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First off I want to say thank you all SO MUCH for sharing the word on the GoFundMe to get my mom and I the money to put my dad to rest and to have money in the meantime while we look for income. Yes, I've applied to several jobs already. 

But now the challenge isn't money it's all bureaucratic. We need documents to give the DTA we need documents to get my mom a new ID. We need documents to change the bills from my dad's name to either my mom or my name. Oy, and I thought I was getting close to getting what we need to get my mom a new ID but nope. Puerto Rico says "well, you never told us you're mom changed her name so take your money back" Really? After I went through all the trouble to get the documents proving her name change? I... I don't get this stuff. I don't know what to do now. Get her a passport? They accept other forms of ID as proof of who you are if you don't have a current ID. IDK. But yes, at least now the GoFundMe was a success. I just haven't taken it down yet because I'm waiting for the money to actually show up. As it's the weekend the last bit of money won't show up until Monday or Tuesday. I'm a cautious cat like that, I won't say it's done until I'm actually paid. (If you feel like donating more to help me get a new PC, as my current one is 10 years old go right ahead XD) Link is in my latest status updates.
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Update! So we weren't able to raise enough money for a funeral. There'll be NO SERVICE tomorrow for my dad. We did however, raise enough to have him cremated and it's just for the cremation, no service with it. The GoFundMe is still up because there is NO INCOME in the house right now. Life goes on and bills still come and food stamps we have to re-apply for so we're not getting those either. I did however lower the goal to reflect that we no longer need to pay to put him at rest. 

I haven't started working YET but I did apply to a few jobs and of course am applying to more. But in the meantime the only money we have is whatever is being pitched in so please keep sharing and if you can chip in, please do.…
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Update on the funeral situation. We're looking for Friday, March 1st. The original GoFundMe goal was 7,000 dollars and after talking to the funeral director that is still the goal. We need $6,800 to pay upfront to the funeral on Wednesday if we still want this funeral on Friday. The reason, I'm still keeping it at 7,000 is because GoFundMe takes a percentage of the money and because it will go towards paying for next month while I look for a job.

Again, here's the GoFundMe link and thank you to everyone who has already shared or donated! Thanks so much…

#mourning #assistance 
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:iconmercenaryblade: thought I would like this. He was right.

"Basically if you could get your characters dressed up as other fictional characters, who would they cosplay as?"

I picked Linda Dhruv Hideoroa and Claudia because I forgot she existed.

Linda : Most people that see me would probably think I'd do a good KOS-MOS from Xenosaga and they're not wrong but actually I'd prefer to cosplay as Frida from Bust-A-Groove. We're practically the same person already weirdly enough. All I'd need is an orange crop top and camouflage cargo pants. That's my style of cosplay really cheap and easy. KOS-MOS would be SUCH A HASSLE to do a proper cosplay of. 

Dhruv : I look at a lot of these characters and ugh. A lot of them have the fashion sense of a blind nun. Their clothes wouldn't be worth being worn by such a high tier male model as myself. The stories on your world are strange. Hmm, but looking at this K' fellow from this game King of Fighters I think I could pull that off quite well. His skin is like mine but his hair is like the other people from my planet. This intrigues me quite a bit.

Hideoroa : Hmm, well, originally when I was a kid I wanted to be Chuck Keith from Gundam 0083. I know it's kind of a weird choice and I bet some people would want me to be Sasuke from Naruto or Jin Kazama from Tekken but I felt this weird relation to Chuck Keith. Like I was modeled after him but the guy who made me couldn't draw that hairstyle so he gave me another one or something. 

