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Dragon Eggs and Little Sister ADAM Vial by fifthStitch Dragon Eggs and Little Sister ADAM Vial :iconfifthstitch:fifthStitch 3 6
Old Teapsie
Protests from a kettle of boiling water. The whistling spout has long since been deficient, from all the calcite deposits left after boiling liters upon liters of water. The incessant chattering would go on and on and on, stopping only when little Millie would take notice of the lonely pot, running and shouting excitedly at her mother.
"Mom! Mom! Old Teapsie is about to BLOOW!" she would say, her hands waving excitedly. Her mother, slightly annoyed, would pat her on the head to calm her down, then would take her time, fixing flower vases and piled bills before finally making her way over to the old steel gas range. Millie often kept watch, waiting vigilantly on Old Teapsie. Kitchenware has been an heirloom of sorts for the Wilkins; as new generations of Wilkins come and go, at least one would be left to take care of their old home. This generation, the title of keeper fell on Mrs. Fiona Grattam-Wilkins; by default as she was the youngest.
Mr. Steven Grattam was an h
:iconfifthstitch:fifthStitch 0 0
SWC: fifthStitch Sucks by fifthStitch
Mature content
SWC: fifthStitch Sucks :iconfifthstitch:fifthStitch 4 11
Kamen Rider Zabee Again by fifthStitch Kamen Rider Zabee Again :iconfifthstitch:fifthStitch 27 24 Ad Continuum Chap 3 Episode 3 by fifthStitch Ad Continuum Chap 3 Episode 3 :iconfifthstitch:fifthStitch 9 15
Pining of the Mind No. 2
Sculpted from steel, the golem waked. Its footsteps rumbled across the charred remains of a warzone that once was. It surveyed its surroundings, looked from left to right, searching for anything that made sense, anything that was "right". And so this way, the golem spied upon a little girl, whose face was smothered in soot and caked in sweat and blood. The golem approached the little girl, holding out its shiny metallic hand. The motion was out of place, out of character, but was out of compassion.
The golem carried the little girl in its arms, joints clanging as it trudged its way forward. It was of the unnumbered; the unfinished line of golem-warmachines whose sole purpose was to raze the havoc that caused the desolate landscape it was now traversing. It was the last of its iteration, an unexpected accident among its kin. As it activated itself, it was gifted with sentience from an unknown source, a sentience its programming wouldn't have been able to realize.
The little girl was the
:iconfifthstitch:fifthStitch 0 23
Pining of the Mind No. 1
Darkness filled the room. Wafts of lavender and grime floated along streams of draft and silent still air. It would be long before the room knows someone again; in the meantime, grief and dank humidity became its faithful occupants. Every once in a while, a note or two from an unknown source would penetrate the stark silence, sometimes even words, lyric and tune; reminders of life that once was, but now wasn't.
There lies within the room a lamp that had once known light. The lamp had once shown a tenant the way around the remorseful little room, but now no there wasn't even a soul to light it back up. Where it once stood as a shining reminder of life there once was, now it stands forgotten, frozen in purposeless repose.
Within that little lamp, there lies a strip of charred cloth; once it had been the wick that brought lavender alcohol to bear and burn. Now, the lavender alcohol is all but gone, the lamp dried and empty. The wick that once bought life to the little lamp now stands dead
:iconfifthstitch:fifthStitch 0 5
Ad Continuum Chap 3 Episode 2 by fifthStitch Ad Continuum Chap 3 Episode 2 :iconfifthstitch:fifthStitch 12 13 SWC: Exception to the Rule by fifthStitch SWC: Exception to the Rule :iconfifthstitch:fifthStitch 9 13 SWC: Retarded Pizza by fifthStitch SWC: Retarded Pizza :iconfifthstitch:fifthStitch 7 4 Final Fantasy XIII-2 Wallpaper by fifthStitch Final Fantasy XIII-2 Wallpaper :iconfifthstitch:fifthStitch 25 31 Plucky Wallflower - Crushed by fifthStitch Plucky Wallflower - Crushed :iconfifthstitch:fifthStitch 12 0 Plucky Wallflower - Naivette by fifthStitch Plucky Wallflower - Naivette :iconfifthstitch:fifthStitch 5 0 Plucky Wallflower - Ignorance by fifthStitch Plucky Wallflower - Ignorance :iconfifthstitch:fifthStitch 7 0 Plucky Wallflower - Envy by fifthStitch Plucky Wallflower - Envy :iconfifthstitch:fifthStitch 6 5 Plucky Wallflower - Contempt by fifthStitch Plucky Wallflower - Contempt :iconfifthstitch:fifthStitch 8 0

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In short, a hiatus.

