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Commissions Are Open!

Commissions Are Open!

Howdy folks! You read that right! I've decided to open the doors to commissions! I've had a few people expressing interest in me making art for them, and you've all been insanely generous to me since I've returned, so I figured I'd open up that avenue. If you've ever wanted to request fanart from me of your favorite characters gorged to the brim with food, or of one of your OC's, or whatever tickles your fancy, now's your chance! All the pricing info is listed in the picture above where Judy seems to have been caught in the middle of drawing some stuffing doodles of her own! Some more details: - Detailed shading would entail the higher quality shading that you see in the picture above, as opposed to the cel-shading I normally use in my drawings. Stuff I'll Draw: - Female characters only (at least 18 years old). They can be fanart of any videogame, cartoon, anime, TV show or movie character you wish! They can also be of your or my OC's! Just make sure to send me as many

Howdy everyone! (Random thoughts and thank yous)

Howdy everyone! (Random thoughts and thank yous)

Hey everybody! It's your old pal Figayard here. First off... I just wanna say, with all the sincerity that I can possibly muster from every pore in my body, thanks so much for enjoying the new art I've posted since coming back. The warm welcome I've been getting from you guys and gals and strange alien denizens has frankly sent me over the moon and back, and absolutely makes me glad to be back here sharing the gluttonous adventures of everyone's favorite dysfunctional ladies again after what feels like an eternity. I absolutely intend to continue hammering away at my art skills and improve with each piece. Lucy and the rest of the gals have got plenty more misadventures in gluttonous gorging coming along ;) Second - And this is just a passing thought - But I wanted to ask you guys what you think of me doing commission requests or Patreon or whatever it is folks nowadays are using. Make no mistake, I draw big taut stuffed guts and all the wacky hijinks that ensue with the gals just

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Happy Thanksgiving, Figa!

Best wishes,


Your tummies are quite exquicite good sir

(Adjusts monocle) Why thank ye kindly, ye gentlemanne of high repute!

You're quite welcome, ol' chap:monocle:

If you want more ways to draw characters belching, here’s a meme with different burping expressions.

Burping meme

That's pretty good. Thanks for the tip!