Claudia : As a professional dancer I'm usually out training or letting off steam in the club. So I don't really know too many games or tv shows in the first place. But there is one game and I saw Hideoroa mention it, called Tekken, that my sister's friends would play. Back in the early Playstation 1 days they'd play a lot of the second game and I remember this character named Jun. I feel like I could pull her off. I really liked the music in that game too. I remember that was the game that made me respect video game music and I actually wish the clubs I'd go to would sneak in a song from a video game from time to time. See if the crowd knows the difference.
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Just so I can have a short one on here. Happy Thanksgiving!
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Got tagged by :iconmercenaryblade: It took me so long because I couldn't think of a character of mine to use. So finally I narrowed it down to 15 and used a random number generator to FINALLY pick a character. 

1 OC name : Sidra  Sidraputsonglovefullres by fighterxaos

2 Fill in the questions/statements as if you were your oc

3. Tag people to do tis

1.What is your name?


2.Do you know why you were named that?

It literally means "order" in Hebrew. I am order. Also apparently means "like a star" in Urdu.

3. Are you single or taken ?

Why would I care? I'm essentially a goddess.

4. Any Abilities or powers ?

If you were paying attention I said I am order and essentially a goddess. I would take all day with talking of my abilities. The easier question is what I CAN'T do.

5. What is your eye color ?
Pink. A purplish pink.

6. How about your hair colour ?

Black with pink tips and silver streaks.

7. Have you got any family members ?

I guess I have one, xaos. As the name would seem to suggest he's chaos. He usually talks down about me, but I won't trash him. I'm better than that. As for his exact relation, I'm not sure. Whether I'm closer to being his sister... or his mother. Pretty weird stuff.

8. Oh, I'm very sorry to hear that. How about pets ?


9. Tell me something you don't like?

Bumbling idiots. Violent people, having to ironically use violence to stop them. Pretentious fools, hipsters, Nintendo scalpers on eBay...

10. Who can blame you? Do you have any hobbies or activities you like to do? 

I like to keep my eye on people I believe have great potential to do a lot of good.

11.  Have you hurt anyone in anyway before ?

Oh yeah. Comes with the job.

12. On that note, ever killed anyone before?

Also comes with the job.

13. What kind of animal are you?

I'm a being beyond your comprehension.

14. Sorry, sorry justreading the questions verbatim. Any bad habits?

Well, since I am order itself, I guess... I have been known to being too strict and demanding. I do it out of genuine concern but I take it too far sometimes. 

15. Do you look up to anyone at all?

Up? No.

16. Are you Gay, Straight, or Bisexual?

I'm nothing...        

17. Do you go to school?

No, I do not need to. As a matter of fact you humans would do well to listen to me.

18. Indeed, wise words. Now do you ever want to get married and have kids?

Want to get married? I don't know. Can I even HAVE kids another one of the few things I don't know.

19. Do you have any fangirls / fanboys?

I'm pretty sure I have a few. 

20. What are you most afraid of?


21. What do you usually wear?

Black jacket, red t-shirt, jeans and sneakers.

22. What's one food that tempts you?


23. Am I annoying you?

Ha ha, I have a lot of patience, don't worry about it.

24. Well it's not over yet!


25. What class are you? Low class, Middle class, or High class?

A goddess would have to be high class wouldn't she?

26. How many friends do you have?

Not many. Most aren't even aware I exist.

27. How nice for you. What's your thoughts on pie?

It's ok

28. Favorite drink?


29. What's your favourite place?


30. Are you interested in anyone?

...Not at all... Didn't I uh.. say... that um... NO! Alright.

31. What's your cup size? (Females only)

C cup.

32. I apologize for the awkward question. Would you rather swim in an ocean or lake?

'Salright. The ocean. Much more to see.

33. What's your type

Er... No types.

34. Any fetishes? 

I don't think it's a fetish on my end but I've been called a tease before.

35. Seme or Uke? 

You'd have to ask this Swedish woman, Kelly about that. I heard she's into that stuff.

36. Don't worry about it. Camping or indoors.

Doesn't matter to me.

37. Are you still waiting for this quiz to end? 

We done? Cool.

