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Swimming Anime Dating Sim: VERY BETA

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It's the visual novel you didn't even know you needed, based on the first commercial for the anime Free! When I started making this sim, all of our knowledge of the anime came from that thirty-second promo. We didn't know the name of the show or whether it would even become a real anime, so I took the character images from the commercial and I took the guys' names/personalities from the fandom. Know Your Meme has an excellent article on the Swimming Anime, so check that out!

Note that this isn't even close to done. Feedback is appreciated! The current plan is to just keep updating this file as I complete the game, so feel free to check back and see if that has happened. (THIS FEELS LIKE SPAMMING FOR VIEWS AND IT MAKES MY SOUL FEEL DIRTY BUT WHATEVS IT'S HOW I ROLL) I will post updates on my journal, and I will try to update at least once a week sometimes. And if you run into a bug/typo/whatever, just tell me in the comments so I can fix it!

EDIT May 16, 2013: Because late updates are better than on-time updates. You can now go on a walk! It's pretty intense, but I think you're strong enough to handle it.
EDIT May 22, 2013: You can now go on the internet inside the game that you are playing on the internet!! WHAAAAAAAAAAA
EDIT May 29, 2013: You can now tell Pimp about the MYSTERIOUS PHONE MYSTERY. You also learn his lazily-chosen first name. (Is it Clarence? Troy? Daisuke? Cosette? It could potentially be any or none of those!)
EDIT June 14, 2013: Mizu finally gets homework done in one route! Also there's like various mysteries going on. Probably too many mysteries. I like mysteries.
EDIT June 23, 2013: You can now tell Pimp about the MYSTERIOUS PHONE MYSTERY, but like differently than the first time. Also, with a little persistence, you can call the police.
EDIT July 5, 2013: Forget all this phone nonsense, you need to feed your cat! (Phone nonsense tends to follow you wherever you go, though.)
EDIT July 16, 2013: Technically updated yesterday, but there were some bugs I wanted to fix before telling anyone anything. More on the mysterious mystery of Senpai's brother, plus a romantic subplot?
EDIT August 24, 2013: Freaking finally got access to Adobe Flash again. ADOBE WHY DO YOU HATE LOVE AND JOY. Anyways, we are continuing where we left off, with the story of five derps who hide a... something... forgot the word. Birdy? Bardy? Brody? Something.
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I literally haven't touched my deviantart account in years, and the first thing i decided to do was check on this dating sim because it literally raised me lmao

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literally same. is it no longer playable??

newsflash10's avatar

the fact that flash is gonna be gone after this month im gonna cry.....

fylt's avatar

i can't believe 7 years have passed since i first played this game. still iconic as heck

It is refreshing knowing that after 7 years I still take the same choices as I did the first time I played this flash! Hahaha

I'm looking forward to see Mizu do her homework someday :-)

bruh... this shit was my adolescence...

tsuuiri's avatar
this is.... still iconic and even if you are forever gone just know this lives in our hearts forever
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........i remember.
thewipal's avatar
still my fave otome ever to this date
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Please update elskling!
I love this game so much!!!
- ThePanPotato
ThePanPotato's avatar
Is Mizo a girl or a boy?
- ThePanPotato
Please finish, my doctor said I have three months left.  Make-A-Wish Foundation said they couldn't get a hold of you.  If I die before its finished. I'm coming to back to haunt you.  This is the only joy I had for months when my sister showed it to me.  Much love with one foot in the grave and one finger in the air.  Curse you if you don't finish this!! ...jk ...but seriously though, what you got is pretty original, get to work.
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XxBlueStalkerxX's avatar
I will give up my first child for an update!!!
newsflash10's avatar
update pls imma fucking kermit suicidarsi PLS MIZU OYGOU MY ASS 
newsflash10's avatar
damn she right u should
newsflash10's avatar
istg if i  dont investigate on whether tsun is gonna kill pimp-kun or not ill kill pimp kun mYSELF 
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Makoto Talk icon v1I just want to thank fifthdimensional for introducing me to the concept of 'swimming anime' before it was an anime way back in 3013 I'll be waiting eagerly for the 4th season in 2020 ; _ ;

to the future!Dolphin 
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This is so cool! Thanks for creating it!! <3
elasoph's avatar
Ps amazing work very very very very very talented
elasoph's avatar
This is an anime right? I know ive seen it but cant put my finger on it! And i watch A LOT of anime
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It's "Free!" Is an old anime today, but watching this otome game from the days the anime was just a teaser trailer is the best thing I can do at night, alone, eating pizza and sobbing because yes.
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I am back to play this game after who knows how many years I have played this and it's still not updated yet.

i need a real job
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