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AA's expression is just spectacular, here. Very determined. :D

Legion1a's avatar

AA is very reflective :)

LordLard's avatar

One of these days you'll find someone you can overpower.

But I very much doubt it will be today!

MirrorKhaos's avatar

Poor fightgirl and AA

Icerude2's avatar

I can't believe the sexy fishnets have gone too...I kinda like it as

fightgirl2004's avatar

Got to change things up

gundam20012005's avatar

Not sure this guy deserves "Heroine Honor"

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TimOrgano's avatar

You've totally got this, Keira. You can do it :heart:

voyeurn3's avatar

The muscles on your thighs reflect the adrenaline building up to kick his butt

ZMichaelr2a's avatar

:no: :crying:I've got a bad feeling about this... puny:heart: Keira:heart: is in deep doo-dah...

TazLooking's avatar

OK FG, kick his moronic ass!!!!! :nod: :nod: :nod: :nod:

Aletessa's avatar

Since you're doing commissions now, I'm tempted to commission a sequence of you winning this fight decisively.

fightgirl2004's avatar

I would have to at least double the price for that absurd request...just kidding.

Aletessa's avatar

Unfortunately I can't afford to commission anyone for anything right now :) ; just wanted to say where I was nailing my colours.

fightgirl2004's avatar

No worries and I know ;-)

capodicapo's avatar

FIGHTGIRL 2004 ... much TOO sexy ...BUT, glad you are back...(I still haven't the artistic talent YET to rescue you from the villain, but, it's always my most fervent desire)...your art is glorious.

OttoRussell's avatar

So there is no chance of throwing this heroines honor out the window? I cannot image AA just watching this douche bag plow her friend. Why not just snap his neck and move on?

fightgirl2004's avatar

We are just too honourable ;-)

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