Since it's in character I had Sidra lie about some things. I bet it's PRETTY OBVIOUS which questions she's lying on. 
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A lot has happened. Maybe too much has happened. I'll start off with the biggest, depressing part. Two of my aunts died within a month of each other. First, one aunt dies of an asthma attack suddenly. Then the other one who was already sick goes up here from Florida to see her and her health takes a turn for the worse and she also recently passed away. Both are on my mom's side. My mom was 8th of 9 sisters and 10 children overall. The ones who passed on were the 2nd and 5th born. 

On top of that my DAD's sister was also doing not great, also because of asthma but thank God she is doing better now. As for me, well, I think I'm FINALLY doing better now emotionally and mentally. Physically I pulled (or torn I'll see) a pec muscle and it was giving me chest pains and shoulder pains. I was really concerned it was my heart for a sec, but then I remembered, it was the wrong side. But apparently what I felt was exactly similar to a heart attack. Which, is kinda scary. 

Ok, now on to good stuff. I want to give special thanks to :iconsailorsilverstar: :iconallenthomasartist: and :iconmercenaryblade: for your constant support during this trying time. 

Also, I'm finally back to the swing of things. On top of art, I'm also working on a new version of my podcast called "Ikaricast Classic" where me and my co-host 16BitJeff do bite sized single topic discussions on youtube and You can check out the first episode here 
We already have another episode recorded about Marvel Vs Capcom Infinite and we're shooting to have that uploaded by Wednesday. 

Also my webcomics over on my tapastic are not dead. They'll be back... again. I've got lots of reading to catch up over there too. 

Also :iconmariakutsu: tagged me in something pretty fun. A wishlist. I'm thinking of making my own wishlist too. I'll update this when I do. So keep an eye out please.

That's all for now. Thank you for reading and I hope you have an awesome day.
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As you may know I have my webcomic New Courage which I've been trying to keep consistent and having new pages released Mondays and Wednesdays. But recently I've finally decided to do the thing I've been meaning to do and actually write a short story with more following, on top of writing comic scripts. To give those the time they need the next few pages of New Courage, I don't know how many, might even just be next week's, will have only flat colors. It also should give me time to give my regular art more focus. Maybe I'm stretching myself thin and put the webcomic on hiatus again? We'll see how I'll handle this now.
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So the wisdom teeth removal happened and I'm mostly ok, but they did hit a nerve and my bottom lip is still a bit numb. Good news is that this should pass sometime soon, probably a few more weeks... or months. Also, inspired by :iconnaociel: I totally am planning on a cosplay of Persona 5 protagonist. I hope I can get the outfit at the right time. I've been losing a lot of weight and am continuing to do so. If I get one too early it'll probably be too big. XD 

In other bits of housekeeping today I went out pretty much for almost the entire day. Got a haircut, got a stylus to draw on my iPad and got called 16 by pretty much everyone. XD Literally everyone thought I was 16. I was like "you're off by 10 years." I'm starting to think Ponce de Leon really did find some sort of Fountain of Youth after all, and all his descendants keep their youth longer. My dad and his brothers and sister all look younger than they are too. 

Also if you didn't see it earlier I made a new tumblr. One for my more ecchi type of ecchi and it's an NSFW 18+ tumblr. There's some art I spent some time on that no one is seeing there so if you're 18+ and one of the people that follows because I draw sexy/ecchi art from time to time go there and find more. Can't link directly because of deviantart's rules but it's called fighterecchi and dot tumblr dot you know how it goes. Don't be afraid to reblog my stuff. I'll still be posting stuff here, just over there it'll be you know... more... Yeah, that's a word now. 
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Hey all, giving a heads up that starting tomorrow I will not be available (or at least readily available) for a few days most likely a whole week. Getting the wisdom teeth pulled and according to my surgeon that because I'm a little old and other stuff about me that he wants me to take about a week off from doing stuff. So if you're wondering about a sharp decline in comments from me, that's why. I didn't up and forget ya, I'm just resting. 

Oh, and Clip Studio Paint rocks! Medibang Paint works really well too, I'd say I use them at about a 60/40 split. 

