The FGE and GA-HQ MK Tribute

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The MK Tribute is the biggest ongoing Art Tribute / Project on FGE / Game Art over 220 artworks of the Mortal Kombat characters are submitted now from Mortal Kombat I to MK9

This tribute is featured here on game art hq:…

To see which around 60 characters are still available scroll down and enjoy the art

You are welcome to come onboard to make this crazy art project komplete!

Mortal Kombat -  KOMPLETE
Liu Kang MK1 by Bariarti Jhonny Cage by Murd-Ed   Kano by Dasael Mortal Kombat I tribute by Kachakacha HANSO HASASHI (scorpion MK1) by PitBOTTOM Mortal Kombat: Raiden by JhonatasBatalha :thumb311793150:
WHAT SOUND DOES A BITCH MAKE by ImBillPardy MORTAL KOMBAT - The Great Kung Lao by JhonatasBatalha

Mature Content

You Have Found Reptile by TheGeckoNinja
  Goro by ecaines 'SHANG TSUNG' Mortal Kombat by rbl3d

Mortal Kombat II - KOMPLETE
:thumb327641562: :thumb311285084: :thumb252943350: Noob Saibot  MKII Tribute by daremaker Smoke by molim
Deadly Assassin Kitana by rubiocroft Liu Kang by daerave MK2 Raiden by LennartVerhoeff Jax - Mortal Kombat tribute by argeiphontes :thumb336890296: Johnny Cage by Joelchan
Mileena MK2 Trib by 10SunsUp Baraka - Mortal Kombat II by DCompton MKII Shang Tsung - Mortal Kombat Tribute by AEmiliusLives :thumb262099048: ? by ImmanuelsCanvas MK2 Shao Kahn by osx-mkx   Mortal Kombat - Ruby by happymonkeyshoes

Mortal Kombat 3 / UMK 3 / Trilogy
Mortal Kombat Tribute: Mileena (UMK3 ver.) by Jiggeh + MKT Johnny Cage + by CathrieWarehouse   Mortal Kombat - Pedro?! by EdMoffatt Jade Mortal Kombat Tribute by argeiphontes: Sheeva Tribute by zakuman MK Tribute project: Sektor by TeukkiSS
MKTrilogy Khameleon - Mortal Kombat Tribute by AEmiliusLives The more you ignore it, the cooler you look by ValentrisRRock Kabal Mortal Kombat 3 by DesertoMental NOOB SAIBOT MKTrilogy by PitBOTTOM They won't believe us by Xavtkd Koloring Kahn by AEmiliusLives There's nothing left by sannamy
MK tribute - MK3 Sub Zero Unmasked by DJOK3 Princess Kitana (MK3) by inthedoorway Shang Tsung by Sw-Art :thumb313910416: :thumb310075801: MK3 Scorpion Tribute by ninjadogger MK Tribute - MK3 Rain by DJOK3
MK tribute - Chameleon MK3 by Irisa007 JAXS in a STORM by doubledee88 Reptile UMK3 Tribute by CaTigeReptile MK Tribute- Cyrax by toonartist NIghtWolf by sannamy smoke_no watermark_2012 by PatrickOlsen We are many by OmegaClarens

Mortal Kombat 4 & MK Mythologies
Kai from MK4 (Gold) by mikebloodslaver :thumb323411189: MK Tribute - Sub Zero MK4 by Sanshikisumire GORO - Mortal Kombat 4 by GONZZO Fujin, god of wind (mk4/mythologies) by Rhafiel Mileena MKG by molim Cyrax Color by sharknob
MK4 Raiden - Mortal Kombat Tribute by AEmiliusLives Scorpion MK4 by BloodySickk Tanya by Ace-Phoenix Reptile by flavioluccisano Quan chi MK4 by Koui Shao Kahn's princess: Kitana by mikebloodslaver Shinnok by Mawnbak
MK Tribute: Sareena by Metadream Jarek for ''Immortal'' project by molim  Jataaka Entry for MK Project by DeVanceArt :thumb274739211: + MK project - Kia + by CathrieWarehouse :thumb324091194:

