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I'm a decent Mechanical Engineer who hates engineering and a less than decent writer who never the less loves trying.

Here, I write very soft-core power-fantasy, female domination stories, with a strong skew towards (but not exclusively) macrophilia. My stories are 15+, but never, never 18+.

I also make anime collages using Paint.Net and 3-d renders using MMD, MMM, and potentially blender. I make some of my own 3-d models from scratch using blender, CREO Parametric, and Solidworks (because why not use an engineering CAD program to make props for giantess models!), but I'm not very good at it so I mostly just use stuff other people made.

I also occasionally make MMD/MMM animations. They're not great, but I'm getting better.

I write a lot of other stuff, too. I'm working on several novels, and I used to write MLP and Madoka Magica fan-fiction. But that stuff isn't sexy, so it doesn't go here.

Some of my early stuff is pony. I used to be a Brony. I'm really not anymore. Please don't ask me for anything pony, I don't do pony anymore, I haven't done pony in six years.

I do not take requests, only suggestions - and nine times out of ten, mentioning one makes me less likely to do it, not more.

I will not speed up if you bug me.

Any dates of release, even if I say 'tomorrow', are almost always wrong. This is actually just because I screw up a lot. I want to be better, too! It's just not likely to happen.

If I say I am going to write a story, I may not actually do it. If I lose interest, that's just that. I do this stuff for fun and fun alone, so if I'm not having fun I simply won't do it.

I love talking about other things, not just giantesses! If you want to talk about Physics or Literature, I'm almost always willing to talk!

I never mind talking about my own works, so if you have any questions about my stories or characters, I would love to answer/have a conversation about them! I can talk about anything from 'Why did character X do action Y instead of action Z?' to 'If you stuck character X and character Y together, what would happen?' to 'How exactly do the character X's powers work' to 'Why does character X have Y colored hair'. I figure, if I can't come up with a reason for everything, I haven't put enough thought into the story.

I role-play! I do have the problem that my role-play is character-driven, not story-event driven. That means I suck at fetish role-plays that last more than a few responses, because I keep wanting things to be self-consistent and psychologically reasonable. But if you just want to ping back and forth a few times, I'm good for that. I don't role-play all the time, though, and the less I know you the less likely I am to accept one.

Favourite Movies
Favourite TV Shows
Puella Magi Madoka Magica; RWBY
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Favourite Books
Worm; Lord of the Rings; Ringworld
Favourite Writers
J.R.R. Tolken; Larry Niven; John C. McCrae; ShortSkirtsandExplosions
Favourite Games
D&D; Kerbal Space Program; Factorio
Favourite Gaming Platform
Pen and Paper; PC
Tools of the Trade
Computer, color pencils, and the human brain.
Other Interests
Math; Mechanical Engineering; Particle Physics; Quantum Mechanics; Material Science; English Literature; Full-Circle kitten rescue/TNR programs
This is not a sexy journal. I just feel like I need to share this somewhere. Look elsewhere for the sexy. This is about theoretical physics. I watched the Veritasum video Why The Speed Of Light* Can't Be Measured right about when it came out about three months ago, which is about the difficulties of measureing the quantity C, the one-way speed of light. All experiments we've conducted, and most you can devise, can not distinguish between a case where C, the one-way speed of light, is a constant 299,792,458 meters per second in all directions, or if C is half that in one direction and infinite in the return direction. We can only directly measure the total round trip, so as long as the total trip time is right, it could go slower one way and faster on return. This quantity is α, the two-way speed of light. This is the only thing we've been able to so far measure. I haven't really been thinking about this very much, given that I'm an engineer and it has litterally zero impact on how
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Greetings, I have found that many people recently have been praising my tallent for writing. It's very nice to see, but I feel like something might be getting lost here that I think should be mentioned, something that I fear may be negitively impacting people. I have no natural writing ability. I was not born able to do this. In fact, I was far below average. I'm not trying to be glib here when I say I had none - In 9th grade, starting high school, I was called 'functionally illiterate' by my English professor. I scored one point above the line for developmentally retarded for vocabulary and spelling ability. It's hard to really get across how bad I was at writing at that time; I'm incapable of writing something incoherent enough. I had to ask people how to spell 3 letter words. I would get confused on how to spell words like 'how', 'them', 'our', 'dumb', etc. I was writing on maybe, charitably, a third-grade level. It would have been difficult to discern what I was even trying to
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Would anyone be intrested in joining a giantess and power-fantasy themed discord run by me, or are there already enough of those floating around? I don't want to tear away too much attention and split communities, and I don't know if you all are already part of something like that. Mine doesn't have to be your only, but I don't want to add something in if you're already in 6, that seems counterproductive. The discord would have general discussion chanels, places to talk about my writing, a general writing advice chanel, some interactive community story projects lead by me, and other chanels as became aproprate. If people would be intrested in something like that, please let me know.
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I hope it's not intrusive of me- but I'm relieved to see you've been liking things this month :

Hey, I know it's not your actual birthday, but I hope things are going well for you. Stay safe out there!
I'mma do my best!
Happy Birthday! :cake:

Are you still writing? It seems that after the stolen again post, everything grinded to a halt. Did something happen IRL?

It turns out, writing disaster stories in the middle of a global pandemic is less attractive. That's really all.
You uh, do requests?