Tagging a few people that I usually comment on normally so they can see and know I'll be gone for a little.

Oh, and if you DO see me on during the week and I make a nonsensical comment, I really hope I don't... but if I do and you're like "what the blue blazes?" then just know I'm probably on something strong and ignore it. XD

:iconakithewolf: :iconnaociel: :iconpulchramen: :iconerotome: :iconlycan-metal: :icongrim-grinning: :iconronindude: :iconmleth: :iconpin100: :iconz-a-i-n-a: :iconthe-kid36:
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So after doing a commission for someone I upgraded the OS to my Mac. Due to so many of the programs I use discontinuing support for the OS I was on and even my web browsers not letting me go to desktop versions of websites because the browser is so old. I couldn't just upgrade the programs themselves I had to upgrade the whole computer's OS. Ok, so now I'm on Yosemite and I thank God the update went well and I'm not missing important files. One thing though, I need a new art program. I do have Gimp right now but there is another program that's very photoshop like that I have on good word works well and does what I need to do. It's called Affinity. The bad news, is that it costs 50 dollars. The good news is, thanks to the previous commission I'm not broke. The bad news is I still don't have enough. The good news, I'm only 10 dollars shy. So right now I don't know what to do. I can't do normal full commissions, or maybe I can it's a toss up. But I can definitely do sketch commissions. Thing is I'd need what? 10 of those at a buck a piece? If you feel like paying me for a commission or you just want to help me out, I won't stop you. Though even if you didn't ask for anything I'd still draw something because I feel like I should. 
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Just some updates for ya. Plus I got tagged by :iconmercenaryblade:

My webcomic New Courage just finished the first story arc, which is about Ealdun's rough past. You probably noticed I put up the cover for the new arc.
  New Courage new arc cover by fighterxaos
Check it out here, now's a good time to catch up on the story.  I gained some subscribers lately and I'm finally starting to have an audience here. 

Been drawing random stuff, matter of fact I've got some more to scan. 
Chibi Jeremias by fighterxaos Chibis by fighterxaos Ms Molly poses by fighterxaos Kelly sitting by fighterxaos

I've been watching Gundam Iron Blooded Orphans and really digging that but wondering if this is really the only season we're getting. The story seems to be ramping up now and it only has what... 12 or 11 episodes left? I haven't even started on The Origin and Thunderbolt yet. Which as a Gundam fan I know I should fix and get on those. 

Watching Dragon Ball Super, and boy is this one polarizing. Skimping on the animation and re-telling the movies first before getting to the new material has rubbed a lot of people the wrong way. The good news however is that Toriyama himself in a book that came out, complained about the quality of Super. Whether this gets Toei to start ramping up production quality is to be seen. But, the fact that Toriyama publicly laments the quality of Super is huge. The guy is usually super polite and in Japanese society you don't see this happen too often. (I'm not an expert of Japanese society) Some even believe that the new PreCure series debuting in February might be a boost for Super's staff. Both are done by Toei. I don't know anything for sure of course.

Alright on to the tag 

1. You must post these rules.
2. Each person has to share 10 facts about them.
3. Answer the questions asked by the person who tagged you and make up 10 questions for the people you tag.
4. Choose 10 people and put their icons in your journal.
5. No tag-backs.

10 Facts About Myself:

  1. I was born blonde
  2. I'm not a fan of horror but for some reason like H.P Lovecraft's stuff
  3. I can bend my thumbs behind my hand
  4. According to my eye doctor I have more rods and cones in my eyes after performing tests during my eye exam.
  5. I have a high tolerance for cold.
  6. My favorite gaming console is the Dreamcast
  7. Currently writing a graphic novel
  8. Planning a side by side novel as well
  9. I'm actually pretty darn into fashion. Though I haven't kept up with the news on it lately.
  10. Losing weight, was over 300 pounds last year and now I'm 2 something. I need a scale...  

