 0 S-RankUsual Mission Assignments / Tasks: Training to maintain and accuracy with her wind jutsu, small tasks for practice, and joining them on missions to hone her ninja skillsChakra Nature:Wind Release, Lightning ReleaseStrong Against:most Taijutsu, Water Release, Sound attacksWeak Against:Earth Release, Fire ReleaseJutsu:Strong wind attacks (details to be determined)Ninja Tools: Kunai, Chakra bladesBackstory:[Coming Soon]
Sakura's Son by SpiritAmong-Darkness
Chibi MitsuMoya Sketchy by SpiritAmong-Darkness
Where'd That Smile Come From..? by SpiritAmong-Darkness
Next Level of Bickering by SpiritAmong-Darkness
'Out of my Face Uzumaki..' by SpiritAmong-Darkness
Boruto Logo - Issei Uchiha by SpiritAmong-Darkness
Dogpile on Daddy ~ Sasuke and Children (WIP) by SpiritAmong-Darkness
SasuAka NG - Issei Uchiha by SpiritAmong-Darkness
SasuAka NG - Airashii Uchiha by SpiritAmong-Darkness
SasuAka NG - Takane Uchiha by SpiritAmong-Darkness
SasuAka NG - Moyasano Uchiha by SpiritAmong-Darkness
NejiSaku Next Gen - Harue Hyuga by SpiritAmong-Darkness
Chibi Akari Paper Child by SpiritAmong-Darkness
WIP - Fighting Dreamers Intro (SasuAka) by SpiritAmong-Darkness
SasuAka: Leaving Together (Collab) by SpiritAmong-Darkness
SasuAka Chibi Meme by SpiritAmong-Darkness
CM  1 : queen-hatake by mimibox
CM : HatakeYuko by mimibox
SasuAka: His Aching Heart by SpiritAmong-Darkness
Point Commission :Hug From Behind: by NammyLank
AT:  itasasu2002 by mimibox
Sisters by mimibox
Akari of the Sound by Featherpens
ItaMi ~ Always by YozoraArashi
Back to home_NaruSaku by Ravenniia
Yahizui and little Naruto by Itygirl
Commission: Lee and Tokiko by starca
Papa-sama by artemis-girl
Good one girl by Ravenniia
AT:with Kaumalat92 by meru90
You're Still My Master by artemis-girl


Welcome to all Naruto Oc creators and artists
Our group is honored to have you with us

This is a safe haven for fan characters to the anime/manga series Naruto, fulfilling their destinies through their ninja way

Our only strict rules are against harassment and theft

~ Please read over the following rules before considering joining us ~

Group Theme:…

:bulletblack: Please take the time to submit to the right folder
:bulletblack: Be kind and respectful to your fellow members. Absolutely NO fighting or harassment of any kind
:bulletblack: All submissions must relate to a Naruto fan character
:bulletblack: New members need to have been on Da for over a month, to prove your commitment
:bulletred: No haters, trolling, or flaming
:bulletred: No stolen or traced art
:bulletred: No anti-Oc material
:bulletred: No watchers only, pay to view, or subscribers only deviations
:bulletgreen: All pairings are allowed (Canon x Oc, Oc x Oc)
:bulletgreen: Yaoi and Yuri is also accepted
:bulletgreen: Mature art can be added as long as it follows DeviantART rules
:bulletgreen: All forms of art may be submitted (including WIPs, bases, adoptables, collages, etc)

Please contact the founder if anyone has concerns or questions

You may have noticed, I changed how the group favorites are organized. Each folder is labeled with a year. This is referring to the year it was drawn (or written, if it is fanfiction).
I thought it would be interesting to make it so you can view Naruto Ocs from the past and in the present.
You don't have to worry about sending your work to the right folder. All submissions go to Featured, and I will move them
I hope you find this new method enjoyable as I think it will be :heart:
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