Yeah, I'm taking a hiatus from dA to focus on my Master's Thesis. This means, Ad Continuum would be put on halt until further notice (or until I get Rei, sweet sweet Rei). This would also mean no photography or comments or faves or whatever from me for the time being. Although I'd make sure to check on the works of my friends and acquaintances here when this hiatus is over.

Ugh, I sure hate that word. Hiatus. Not only because it means I have to take a pause or anything, there's just something to it, letter order? I dunno...

Anyways. That's that! See you in a few months!

Be good, be creative and always remember, someone's watching over you and taking care of you, loving you even if you don't know :D

God bless!
  • Listening to: Sunday Morning - Maroon 5
  • Watching: Game of Thrones
  • Playing: Gutiar


Ryan Samuel Dimaunahan
Current Residence: Philippines
Favourite genre of music: Feel good music, all forms of Rock except Hard Rock, etc. I can dig any kind of music though
Favourite photographer: purrfectionist, KickassKass, mutatedMILKFISH
Favourite style of art: Expressive
Operating System: Windows Vista
MP3 player of choice: I-pod touch
Favourite cartoon character: Temari, Ikki, Kazu, Ban Midou, Keroro
Personal Quote: Strength to change, Courage to accept, Wisdom to choose, Faith to persevere, Hope to live


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ShopOfPinkHeavenly Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2012
Hello it's me :iconpinkheavenlyshop: and also :iconmayumiaerheart:

this is my new account because I forgot my e-mail address in my old one ;A;
aliasangel2005 Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2011
Say, I have a question... do you own any S.H. Figuarts figures before?

I never own Dragonball figures made by S.H. Figuarts before. Do you think it is worth $40-$50 (not including shipping cost) a figure? This seem rather more expensive then figma and revoltech products. Do you think these figures are such as good, or if not better for that kind of money?

Here are what I'm debating at the moment. Please give feed back, thank you!~ :)

Dragon Ball Kai: S.H. Figuarts Super Saiyan Vegeta Exclusive

Dragon Ball Kai: S.H. Figuarts Super Saiyan Son Gok
fifthStitch Featured By Owner Nov 19, 2011
My opinion wouldn't probably matter now since my reply is really late, but since I'm such an advocate of S.H.Figuarts, here's my two cents worth.

The thing with S.H.Fs is, you will surely get your money's worth in terms of durability, poseability and show accuracy. My figures are mostly the metal heroes kind, so I'm not sure if this carries over well to more organic figures. Looking at the pics though, it seems they do, and I'm very much pleased.

However, don't go looking at S.H.Fs if you want a lot of accessories and extras. Apart from some spare hands, S.H.Fs are usually weak when it comes to extra bits. You'd still get the essentials, but then that's it.

Now, about exclusives, Bandai is a complete troll when it comes to that. They'd release one figure in a must-complete-group, then release the rest of the members of the group as exclusives (as you can see with Vegeta).

Bottom line, even if they're a ton more expensive, especially if you have money to spare, go get the S.H.Fs over the Revoltechs. Better poseability, better durability and better show accuracy, plus they're much more charming on camera too!
aliasangel2005 Featured By Owner Nov 20, 2011
I see... thank you for your informative input. I haven't pre-order yet and I'm still on the deciding phase. Currently I'm trying to obtain Star Wars Vintage Slave Leia and Tie Fighter Pilot. Oh and also the Blue-ray complete saga. So, I'm rather tap out at the moment. However, I hope things change on December if I have some money left. I will definitely want to pick up Vegeta. I just saw this new pre-order has been posted on BBTS.. check it out.

If I get Vegeta, I will certainly get this as well. ^^ Like Father, Like Son. haha
fifthStitch Featured By Owner Nov 20, 2011
Wow, SHF trunks? Awesome! Do get if you have spare cash, haha.
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silkhat Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2011  Student Digital Artist
happy birthday! :D
have a nice day! :glomp: :heart:
hope you get lots of figures!!
fifthStitch Featured By Owner Nov 19, 2011
Haha, thanks! XD
silkhat Featured By Owner Nov 19, 2011  Student Digital Artist
you are welcome! :>
so what did you get?
fifthStitch Featured By Owner Nov 20, 2011
Hmm, I didn't get a figure unfortunately, but I did get Resonance of Fate for the PS3. Awesome game XD wish they made figmas for the characters in that game though, so much win!
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balakadut Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2011  Hobbyist Photographer
Happy birthday man! Have a really nice one!
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