Questions for the tagged

  1. StarWars or StarTrek?  Oy, I think I'll go with Star Wars if only because I know it better. No hate for Trek though.

  2. What’s your favorite animal? The lion

  3.  What’s the oddest thing someone has ever said to you? Gosh. There's plenty. Working as a dishwasher at the Hilton I heard some gems. Stuff about all the nicknames I kept getting, the way the kitchen smelled. How perverted the cooks are. I could go on.

  4.  What creeps you out? Centipedes. Before it was spiders but compared to centipedes... *shudders*

  5.  If you could live in any fictional universe which one would you pick? This one's tough. There's lot of universes I like but wouldn't live in because YEESH. Like UC Gundam, man all those colony drops and what not, or the Elder Scrolls or Fallout universes? Heck no. Even the Dragon Ball universe, where your planet can explode at any time if someone was in a bad mood. Hmm, perhaps in the KOF universe. Wait, didn't South Town get exploded by a huge laser in one game? Ok, probably Street Fighter universe then.

  6.  If you could meet a historic figure for a one on one interview who would it be? (Language is not an issue, you’ll understand one another) Juan Ponce de Leon

  7.  If you had one wish and only one wish what would it be? (No wishing for more wishes or wishing you can wish for more wishes) To meet the right person.

  8.  Whose your celebrity crush? Hmm, I'd have said Christina Hendricks a while ago. Now... I'm not sure.

  9.  What kind of creature do you wish was real? Perhaps the exceed from Fairy Tail. They're so cute! Why do you think I still have Happy as my avatar?

  10.  Favorite fictional character? Vegeta

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If you're free come and chill out! :) Just doing random funny sketches ATM and blabbing about whatever
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I wrote this on my tapastic wall:

"Hmm, IDK what to do for this week. After finishing a commission just today new pages won't be on time. Thinking of maybe doing something special for the end of the year. Maybe a stream or something IDK. Maybe I'll draw something else instead of a comic page or a super special comic page for New Courage. Hmm, I wonder. I have IRL stuff to do tomorrow so whatever I do I won't even start it until Tuesday the latest."

Basically trying to think of what to do, if anything to send the year off before heading into the new one. I definitely had too much to do today IRL like I thought so I didn't get a new comic page up today on tapastic.
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So I've got some news but before that I just want to say I feel kinda bad that even though I don't have much control over what's happened and didn't have a lot of time to even get on my computer, that I missed out so much stuff people have put up here. There's so much stuff and I couldn't catch up on it. So I had to basically zero my message center out. But please, don't be afraid to comment or note me something you want to make sure I see. I don't want to feel like I'm leaving anyone out, but it helps me out to catch up to things from square one. 

Ok so here's the news. First, remember that job I was excited about? Well, I unfortunately had to quit that job. Doing things like triple shifts (have you even heard of that?) was not good for my health. I left amicably though, they did say they'll leave the door open for me and maybe my knees will get better down the road. ...If I need the job still. 

Speaking of health well, I went to the doctor for my knee pain and instead of getting something for my knees I find out I have hypertension. ...It runs in the family but the doctor believes that losing weight should be enough for me to get my blood pressure back to normal. I've already lost 14 pounds actually. 

Good news, yes there's good news. You see the health wasn't the only reason I quit the job. The second reason was due to opportunities to follow my dream. I'm still writing that graphic novel I said I was almost three years ago "March On" and now I also have the opportunity to write screenplays and short stories. When you get the chance to do what you want, wouldn't you take it? After doing that job I learned something about myself, or maybe I remembered something about myself. That something is that I am a born writer. Writing is what I want to do and it's the first and last thing I think of every day. Well, except for God of course, being a Christian. But you know what I mean, writing is in me and in a way it's thanks to that job that I was able to finally realize that and accept it. 

