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He Awaits at the Top (Rendered Version) by soysaurus1
Dirty Jumpers by MeaT-Artworx
Smash Bros - Bubsy by GENZOMAN
Yun: I love a good fight by Kaio-Silva
Street Fighter
Become a Part of Me by faynster
Yun and Yang by faynster
Dose of Poison by RichardHuante
Chun li vs mileena by falconreachhero
Hotaru Futaba - Fight in the waterfall by Julius-B
asamiya athena 2003 by YumeHimeSan
Joes by ELrcar
Eiji Kisaragi-AOF 2 by PhantomStudio-Tommy
Hayamesha (Hayate X Jamesha) by Kurozakura-es69
hitomi and lei fang by ninpeachlover
Momiji Overalls by dnxpunk
Tekken Tribute Haihachi Mishima Fix by Alexis-Kurosawa
Queen of Iron Fist - Gonna Cut Ya Up! by AegisKHAOS
Elisa by asukajin
Devil Jin X Angel Asuka by asukajin
Soul Calibur
Kilik by Mawnbak
Request_Sophitia's badass scissors by bodyscissorfan
Soul Calibur - Taki by B-B-Man
Evening gaming by Trahtenberg
Capcom Misc.
Savior Stalkers by darkchapel666
The Mishaps of Dan 49 by timberking
The Mishaps of Dan 50 by timberking
Asura's Wrath by Leonidas666
BlazBlue and Guilty Gear

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Blazblue : Relius Clover Spanking Bullet by Artemisumi
Blue water, Blue sky by Emiridian
blazblue poster by eljedialex
ky kiske guilty gear by eljedialex
Cee 8teen by Leonidas666
Vegetto Super Saiyan 3 by hsvhrt
Vegeta SSJ3 by hsvhrt
Buu by Rennis05
Skull Girls
~valentine~ by waru-geli
~Cerebella~ by waru-geli
Eliza's Ms. Fortune by gameboysage
[Request] Rory and Cerebella by psynis
Mortal Kombat
Classic Scorpion-MK1 by PhantomStudio-Tommy
Chibi Fighters by Lexiipantz
Chun Li by nadyasonika
Starter Christmas contest folder
Merry X-mas From Lyn Aurion by LynAurion
Skilled Christmas contest folder
Merry Christmas by N0XATI
Pro Christmas Contest Folder

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HOLIDAY MIKA by chriscrazyhouse
Spring 2011 Contest

Mature Content

MORE X IN THE SPRINGTIME by chriscrazyhouse

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Rules of the Group!

Welcome to the Fight Game Freaks!

The club for Fighting Game Fanatics.

We celebrate all the 2D, 3D and if they ever made a 4D fighting game we would support that one too! From Street Fighter to BlazBlue. From Virtual Fighter to Soul Caliber IV. Even from Rumble Roses to Mugen! ( . . . well, some Mugen) You name it, we welcome it!

Our MOD :iconkenxkao:

Our Admin: :iconredman843:

The rules are very simple for this club, and here they are!


:bulletblue: No flaming the MOD or any of the members! Anyone who dose will be banned! You have been warned.

:bulletred: No Flaming Characters!!!!

:bulletwhite: No prono stuff . . . that's why I said some Mugen. I am willing to give some leeway as long as nothing is showing (no lady nipples and such in other words) Thongs are ok, because technically there is something there.

:bulletgreen:For the anime and manga characters that have been in fighting game, the guide lines for that will be that they have to be fighting in the submission.

:bulletpurple: HAVE FUN!!!!


:bulletorange: Must love the Fighting Games!

:bulletyellow: Just click the join group icon up on the header of the group, and send it out to the Mod.

:bulletblack: After you've sent in a note please add our icon to your journal by typing :icon FightGameFreaks: or you can put it in your signature by going to "profile" in the top right hand corner and typing :dev FightGameFreaks: into your signature box!

Either way is fine and they should turn out like this:

:iconfightgamefreaks: or #FightGameFreaks

Please keep our icon in all of your journals we need the publicity!


:bulletgreen: To submit artwork Please go into the folder that goes with the submission. MAKE SURE IT IS THE RIGHT FOLDER!! There is a plus sign in the header, and that allows you to submit it that gallery. Art submitted to the wrong folder, will be declined.

:bulletred: Cosplay submissions go strait to the cosplay folder.

:bulletblack: Submissions to Featured is not allowed, but there will be some submissions that will be allowed through the quality of the work submitted.

:bulletred: Please don't spam the devious comment box with links to your pictures!

A created game by :icondavywagnarok: would like all of you to check out his lates works.
he has spent the last 8 months putting together a brawler/tag-team card game called N30N City RUMBLE. It's currently running on Kickstarter. Please see him for more details!…
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