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Back in 2012 we created an amazing tribute with over 200 artworks that tributed the whole Street Fighter series from SF I in 1987 up to Street Fighter X Tekken that was arriving a month after we did the tribute and introduced the beloved Poison to the series.

Lets tribute Street Fighter again and start with the classic SF from 1987 before we continue with SF II and finish this 30th Anniversary Project with the latest Street Fighter V characters.

Update 26.01.2017 - 23 of the 24 character illustrations are drawn and submitted already :-)
The SF II Round might start in the 2nd February week if the remaining 5 are getting submitted in January!

Update 20.12.2016 - 22 of the 24 SF I spots are taken now only one for Ken and one for Lee are left, so be quick if you want to be a part of this SF I Tribute.

Instead of waiting until a specific date, we will continue  with SF II as soon as all 12 SF I characters are drawn twice.

Instead of illustrations with fully colored backgrounds, lets focus on the characters itself completely and create a collaboration that features the characters without any backgrounds like this one Fei Long - Street Fighter Collab by rockmanzallz or :thumb593968268:

It is up to you how you would illustrate the character, you can let them perform one of their attacks or specials, their winning poses etc. Important is that the characters should look like back in the classic SF. Means red haired Ryu, Sagat without his Scar etc. If you need references, I can provide them.

Beside featuring the artworks here on dA, I would also create a gallery again on www.game-art-hq.com/ like back in 2012. Back than, our tribute was featured on sites like Eventhubs, Shoryuken and even Capcom itself.

Up to 2 artists can claim one character, each artist can claim up to 3 characters per game. Deadline is the 15th February for now.

Street Fighter 30th Tribute logo Classsic Edition by viperxmns
SF Tribute Logo by viperxmns

SF I Main Gallery: www.game-art-hq.com/110180/the…

Ryu - Ryu SF I 30th Anniversary by SirWolfgang by SirWolfgang & Classic Ryu by Modernerd by Modernerd
Gallery: www.game-art-hq.com/110191/the…

Ken -   Flame Shoryuken by demonic-brute by demonic-brute & Ken Masters by HuseyinSekerciler HuseyinSekerciler

Adon - Adon by 2dforever by 2dforever & Adon SF collab by paulo22 paulo22
Birdie - Street Fighter 1-Birdie by vf02ss vf02ss & Birdie SF1 by shinbond-zero by  shinbond-zero
Eagle -   Eagle by SirBronson by SirBronson & :thumb660078352: D2KPrime
Geki - Geki by shinragod by shinragod & Geki by Mawnbak by  Mawnbak
Gen -   SF 30th Anniversary Tribute Round 1 - Gen - SF1 by c-r-o-f-t by c-r-o-f-t & Gen Full by HuseyinSekerciler by HuseyinSekerciler
Joe -   Joe by EdMoffatt by EdMoffatt & (Average) Joe by LukeTheRipper by  LukeTheRipper
Lee -   SF30 Tribute - LEE (Without BG) by kaiserkleylson by kaiserkleylson & Street Fighter 1 Lee by demonic-brute By demonic-brute
Mike  - Mike - Street Fighter by SuperEdco by SuperEdco & SF 30th Anniversary Tribute- Mike by TrololoMrEggman by TrololoMrEggman
Retsu -   retsu by adivider by adivider & Retsu by Kienay Kienay
Sagat  - Sagat by qpmjcv Sagat 2 by qpmjcv by qpmjcv (Both spots)

We would also need a nice 30th Anniversary of Street Fighter logo, maybe another one for Street Fighter I

Edit: Everyone who helps out with one or more of the classic SF I characters gets a spot of a more recent character of his choice reserved, so if you want to draw Cammy White from SFII or Alpha and fear someone else will grab the spot before you, help out with one of the SF I guys to get the other spot for sure..!

Reservations so far:

SirBronson  gets 1 spot of the latest SFV character when we reached that game for draing Eagle from SF I
kaiserkleylson gets one of the upcoming Akuma spots for taking Lee from SF I
SuperEdco gets one of the upcoming Karin spots for taking Mike from SF I
EdMoffatt gets one of the upcoming Cammy White spots for taking Joe from SFI
qpmjcv gets one of Blanka's spots for taking Sagat from SFI
vf02ss gets one of the Gouki SF II spots for taking Birdie from SFI
LukeTheRipper gets one of Necro's spots from SFIII for taking Joe from SFI
adivider gets one of the SFII M.Bison spots after he took Retsu from SFI
shinbond-zero gets one of the Dhalsim SF II spots after he took Birdie from SF I
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Yes, we are at the 3rd part of the project now, SF Alpha
vf02ss's avatar
Glad you like it!! Thanks for the patience!!
Reinhold-Hoffmann's avatar
Thought I mention it to you that we jumped to SF II today for the case you want to participate again :-)

Reinhold-Hoffmann's avatar
Flawless just like the other Retsu, its awesome how our project turned out so far!

Left MFG btw, won't post there anymore. To follow news regarding our SF Tribute you have to stick to dA or my twitter account @gamearthq ..sorry for that. 
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Omg I want one for Tekken I would so join
Reinhold-Hoffmann's avatar
Heh too late , we tributed Tekken I back in 2014 already :-)
adivider's avatar
wow sf1 eh , i have it on my mame emulator but never really play it, so adon is originally from sf 1? is he still available ? 
also love to reserve mbison 
Reinhold-Hoffmann's avatar
Heh don't bother with playing SF I, it is really very outdated and only interesting to try to see how it all started, yeah Adon and Birdie that became more popular through Street Fighter Alpha were in that game already, but only Ryu and Ken were playable actually. 

All the SF I spots are taken already and I wait for only 6 remaining ones now but you are welcome to claim Bison quickly when we jump to SFII
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so no sf1 available okay ill wait then 
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Hi there ! Just finished my classic Birdie ^ ^

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Geki is complete:
Geki by shinragod
shinragod's avatar
I think I've done all the projects I owe you at the moment.
If I'm not mistaken there's a new one coming in January
Reinhold-Hoffmann's avatar
Yeah, the next one is about the 1987 Anniversary games :-)
shinragod's avatar
Sweet :3
I look forward to thus as I've already discussed what I'd like to do with it :3
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