Also in terms of stuff I put out online. Well, I've been super focused on my webcomics  I've been working on three pages a week (which is why the art is admittedly not my best) but thanks to the consistency of my posts, I've been finally gaining some traction. If you can spare the time please sign up on tapastic and check out my webcomics. It totally helps me out in the mean time between scripts and stories. I still plan on posting regular art of course, but due to wanting to be consistent just know that you're wondering what I've been doing, it's posting webcomics. 

Also I believe TheGameRiffers are still going to do their annual stream of the Video Game Awards (or whatever they're being called now) so there is that to look forward to as well. 

Lastly, Fallout 4 and Star Wars Battlefront are AWESOME! :D

How about you guys what have you been working on and what not? Don't be shy to link me stuff. I really do feel bad missing as much as I did.
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Hey there, here's an update for you. This past week I got a job and I start work Monday. :dance: After four years, I finally got a job that isn't just a temp position either. It feels great. 

If you're wondering if I'm still taking commissions instead of free requests the answer will be yes. The job has very few hours and I've been told that during this time of the year I could go for weeks without work. I'm still extremely thankful for the job however and it'll be nice to not be on the edge, if I can save enough. 

Also a big thank you to my new watchers! Besides here on deviantart I also have two webcomics on tapastic. You can check them out here
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Hello again everyone. Well, just updating this time to say what's been going on. Which is that I'm finally getting some time (because I asked everyone to leave me alone) to write and draw some comics. So if you go to my tapastic you'll see my two series have been updated and recently. 



New Courage

Another thing is that two of my bills got raised. Both which directly influence my being able to even do any work. That's electricity and internet. We're stuck with these bills and due to how little money we get in the first place. We pretty much have no money for other necessities, except food. Which is why I re-opened commissions. Point commissions are right on my profile. Now of course I am looking for work too, but in the meantime commissions and reading and sharing my webcomics (because I get ad revenue) are all I have right now. Actually, I even got a job interview but it turns out that it was a really suspicious job after I called back and found out the number they used wasn't in service. So I guess I'll just keep looking. 

Anyway besides that I'm ok. Due to a previous pre-order when we were a little better off we picked up MGS 5 Phantom Pain, pretty good so far.
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Hello everyone! So i figured I should have a journal update. Since some stuff happened and announcements and yadda yadda. Well, first thing that happened recently of note was a trip to the dentist. Now, I have not seen the dentist in oh... a few years. Due to not having insurance for it at the time. Boy, did the hygienist scare the crap out of me. I had gingivitis (it's reversible) and she gave me this long spiel about taking care of my gums and how I was setting myself up for a heart attack or stroke and... well she scared me straight. XD After that I started to take better care of my teeth and gums. So far so good on that front but wait, there's more! I had to go back in a few days later for a follow up because of something else. My wisdom teeth. Apparently all four of them need to be pulled and my insurance doesn't cover that so I had to get a referral. Now I have to set that up sometime soon and be prepared for that... Everyone I know who's had their wisdom teeth pulled tell me how "fun" it is and I'm just sitting here going "awwww maaaaannnn..."

Something else that happened was my birthday! :dance: I want to thank everybody that wished me a happy birthday everywhere! While in the middle of this I tuned out SUPER HARD for like an hour. Uh... where was I? Oh yeah! My birthday was pretty ok. I got J Stars Victory Vs Plus and Final Fantasy Type 0-HD as gifts. I didn't think I'd like Type-0 because I usually don't care about their type of storytelling but gosh, somehow I became kinda addicted to it. I still don't care for the story but I really like the action oriented gameplay and having each character being relatively unique in their play style. I also played the Final Fantasy XV Episode Duscae demo it came with and wow, I'm also really liking that too and can't wait until Gamescom to see more of it. J Stars Victory Vs Plus of course is awesome too. I really like the adventure mode being kind of open and even having local co-op. So few games have local co-op these days and it's a shame. 

Continuing on the subject of my birthday I also got some art gifts! Well, ok one was on my birthday and the other was much earlier but they're of the same character so I'm mentioning it here together. First is from :icongrim-grinning: and actually was for my birthday. It's of my character Magnhilda in my webcomic New Courage!

