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Aeon Pony

"This will just take a minute."
THIS GUY --> [link]

Dr Whooves has some competition its...
Aeon from Castlevania Judgement!

I simplified everything about this character, like leaving out ALL the embroidery on his coat and clock for the sake of ponyfy-ing him.

I really like Aeon, I do hope he will appear in another Castlevania game...even if all his lines are corny time based puns.

EDIT:Wow his white coat completely throws off the perspective...I did check the anatomy of this pony and it is correct, maybe I should add some folds to fix that..
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This is really cute~ A crossover with him and Dr. Whooves would be awesome.
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Aeon: This will just take a minute...

To Twilight- The magic of friendship is a wondrous power indeed. If those involved can withstand the test of time.

To Applejack- It does not take long for time to catch up to even the strongest of apples. Soon it will rot.

To Rainbow Dash- Move as swiftly as you wish. It will not matter in the long run. Time is guaranteed to catch up.

To Rarity- I have said it before and I will say it again. Beauty is followed very close behind by age.

To Fluttershy- For all your sacrifices and selflessness, your soul has a very special spot in paradise.

To Pinkie Pie- In the Time Rift, your voice echos. Could you please keep it down? I have no time for foolishness!

And... Time marches on! Right on time!
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Nice! make more of these speeches!
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Give me some characters and I will happily make more!
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like discord, zecora, chrysalis, lord tirek, somba, trixie. so many to choose from
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Okay, give me a sec... Aeon! It's time!

SONG: Darkness Of Fear (Castlevania Judgment)…

:iconaeonplz: Heed me, time! *Stops time* This will just take a minute!

To Discord- Even chaos needs its rest. And you have stayed up way past your bedtime.

To Zecora- An observer of destiny? You have done well to make it this far. How much further are you willing?

To Chrysalis- Such a wasteful succubus... Every time you devour another's love, you are just delaying your own fate...

To Tirek- The many years you have spent in Tartarus have not been kind to you. Time can be truly harsh.

To Sombra- Yet another lord of darkness? I have seen many of your kind before but time has made fools of them all.

To Trixie- I must commend you, young magician. You are making quite good use of your remaining time. Continue to better yourself while you can.

And... Time marches on! Right on time!
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those are good ones!
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Thank you! If you want me to do any more, just let me know!
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i applaud you sir Clapping Pony Icon - Rainbow Dash Clapping Pony Icon - Fluttershy Clapping Pony Icon - Pinkie Pie Clapping Pony Icon - Rarity Clapping Pony Icon - Twilight Sparkle Clapping Pony Icon - Applejack 
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Wow! Thank you very much! *Bows to the audience*
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your welcome 
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Coming up with lines for Aeon is fun!
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of course cause the lines are all time pun related how can that not be fun??? :D
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Holy crap I was hoping someone would've made this! And it looks pretty cool!
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Dr. Hooves REALLY has some competition!
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Awesome work. I love playing as him in Judgement.
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That expression is awesome. And I love the outfit. It is also awesome and made the leap from Castlevania to MLP quite nicely.
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LOL. This just makes me crack up ahaha Great job. >u< pony Aeon... :iconlololplz:
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Best character in that Castlevania-Battle Gamethingy. ^^
Looks awesome.
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Nah, he wears too much Guy liner and his special takes forever to pull off, doesn't even do much damage.

I like Dracula, I got a perfect on the final boss with him.
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Awesome Time Sword bro
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this is awesome

makes me realize, air gear copied aeon with their char aeon clock
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I just started getting back into listening to the music from this game and stuff...and then...this? THIS IS BEAUTIFUL!
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