Mature Content

Reiko MK by DesertoMental

Somewhere in the sky by sannamy Johnny Cage by Scribbletati ...and stay there! by molim You... are next! by molim :thumb322079027:

Mortal Kombat Deadly Alliance
:thumb351765001: Deadly Alliance - Kung Lao by UltimateSushiLord :thumb354151398: Kano's alternate Kostume by FeRV SONYA BLADE: Butterflies and Bees - Mortal Kombat by Eddy-Shinjuku Mortal Komabt Tribute - Frost by BloodTalonHero Kenshi MK Deadly Alliance by Cilab
:thumb324738692: Johnny Cage Tribute Deadly Alliance by nightshide deadly kitana by TeukkiSS Soulless Assassin by Grace-Zed Mortal Kombat Tribute: Sonya Blade (MKDA ver.) by Jiggeh :thumb342050153:
MK Tribute_Li Mei by oleolah Kung lao Hat master by OverOneHundred Hsu Hao - final by bapabst :thumb259176007: Drunken master of Outworld by Sopeh Li Mei - Alternate by oleolah
:thumb314694132: :thumb308519447:

Mature Content

Eternal Torment:The face of Kun-Lo by snicholes0000
shang tsung by jorgelpagan Frost In The Air by MDVillarreal Reptile Alternate Costume by JobbytheHong :thumb313485351:
Zebron by TheWiseWeirdProphet fromer pride of the Lin Kuei by 585 Li-Mei by senorfro Moloch by Puzzletoad Reptile - MK Immortal by mardukreport :thumb351560647: ...all with one blow! by molim

Mature Content

Mokap by Modernerd
Go ahead, punk... make my day! by molim

Mortal Kombat Deception

Realm of Chaos by LukeTheRipper Obey the law! by Grace-Zed Noob-smoke by MihaiRadu The Defender of the People of Outworld by Grace-Zed Kira MKD by molim Dragon King Rising by AEmiliusLives
-Mortal Kombat Tribute- Kira by RoysRoys MK Immortal Project - Ashrah by OneWingedAngel75 :thumb259331609: Noob-Smoke(Alternative) by PattYaan We will defeat you! by Grace-Zed SubZero MK Deception by Astarsis86 'KABAL' Mortal Kombat Deception by rbl3d
Mileena for FGE by TimVithor The Demon Ashrah by Avielsusej :thumb316641742: Hidden smile by ortops You can't kill me! by Grace-Zed :thumb311911933:
:thumb313193434: Coldblooded by AG-08 Dairou by flawless31490 MK Inmortal Project_DARRIUS by danitoons Fanart: Hotaru - Mortal Kombat by Khallandra Everything Burns by This-Dandy-Boy Shujinko by Bliss-Whitely

Mortal Kombat Armageddon
Out of my way! by Robert-Ripley motaro Death Grab by artist Tom Kelly by TomKellyART Sheeva,  Mortal Kombat: Armageddon (alternate) by SuperEdco Motaro MKA Alternate by molim RAIN -MK Armageddon- by reziel
noob saibot by Omer332 Sheeva by bapabst

Mature Content

MK Tribute - Meat is Murder by TravisHarris
Taven Tribute by Contessa-Von  MKA: Stryker by Tobiassilverstreak
Mortal Kombat Mythologies - Sareena by jaggudada

Mature Content

Reptile by PictobitteStudios Shang Tsung by soysaurus1 :thumb259204838: Reiko's Head Smasher by PierreMateus
--FUJIN-- by xxCuteEmmyxx :thumb263159651: Lord Shinnok by MihaiRadu MK Tribute Project - Chameleon by thatdb Mortal Kombat: Blaze by dragonfire53511 :thumb259807333:

Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe
Jax: MK vs DCU by TOKYO51zombie Baraka for MK Tribute by Danaki Kitana by UltimateSushiLord Raiden - Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe Coloured by c-r-o-f-t Sonya Blade versus Batman by Joelchan