Magnhildakimsversion by fighterxaos

The other is from earlier and it's from Abbie the creator of the webcomic Commander Princess Maisie  It is also of Magnhilda 

Magnhildaabbieversion by fighterxaos

It makes me super happy to see fan-art. It makes me feel like I've moved up a little in terms of being known. It's funny Magnhilda has the most fan-art of characters in New Courage but when I see the stats on google analytics Anri is the one everyone actually clicks on to see. Magnhilda is right behind though. 

Speaking of New Courage I haven't been updating that as much as I'd like to do all this stuff I just told you about. Now that I've taken some time off I'm thinking maybe I should just finish my two other stories that I'm looking to publish first. March On and Gorillas. Both of those have been on the back burner for a while and thinking about it I don't know why especially in the case of March On since it's already mapped out. I just need to turn it into a graphic novel script. Then it should be easy to go back to New Courage since that's already planned out too (not as strictly planned as March On though). I don't know you'll probably still see pages from time to time slowly instead of being completely on hiatus because that's how I am. I'll also be re-opening commissions soon. I think I said that in my last journal but I mean it this time. XD As a matter of fact I already received a payment for a commission from outside of deviantart as I was typing this. So, if you want to help me out keep an eye open for a new commission info sheet and the re-opening of points commissions.

Also finally other stuff... Gosh a lot's happened eh? Not too long after my birthday Rowdy Roddy Piper dies. That one's particularly hard for me to swallow especially after Dusty Rhodes' death. :( May they both rest in peace. Then in lighter news deviantart did something here? Core? Is that just a new name for premium or what? I was kinda confused when I logged in today and saw a big "core" next to my name. 

Oh, I got tagged by :iconcyberpunksammy:

Here are the rules: 

1.- You have to post these rules

2.- Each person has to share 13 things about them

3.- Answer the 13 questions asked to you and invent 13 questions the people you tag will have to answer 

4.- Choose 13 people

5.- Go to their page to inform them they are tagged

6.- Not something like "you are tagged if you read that" 

7.- You have to legitimately tag 13 people.

8.- You can't say that you don't do tags.

9.- Tag-backs are ALLOWED

10.-YOU MUST MAKE A JOURNAL ENTRY. NO COMMENTS. Unless you're commenting about the actual entry.

11.- You have to finish this within a week. If not; you'll have to do whatever the creator tells you to. Art, rp, etc.

12.- Be creative with the title. No "I've Got Tagged" things.

13.- Cussing is ALLOWED

My Questions to You:

1. Do you like DeathNote?
You know I actually was ok with it. I just never got totally into it and finished it. I don't know why.

2. Who is sexy in Dragon Age Inquisition?
I don't think any of the characters er... rev my motor really. Not that they're all unattractive. Closest would be Sera I guess.

3. Be honest about this, do you hate getting tagged?
When I got nothing to do I'm ok with it. When I'm planning to do something I'm like "sorry, got other things to do"

4. Which of your Oc's you like the most? 
That's like asking who's my favorite child. :| Right now, I'm liking drawing Emi Windhelm though. 

5. Do you like the Children of the Corn?
Ah, how many movies did that thing spawn? It's one of those I didn't really feel like watching so I guess I can't say I liked it.

6. Like pizza?
Heck yes. Especially meat lovers.

7. Which character you love the most in Mass Effect?
Tali. She's so darn adorkable.

8. Who like the TV show called the Grimm?
Didn't watch it.

9. Like to dress up while nobody isn't looking or with your friends and siblings?
When I was a kid I'd dress up in silly ways, yeah. 

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:wave: Now that E3 is done, I can finally do this journal welcoming new watchers and explain some stuff. Shout outs to miss :iconilyaev: that there's enough new people to warrant this journal. 

Well, where to begin? I guess I'll start off with background. I'm a trained graphic designer currently in Massachusetts, looking to go to NYC or LA though as jobs here are well... dried up. I'm also a writer and currently writing scripts for comics to be published. I've already got some comic credits (wrote a teaser and did some coloring) to my name and am now looking to go for it with my own series, which is my dream. I also do two webcomics over on tapastic. A comedy one called Mixtape  and an action one called New Courage 

If you're wondering why E3 took so much of my time it's that every year since 2010 I've live streamed the event which lasts for a few days and gave live commentary followed by a recorded post show analysis. I used to do it for the Ikaricast my old podcast but the site which hosts it, is... dead? (I'm not sure) So I now do it for the youtube gaming channel I created called The Game Riffers. But now that it's all done I'm back to a schedule where I can. 

I'm also vice president for a geek news/reviews site called The Broken Infinite.  As a matter of fact we're looking for comic book reviewers. We get review copies of comic books to review but we only have two reviewers including myself and it's taking it's toll on us. So if you want to be a reviewer and are good about NOT SHARING review copies just talk to me and I can get you started. 

Since coming from back from E3 I decided to start fresh and pretty much removed my old piled up messages. I really didn't want to offend anyone by doing so, I just felt it was better for me to stay on top of people's deviations and the like starting now. But if there's something I missed that you definitely want me and I watch you. to see please don't hesitate to comment or note me.

Anything else? Um, I'm obviously a fan of anime and video games. Also western comic books. I'm a fan of pro wrestling too. Um... oh! I also do commissions. Just note me, tell me what you want, and I'll hit you back with a price. Don't worry as of right now I'm not asking for anything more than $10 at the moment. I can decline if I'm not comfortable with it though. 
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New Courage tapastic banner by fighterxaos

No, not Mixtape but that's still getting new pages. No, it is indeed a new series. See, while I have these scripts I'm fine tuning and shopping around I felt that it would be a good thing to put something out as a webcomic in the meantime. Especially if it can help me and my family out. I'll be uploading it to tapastic and I'll be sure to edit this journal and put a link here when it's up. Which will be soon, as the plan is to have it debut this month. Update : The series has debuted. Go to tapastic sign up/in and subscribe please.

It's a low fantasy series that's called New Courage. (Props to my dad for the name) The story started life as an idea I had for a fighting game and has some homages to the 80s and early 90s. The story takes place on a planet named Toberetz and there are two kinds of people living there. Both are humanoid and nearly the same but have different abilities. These abilities aren't anything crazy but are noticeable. One group of people can control their extremities durability allowing them to strike with lots of power and the other group can call on essentially hormones and can increase their overall strength and speed. 

I want to point out some things as well that the story isn't about races though, more about classes. The rich and poor both share equal amounts of both types of people. The only thing that's about race is a story thread about what would happen when they have a mixed child and most don't mix because they're afraid of what the child would come out like. Some think the child could have abilities that exceed both parents or that the child would be unstable and just basically, self destruct.

Now I know that of course not everyone is going to like the story but I feel that I should stop being afraid and go ahead and promote it. Honestly I'm a bit scared. Seeing people react to this little story I'm crafting. Even though it's just a webcomic and not one of the comics I'm working to get published. It's a bit funny to be afraid of having people read your stories and yet at the same time you're trying to get your work out there in stores and eventually on TVs. I hope if you do read it you'll learn to not take it seriously, I won't. You'll see plenty of jokes throughout it... and a twist or two. Hope you enjoy it, even though I'll be writing AND drawing this. Even though I love to draw when it comes to comics I much prefer to just write them and have a dedicated artist drawing it instead of having me split the duties among myself.

Also yes, I really am drinking a Diet Coke can as I'm writing this.

The character profiles are here : 

Ealdun New Courage profile by fighterxaos

Magnhilda New Courage profile by fighterxaos

Anri New Courage Profile by fighterxaos
Dardanus New Courage profile by fighterxaos
Baldassario New Courage profile by fighterxaos
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